Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Flamin' Cheetos

I just entered the "Flamin' Cheetos museum contest with the photo on the left and now I'm not sure if perhaps the photo on the right would have been a better submission. The "Cheetos" remind me of a "flamin' hot hoppin' bunny at least that is how I described it for the contest although maybe it looks more like a chef with one of those big hats or maybe a bear?  Sometimes shapes are in the eye of the beholder like looking at cloud formations or those "Rorschach" ink splatter tests.  And of course, one of the central questions in life is whether the eye truly sees or is it that the retinal images are interpreted by the brain.  Anyway, I shall see if this "Cheeto" will make it into the "Cheeto Museum" and reward me with enough cash to buy "Cheetos" for the rest of my life as that would be "WAY COOL".