Friday, August 26, 2011

"Hurricane Preparedness"

In preparation for a hurricane I always like to get "tanked up" ahead of time to help ride out the storm and to recover from the after effects of the hurricane. So, I went to the local "Breakaway" grill place in South Dennis to fill up a spare propane tank.I guess I wasn't the only one who thought of this as in about a 10 minute span of time there were about 10 other people looking to get tanked. I remember Hurricane Bob in 1991 only a short twenty years ago although in some ways it seems like only yesterday. After Hurricane Bob, I was without electricity for 8 days so I had to cook out every day on my gas grill. The roads were impassible with downed trees and the tree leaves were all dried out even though it was August from the force of the wind drying out the leaves.

I'm also getting my "Pat O'Brien's " hurricane mix ready as well as the best time to drink the world famous Pat O'Brien's hurricane drink is of course during during a hurricane. I'll have to go to the local liquor store and get "tanked up" on some good dark rum and wait to see which way the wind blows. As Bob Dylan said, "You don't need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows". I agree with Bob and when the storm hits I'll just look out the window to watch the hurricane while drinking a hurricane.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stay True To Your Goals

Susanne Eman's bid to be world's fattest woman: 52st mother of 2 is 'supersizing' Mail Online Here's an inspiring story mentioned today on the "Drudge Report" of a young woman (32) who has a goal of becoming the world's fattest woman. Although she is not quite half way to her goal of reaching her goal of 1,600 pounds she IS making progress and gaining weight all the time. AND, she is enjoying herself. "YOU GO GURL!! "Who says you can't be fat and happy?" Although she is too fat to work, being unemployed does give you plenty of time to stuff your face. Susanne Eman currently has an average daily calorie consumption of 21,962 and does enjoy "waddling" for exercise according to the above article. Suzanne also wants to see if it is humanly possible to reach the weight of one ton, (2,000) pounds. I wonder if Suzanne should consider trying out for professional football as an offensive lineperson. Some of the current professional players tip the scale at approximately 400 pounds; why with a little weight lifting and studying blocking techniques she should be able to handle those scrawny 400 pound pip squeaks.

Although Suzanne is heavy enough to play football maybe her interests lie in more traditional activities such as ballet, gymnastics (especially the balance beam) and perhaps figure skating. Suzanne's main theme is to accept others for who they are and she seems very tolerant of other people who only weight two hundred, three hundred, or four hundred pounds or so. It is a daunting challenge to become the fattest person ever but she does seem up to the challenge of reaching 1,600 pounds or bust. Good luck to you and I'm glad for you that you are able to afford all the required food to try to reach your goal.

What is your goal? "Hold on tight to your dream".

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Havin' A Cigar

Sometimes there's nothing like havin' a cigar after a good meal or to celebrate some big occasion. Cigars take time to smoke and give you a chance to slow your fast paced life down . In some ways life is like a cigar as we all start out life fresh like a new perfectly wrapped cigar then over time the cigar goes up in smoke and turns to ashes.

From what I recall, I understand President Bill Clinton was a fan of the cigar from time to time and used to have one of his interns help him make sure that his cigars wouldn't dry out as a dried out cigar will lose its distinctive taste. Yes, it is true, I wouldn't lie to you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Pay More If You Want"

I'm getting a little sick and tired of hearing in the news from hypocritical Democratic political leaders like "male gold digger" Senator John Kerry (D-MA) who are trying to blame the "tea party" for any downturn in the stock market and the economy when the "tea party" people rose up from the fact that the federal government spending is out of control. Senator Kerry thinks that a "balanced" approach including tax increases is the way to go to try to get the federal deficit somewhat under control. Hmmm, so, in a stagnant over regulated high unemployment economy we as a nation should give the federal government even more money to waste with no guarantee that any increase in government tax revenue would go towards deficit reduction. The problem with increasing most taxes is the fact that if more taxes are assessed on the American people then they have less money to spend on outrageous luxuries such as gasoline, food, mortgage payments, electricity, and insurance not to mention frivolous spending on telephone and Internet access. More taxes of course, should top these wasteful activities.

