Saturday, January 30, 2010


I saw that Osama Bin Laden yesterday allegedly made a pronouncement blaming the West and the United States for "Global Warming" and called for a boycott of American goods and the US dollar. Osama Bin Laden wants to bring the US economy to a halt probably to try to bring back the "glory days" of the middle ages when the Muslim Ottoman Empire ruled Europe.

It is ironic that the Middle East whose primary products are oil and desert sand; Osama Bin Ladin would want to limit the role of oil in the world economy as I'm sure that oil money is the primary source of the money he needs to fund his "jihad" against the "Infidels". I'm sure it takes some money to feed his camels and maintain his caves. Where will his money come from if not from oil?

I'm sure that a lot of Middle Eastern countries import food that is grown in America and the West. Maybe we should refuse to export any food to the Middle East except for pork products and alcohol. Then, Osama Bin Laden followers could have a choice of being "drunken pig eaters" or they could eat sand and oil. I'm not sure how tasty oil and sand are but sacrifices on Osama Bin Laden's part will be required if they succeed in bringing the western economies to their knees.

Drink your Oil Osama as you eat your sand (wich). Remember though that if you have to consume oil it is probably best to heat up the oil first so that you could drink it or eat it as a soup. Of course, heating the oil up would take energy, even if the energy is generated from burning bushes or shrubs, and this would hurt the environment.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Swan Pond Swan

Here's a photo of a swan sitting on the ice on Swan Pond across the street from where I live. This swan was sitting at this spot for quite a long time and I hope the the swan's feet weren't frozen into the ice.

I remember my brother Scott told me a story one time about when he lived near Fairfield, Connecticut and one time during the winter a group of ducks were standing on the ice over night. Apparently, during this winter night the ice thawed a bit and then re-froze. The next morning these ducks were walking around as if on stilts as their feet froze in the ice and they couldn't easily get them out of the ice so the poor ducks yanked their feet right off. Yikes!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"It is Hard to Know What to Eat"

I find it is hard to know what to eat. As a baby and then growing up my parents gave me baby food and then more solid food as I grew older. Then while attending elementary school my Mom would pack a lunch for my lunch box or give me money to eat the cafeteria food. I didn't have to decide much on what to eat; other older people would make the decisions for me.

Now I am older and I don't have anyone to tell me what to eat. I don't know what is good food for me and what is not so good. Some days I make lard and bacon sandwiches that I dip in butter. You should try one they are really tasty. Other meals I make are fried twinkies dipped in hot chocolate and smothered in peanut butter and ice cream with a glass of whole milk on the side. I also like fried pepperoni and cheese sandwiches which I also dip in butter. I just love butter and sometimes I make my own butter milk by melting a stick or two of butter and then combining this with whole milk and drink this delicious combination quickly before the butter hardens too much.

Yes, in school I never took a nutrition course so I don't know if some the menu selections I mentioned are good for me or not. I was so pleased to hear today that Michelle Obama is starting a new campaign to get people to eat sensible food that is good for you. I need someone to tell me what to eat and how much to eat. I don't know if vegetables are good for you or if they are the primary cause of cancer and heart conditions. Thank God Michelle Obama will be able to give me some culinary advice. I don't even know for sure how many meals a day a person should eat and when I buy "cheese doodles" to eat when watching the TV; should I be eating three full bags of them each night or should I be eating more than that to make sure I get enough calcium?

Bless you Michelle, someone has to help us folks know what to eat and your wise counsel will be most appreciated. Now, after your food advise do you think you could help us with how much sleep we should be getting each night? Also, how many baths or showers should we be taking each month? We need you Michelle to help us with these everyday challenges because I for one can't seem to figure these things out for myself.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Yes We CAN!"

