Monday, January 11, 2010


I read somewhere recently within the past few days that people can put a coin on their forehead and it will stay there all by itself. That to me sounded interesting so I thought that I would try this and see if this is true. And LOOK it IS true! Now, I'm not sure why this works and the coin doesn't stay there forever but trust me or better yet try this yourself and see if this will work for you. I didn't wet this coin or put glue on it or anything ; just picked up a coin and there you have it. I don't know if this works with every type of coin or just upside down George Washington quarters.
So give it a try. Now this MAY only work if you believe it can work and maybe this only works with extremely intelligent people so I can't guarantee you will have success.
I took this picture myself and closed my eyes on purpose as if in a trance as I didn't want to get the dreaded "red eye" by taking a straight ahead picture of myself with the camera flashing directly in my eyes.
I think I read something about the vibrations from the "third eye" being synchronous with the metal in the coin so that the coin stays there for that reason. Another reason may be that there is a slight ridge above the eye brows and the coin just king of "fits" there. Or maybe I was a Roman of ancient Rome in a previous life and back then when you died and they buried you they put a coin on your forehead so that you could pay the ferryman to take you across the river Styx and into the afterlife and the coin impression from that lifetime followed me into my present incarnation.
All these reasons have "POTENTIAL" or should I say "possibility".

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