Senator Kerry, as you may or may not have heard, recently commissioned the building of an approximately 7 million dollar yacht. Now, where do you think he had this boat built? Of course, he had this boat built in Massachusetts as being the Senior Senator from Massachusetts he wanted to help out his constituents and help boost the economy of his Commonwealth. Also, Senator Kerry wanted to make sure that he paid the required state sales tax and any required boat fees that Massachusetts assesses boat owners.  Senator Kerry would never think of having a boat built anywhere but Massachusetts or at least he would have the boat built in America. Alas, this is not the case  as his "rich man yacht" was built in New Zealand then shipped back when finished but then registered in Rhode Island so that he could avoid approximately half a million dollars in taxes versus registering his luxury yacht in Massachusetts.For a so called environmental "green" politician, I guess it is better to ship a boat from New Zealand instead of a locally crafted yacht.

What I don't understand is all the liberal democrats who  want to raise your taxes for a bigger and more intrusive government why don't THEY just pay more taxes. Each person's tax bill is just the minimum amount that you are required to pay as your share of the collected government revenue. There is no law that says that you can't pay more than your taxable amount similar to when you go to a nice restaurant and usually give the waiter more money that the amount of the restaurant bill. "Pay more if you want" than your tax bill if you love government so much and wish for more government and more regulations. Hey, its your money, give it up you government lovers. Instead, many liberal government hypocrite leaders expect everyone but themselves to pay more taxes and look for ways to try to avoid required taxes in their own lives.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Misty Morning

Misty morning on Cape Cod in Yarmouthport on Follins Pond. This shot kind of reminds me of the current uncertain economic future for America as one gazes into the fog filled distant horizon. Will the future days of America be filled with sunshine or with a stagnant haze?  Time will tell.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are You a "TERRORIST"?????

Are you a "TERRORIST"???

Maybe you are and maybe you aren't. Maybe you are a terrorist and don't know it. Maybe you are a deliberate terrorist and subscribe to the whacked out bizarre concept that maybe the Federal government should attempt to try to start to reduce the size of the budget deficit. Remember, only in government is the concept of reducing the rate of increase in federal spending called a budget cut even if the total amount of funding for a particular government expenditure rises higher than the previous year but not as much of an increase as previously budgeted. How "extreme" these "Tea Party" activists are to suggest reducing the rate of increase in a federal budget when the total federal debt is only over 14 trillion dollars and total federal spending only requires borrowing 40 cents over each dollar collected in revenue. Don't these "tea party" terrorists realize that 40 cents is hardly anything?  I mean, "What is 40 cents?"

House Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA) is reported to have labeled the "Tea Party" members "terrorists" during a two hour closed door session this past Monday prior to the compromise debt extension agreement and was quoted to have said that the "tea party terrorists" have made it "impossible to spend any money".Representative Emmanuel Cleaver  (D-MO) is reported to have called the debt extension agreement a "Satan Sandwich". Well, me I've never had a "Satan Sandwich" so I don't know if they are tasty or not. I wonder if the "Satan Sandwich" would taste better if you had some devil's food cake for dessert.

It is ironic that "tea party" members are demonized and called terrorists when real Jihadist terrorists can't be called terrorists as this of course would be politically incorrect and border on "hate speech". 

It should be an interesting political season prior to the 2012 election. The Democrats have no record to run on so they will have to resort to name calling, attacking the republican nominee and painting this nominee as "extreme" for trying to bring the size of government and the cost of government under control.

Should the Republicans stoop to the low level of the Democrats and start flinging insults and names back at the Democrats? Should the Republicans start calling the Democrats "Big Bloated Socialist Pigs with DooDoo for brains and rapacious blood suckers who want to suck all the private enterprise out of this country so that every one must worship at the alter of the all powerful federal government state?

So, are you a terrorist? Do you agree with the extreme "tea party" OR  the spendaholic Democrats? If you don't like the "tea party" is it because you drink coffee?