People of Massachusetts "Yes We Can" elect a Senator that is not beholden to special interests, can run an upbeat and clean campaign based on the issues, can articulate the concerns of the people of this Commonwealth regardless of party affiliation, can drive a truck and not be afraid to look the voters in the eye, listen to the concerns of the voters, and shake their hand. CONGRATULATIONS SENATOR SCOTT BROWN!! Stand tall be proud and speak "Truth to Power". Go down to Washington and do your best to get this country off the out of control leftward tilt of the back room Congressional power grab as the Democratic leadership tries to hijack the health care industry with their 2,000 plus page health bill that probably not one of them has fully read but are hell bent to pass over the will of the people.

As Senator Scott Brown just said "We can do better!!" "This is the people's seat". As this victory resonates across the country, hopefully "The times they are a changin'." "Yes we CAN"; start the wave of reform of the role of government.

YouTube - Tom Waits on Fernwood Tonight

YouTube - Tom Waits on Fernwood Tonight Ever see "Fernwood Tonight", Forever Fernwood" or "Mary Hartman"? I remember watching these TV shows back in the '70's while in college. Martin Mull, Fred Willard, Louise Lasser, and the rest used to crack me up and they still do to this very day. Check out this You Tube link with a pretty funny song and interview by Tom Waits on Fernwood Tonight.

"I Voted Today"

I voted today in the Massachusetts Special Senatorial Election for our next Senator from the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts....REPUBLICAN Scott Brown. I got a laugh at the Martha Coakley negative radio and TV ads where they said REPUBLICAN about a million times in a disdainful tone as if the word REPUBLICAN was a bad word or a swear word or something. I guess if you are someone like Martha Coakley with her selective prosecution record of going after senior ladies and their garden clubs while overlooking corrupt Democratic State Senators who are caught stuffing shake down money into their bra; you have to go "negative" and try to tear down your opponent. Too bad Martha (aka Marsha by Patrick Kennedy) this strategy didn't work for you.

It will be interesting to see what the Democratic leadership in the Congress and the White House do to try to pass this "turkey" of a health care bill that the public doesn't want. The effete liberal elite think they know better than the public and will try to jam this bad bill down our throats. I say take this "turkey" and "stuff it."

Today marks the start of "Change we can believe in. " The election of Scott Brown to the Senate is just the beginning; "He is the change we have been waiting for."

Little do they know it but the Democratic politicians should "run like hell" away from this health care legislation as it is currently proposed. Passing this bill especially if they delay seating Scott Brown in a timely manner will just ensure their political demise. The public will not stand for the current back room deals and "selling votes" that is going on.

If the Republicans can win in supposed Democratic strongholds like Massachusetts and New Jersey don't you think that maybe the White House and the Democratic Congressional leadership can feel the winds of change which are starting to sweep the nation? Or, are the too drunk in their certainty that "they know best" as they look down with disdain on us common folk who drive around in our pickup trucks and proceed to pass bad bills just for the sake of passing something?

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Fired Up and Ready to Vote"

Massachusetts, the home of of the "shot heard round the world" back in 1773 when the British soldiers fired on the American patriots in Lexington and Concord at the start of the American Revolution is getting ready to to fire another shot tomorrow with the special election between Scott Brown, Republican, and Martha Coakley, Democrat for the United States Senate.

If the dead people in the cemeteries don't vote too much tomorrow and voter fraud is not too great; it does look like Scott Brown will win tomorrow. Martha Coakely has run a gaffe filled inept campaign according to many political pundits and she had to bring in some "big guns" like President Obama and former President Bill Clinton to try to help her with this campaign.

The Brown win tomorrow should send a message to congress and the president that the American populace wants a change in direction from the overreaching power grab currently under way where "Big Government" is trying to take over more and more of the economy and our lives. The Brown supporters are "fired up" and ready to make history. I haven't seen this amount of enthusiasm for an election or a candidate in quite a while. Unless my personal biases or perception are clouding the political reality; which is possible, tomorrow is going to show a Scott Brown victory by a greater margin than many people currently think.

Martin Luther King and Me

On this Martin Luther King Day I remember that Martin and I had a similar experience during our lifetimes. Martin Luther King worked one Summer in Simsbury, Connecticut and I also worked a couple Summers for the same company. Martin Luther King worked in 1944 for the Cullman Brothers (Culbro)tobacco company to earn money for college. I worked the summers of 1968 and 1969 picking and dragging tobacco.

