Monday, January 28, 2013

Loosey Goosey

These tres geese are "tre chic" as they "strut their stuff" ambling down some road somewhere on earth. I can't help but wonder "Yes, Y'all Geese are are dressed up and all but what's up with no shoes? You got dem fancy fancy hats (probably to celebrate the Easter Spring Season) but where the heck are your shoes? Maybe you were waddling or running late and plum forgot your shoes even though you were wearing plum colored outfits;I don't want to hurt your feelings but y'all got web feet.
At least your bonnets will somewhat protect you from getting skin cancer; but in the future you should wear shoes or people will think you  are some kind of uncouth fowl creature. Hey, maybe this photo was taken on a "casual Friday" and y'all were on your way to work and no shoes are required. Excuuuse me if that is the case. Y'all are stilin' fo sho.

Monday, January 21, 2013




I’m sure you have all heard the term “Tex Mex” relating to a fusion of Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. I recently purchased some Indian garlic spread and slathered some of this attractive brown and green “Patak’s”original garlic relish on a chicken and cheese burrito to create a spicy “Indi-Mex” concoction. This taste of India spread was on sale at the local “Shaw’s” supermarket on Cape Cod for a price of only $2.00 per jar down from an original $4.29 price. You just can’t pass up bargains like this if you are a fan of “Indi-Mex” meals. I can honestly say that this “Patak’s” original Garlic relish is the best Indian garlic relish I have ever tasted so I was doubly happy to see this item on sale and over 50% off.  I am curious to see if this “Indi-Mex” food concept will  take off and sweep the nation or I will be the one and only person to be caught up in this new wave of food fusion.



I know one time I tried a mixture of eating a cup of yogurt with eating a tin of smoked oysters from Korea or Thailand. Unfortunately, this combination ended up being literally “barf worthy” and I have never since eaten smoked oysters from a can again.


I am able to “keep this Indi-Mex combination down” without “Upchucking” so this combination definitely has some merit and the spiciness of the garlic sauce with the spicy burrito is good for waking up your taste buds. So, next time you are out grocery shopping keep an eye out for “Patak’s garlic sauce”; and don’t be surprised if you can’t always find it as remember that there are over a billion people of Indian descent in India alone so you have some competition.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Catching A Christmas Butterfly

Niece Kenzi is trying to catch the elusive pink and purple butterfly on Christmas Day with Auntie Leslie. Also shown on "You Tube" under the Uconn1976 film collection. This versitile butterfly also lights up the bedroom ceiling with a splendid starscape.