Later in life Dr. King became famous for his civil rights activities and speeches particularly the "I have a dream..." speech. After working in the tobacco fields those two Summers I also had many dreams. My dreams at the age of 14 and 15 were not about equality and racial harmony. My dreams were about picking tobacco. Yes, I would get up in the morning and pick the broad leaf cigar tobacco leaves and then go to sleep at night and dream of picking tobacco. I didn't necessarily want to dream about picking tobacco each night but sometimes I guess when you have dreams you can't pick beforehand what you are going to dream about.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've been thinking a lot lately on how to solve this "Health Care Reform" situation and I think I have come up with a couple solutions. First, I don't personally believe that the current proposals will solve anything and will actually make things worse as they don't address tort reform where lawyers can try to get a sympathetic jury to give their clients millions of dollars for medical mistakes and punitive damages thus driving up the cost of doctor's insurance policies and resulting in a lot of medical tests that are not needed but performed to try to cover the doctor in case of a lawsuit. There should be a cap on the amount of damages that a person can sue for which would cut down unneeded tests and reduce medical malpractice insurance and thus the cost of health care. The only problem though is that the trial lawyers are a big contributor to the Democratic candidates so this cannot happen to a favored interest group even though tort reform would reduce the cost of medical care by approximately 10 percent from what I have read.

Expanding mandated medical coverage will increase demand for medical services particularly if the people don't have to pay themselves for their treatment. If you increase the amount of people demanding medical treatment without increasing the supply of doctors then you have to have rationing with someone deciding who gets treatment and who doesn't. I have come up with a way to expand the amount of doctors and hopefully solve this problem. Now, I'm not sure if this will work but it probably makes about as much sense as the current proposals to fix this so called "Health Care Crisis". The solution I propose is to clone some of the best doctors so that there will be more doctors to meet the needs of the increase demands for medical treatment. I'm not sure if the technology is currently available to do this but I know that they have cloned dogs and sheep among other animals and some of these animals weigh about as much as a human so I don't see why we just can't clone some doctors and solve this health care stuff. I've often said to myself and others on busy days, "I wish I could clone myself" so that I could do two things at the same time. Yes, cloning doctors could help solve our health care worries.

Another idea would be to get people to agree to be frozen in suspended animation so that when health care rationing comes instead of waiting and waiting until your number is called for medical surgery or treatment and having your medical condition worsen while you wait; you agree to be frozen until the doctors are able to get to you. That way, similar to a deep sleep, you would lose the sense of frustration and waiting and it would seem to you only that a few seconds went by when you are revived and treated.

What do you think? Are these solutions feasible? I don't think that they are any more outrageous than the current solutions these "Congressional clowns" are proposing. I say "Send In The Clones" or let us "freeze" this health care problem.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Many things in life happen in cycles. Day turns to night which turns to day then night etc... The seasons go from Spring, Summer, Fall, to Winter, then Spring again. A person's life transitions from birth, school, work, death, then if you believe in re-incarnation, back again to birth. The climate of the earth has cycles of warm and cold. Currently it looks like we are in a cooling period for the climate on Earth notwithstanding the efforts of the "global warming fraudsters" who "cooked" their data for political reasons when the data didn't match their pre-conceived ideas of global warming they just made up or distorted their findings.

The tides move from low to high twice a day and are influenced by the gravitational pull from the Moon.

In politics as well, similar to the swing of the pendulum on a clock we seem to have cycles of political thought swinging from left to right back to left then right. We seem to be now moving from the extreme socialistic-Maoists statism left of President Obama's "Hope and Change" big governmental solutions to a re-action against these ideas. Is the political tide turning?

We will get a further idea of the political tide of the nation this coming Tuesday January 19th as voters in Massachusetts elect a new Senator to replace the seat formerly held by Senator Kennedy. The Republican Senatorial candidate Scott Brown is in an apparent close race with Democratic candidate Martha Coakely. The Republicans are vastly outnumbered by the Democrats in voter registration but the key to this race is the Independent (unenrolled) voter who recent polls suggest is favoring Scott Brown by approximately 71 to 29%. A win or close showing by Scott Brown will show the nation that the populace is more and more beginning to disapprove of the overreaching power grab of the congressional and presidential elites in Washington who want to further extend governmental control over the health and economic activity of this nation.

Recent elections in New Jersey and Virginia of Republican governors suggest that the pendulum is swinging away from the efforts by the Democrats to expand the role of government in people's lives. I hope this change continues. We don't need the government to tell us when we can go visit a doctor and what tests and medical procedures we can or cannot have as they try to take over the Health industry in this country.

The "tide is turning?"; time will tell. I hope we can find out "What Brown can do for us."

Monday, January 11, 2010


I read somewhere recently within the past few days that people can put a coin on their forehead and it will stay there all by itself. That to me sounded interesting so I thought that I would try this and see if this is true. And LOOK it IS true! Now, I'm not sure why this works and the coin doesn't stay there forever but trust me or better yet try this yourself and see if this will work for you. I didn't wet this coin or put glue on it or anything ; just picked up a coin and there you have it. I don't know if this works with every type of coin or just upside down George Washington quarters.
So give it a try. Now this MAY only work if you believe it can work and maybe this only works with extremely intelligent people so I can't guarantee you will have success.
I took this picture myself and closed my eyes on purpose as if in a trance as I didn't want to get the dreaded "red eye" by taking a straight ahead picture of myself with the camera flashing directly in my eyes.
I think I read something about the vibrations from the "third eye" being synchronous with the metal in the coin so that the coin stays there for that reason. Another reason may be that there is a slight ridge above the eye brows and the coin just king of "fits" there. Or maybe I was a Roman of ancient Rome in a previous life and back then when you died and they buried you they put a coin on your forehead so that you could pay the ferryman to take you across the river Styx and into the afterlife and the coin impression from that lifetime followed me into my present incarnation.
All these reasons have "POTENTIAL" or should I say "possibility".

Saturday, January 9, 2010

YouTube - Jimmy Castor Bunch, "The Bertha Butt Boogie"

YouTube - Jimmy Castor Bunch, "The Bertha Butt Boogie" Here's the link for the "Bertha Butt Boogie" by the "Jimmy Castor Bunch" from You Tube. The Jimmy Castor Bunch put on quite a flashy funky show back in the mid-70's when I saw them in Washington D. C. They don't make many songs like this anymore! Also at the National Convention for College Student Programmers that year were comedian Red Foxx, Jim Stafford, and Martin Mull.

Edgar Allan Poe (tential)

JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH - POTENTIAL (70's FUNK) Music RBG Tube PanAfrican.TV v2.0 - Free Revolutionary Audio Video Speech Library of Leaders, Activist, and Educators Back in the mid-1970's while attending the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut I was the concert chairman of the Student Union Board of Governors. I attended the National convention for Student Programmers held in Washington D.C. that year at the Washington Sheraton. One of the bands that played for us was "The Jimmy Castor Bunch". Click this link to hear the funky, saxy, sound of the Jimmy Castor Bunch playing their song "Potential". How do you say Potential? Tential? Potenshowal? Edgar Allan Poe Tential? "Possibility"?

Jimmy Castor Bunch also had a few other memorable songs such as the "Bertha Butt Boogie", and "Hey Leroy, Your Mama's Calling You".

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Sen Ditin"

I remember when I was at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut in the mid-70's that one time I was visiting a friend of mine's dorm called "Shakespeare" located in the West Campus. I happened to notice in the lounge area a magazine that had "illustrated sports" as a theme but I don't want to disclose the name of this magazine and risk being sued or get in trouble with them so I won't tell you the name of this particular magazine. Anyway, someone in this dorm sent away for this magazine by filling out his name as "Sen Ditin". This magazine had a "bill me later" feature so there were a lot of these magazines around the lounge. I also happened to see a bill from this magazine company for this subscription along with a letter addressed to Mr. Ditin. The letter said something like "Dear Mr. Ditin, We hope that you are enjoying your subscription to our magazine. We have not received payment as yet Mr. Ditin for your subscription and we will have to receive payment soon or we will have to terminate your subscription. Mr. Ditin, I'm sure you appreciate our in depth coverage of our football, basketball, baseball, and hockey along with our in depth award winning articles of these and other sports. We don't want you to miss out on our future coverage of these sports which make our magazine the number 1 sports magazine in America. We may also have to contact our collection agency if we don't receive payment soon for your subscription." Yes, "Sen Ditin" was getting himself into "hot water".

I've never met anyone myself named "Sen Ditin" and for some reason I think that this might be a "fake name" although I didn't know everyone living at this dorm.

This instance also reminded me of a comedian I saw on the television a few times whose name escapes me at the moment. As part of this comedian's act he recalls a story of growing up in the "South" and that he had a friend named J. B. Stewart. Yes, His friend was known as J. B. Stewart and that is what he wanted to be called J. B. Stewart, not James or John, Jeremiah, or whatever the "J" initial was supposed to represent. So, the comedian continues, one day J.B. received a notice that his driver's license was up for renewal. J.B. said, "This time I want my license to say J. B. Stewart so I filled out the form as J only B only Stewart. A couple of weeks later J. B. received his license with the name on it which said "Jonly Bonly Stewart". HAHA HAHAHAHAHA... I thought that was funny and laughed real hard.

I guess if you send it in as J only B only that's what you get Jonly Bonly.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Here's a photo of the "Christmas Eve" dinner table set at brother Steve and his wife Caprice's house in Connecticut. Caprice's Mom Cheryl and her husband Mike hosted this party in addition to Steve and Caprice with Cheryl setting this table with the fancy napkin design. We had clams casino, jumbo shrimp, cheese try, special sausage from Springfield , MA, among the appetisers. For dinner we had baked lobster tails, asparagus, and other tasty delights.

I guess my camera had a "smudge on the lens as noted on the left side of this picture but none the less I thought this table made an attractive picture. We ate most of the food so there wasn't anything left over for "Santa" later that night.


Another year has just begun. Another decade as well. We are done with the "00'" s and are now in the '10's. As we live in a digital age of computer presence it is only fitting that today at the start of this year is 01/01/10 which fits the computer digital theme of zeros and ones. How computers can do so much with just these two numbers is amazing. I guess it has to do with the microprocessors and semiconductor chips which somehow open and close based on an electronic pulse that opens and closes the various pathways on the semiconductor chip and the computer codes and programs which determine the results. How all this gets translated into color and sound and everything else I'm not sure but somehow it works.

It should be an interesting year. How America is going to pay for potential health care reform and a potential carbon tax and to think that jobs will be created is beyond me. Governments do not create wealth, they merely take money through taxes and redistribute this money for their various programs. Everybody seems to think that they are entitled to services and benefits without having to pay for them. What happens when the productive members of society decide that they have had enough of higher taxes and decide to not work as hard or expand their businesses? How can America have yearly budget deficits in the trillions? Who is going to buy the necessary treasury bonds when we as a country are starting to re-impose trade tariffs on foreign products and refuse to sign free trade agreements with the countries of Columbia and South Korea to name a couple? The decade of the '10's could be tense.

Will the American populace sit idly by when more and more governmental interference and control increases from misguided Congressional mandates? Time will tell. For many people as long as they can follow "American Idol" or their local football team then Congress can do whatever they want.

So, "Don't worry, Be Happy". A new year has begun. I hope the New England Patriots win this Sunday and tomorrow the University of Connecticut Huskies Men's and Women's basketball teams both play as well the "UCONN" football team which plays in the "Papa John's bowl game in Birmingham, Alabama. GOOOOO HUSKIES!