Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Land of the Seagull

 Saw this seagull today surveying his vast land estate located in the middle of Swan River in Dennisport on Cape Cod. It may not look like much land but the water views are spectacular as well as being close to fishing and clamming. To me it looks like this gull is surveying the right hand portion of his island and perhaps contemplating growing some crops. If the gull does decide to do some farming then he truly would be outstanding in his field.
This photo also reminds me of a scene from a Woody Allen movie (I can't remember which movie) where there is a scene in which Woody Allen portrays his father holding a clump of dirt in his hand and saying to Woody "Son, some day this land will be yours so make sure you take care of it". Yes, everyone should consider obtaining a little piece of land for themselves and hopefully this little piece of land is big enough to stand on and maybe walk around on.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"To Tell The Truth"

To tell the truth, I wonder if recently resigned CIA  Director David Petraeus will be called to testify before Congress as to his role in the Benghazi situation where 4 Americans including our Libyan Ambassador were murdered. Former Director Petraeus resigned after disclosing that he had an extra marital affair with alleged mistress Patricia Broadwell who wrote a biography about Petraeus in the book "All In". Apparently we now know that Petraeus was all into Broadwell.

Was Petraeus "blackmailed" by the Obama administration to report that the Benghazi tragedy was the result of a lame anti-Islam movie  trailer with the threat of exposing the Broadwell affair which was found out apparently some time last Summer? I don't know. You would think that the CIA chief would know how  to cover up his undercover womanizing from detection. As chief spymaster Petraeus should know how to protect  "A Saucerful Of Secrets" to name an old Pink Floyd album.

The Obama administration appears to be a unique blend of the Nixon and Carter administration. The incompetence of Carter mixed with the above the law deviousness of Nixon. President Obama has often relied in his political career on "Digging In the Dirt" to name a Peter Gabriel song to destroy his political opponent's character by prying into the personal lives of his opponents.

I have never personally been "blackmailed" as far as I know, but I would think that if the information that a blackmailer is brought to light especially by the person being blackmailed then this information no longer has any power over the person being blackmailed. The question regarding Petraeus is whether being threatened  with possible prosecution under Article 134 of the Military Code of Conduct if he testifies before Congress due to his affair is worse than going before Congress and lying about what really happen with the Benghazi situation and possibly although protecting the Obama regime opening himself to perjury charges. By self disclosing his affair, Petraeus I hope will sing the sweet song of truth before Congress so that the American populace can find out what really happened in Libya on 911 and whether the Obama administration engaged in impeachable and /or treasonous actions. We shall soon see. Sometimes reality is as interesting as a fiction spy novel. We shall see if the former "puppet master (David Petraeus) will spill some of his saucerful of secrets by telling the truth as to what he knows about the 911 story or whether to save his own skin he will lie about what happened and be a puppet of the Obama regime. I hope he has the courage,decency, and character "To Tell The Truth", (a former television show).

Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Congrats You Own It"

Congrats you own it Mr. President. Although I don't think you were the best candidate you did get the most electoral votes as well as winning the most total votes. Even though your vote total was less than the vote total that John McCain received in 2008; for whatever reason Mitt Romney received three million votes less than Mr. McCain's total and would have won if all the McCain voters had bothered to show up and vote. Maybe there was a good basketball game on election day, maybe these voters forgot about the election day or were told that due to hurricane Sandy that they could vote on Wednesday nationwide. Maybe some voters felt that Mitt Romney wasn't sufficiently conservative enough for them, who knows?

Now, we can all at least get over I hope the thought that everything perceived as wrong with the economy is "George Bush's fault". Apparently, many people voted for Obama as they did believe that sufficient progress or at least sufficient attempts or concerns about the stagnant economy by Obama were enough to warrant a second term by the Obama regime. Or, many voters are content with their food stamps and housing assistance and didn't want to risk losing their "free government goodies and their Obama phones". Romney's pledge to cut taxes doesn't hold much appeal to people who don't pay taxes in the first place. Maybe people are content with an 8% unemployment rate, rising gas and food prices, and want to give President Obama four more years to improve his golf game. Besides, I hear that there are plenty more places on this planet that Michelle Obama hasn't visited or taken a vacation  so we need to make sure that she and her entourage have a chance to have some enriching life experiences so she can continue to feel proud about her country.

I am curious to see what the FORWARD. agenda will be over the next four years. I am curious to see how increasing taxes on millionaires and billionaires will lead to reducing the federal budget deficit and lead to a growing economy. Usually if you tax something you get less of it. Increased taxes should lead to less disposable income which should lead to less consumer spending which should lead to less expenditures on goods and services which should lead to less need for employment and business expenditures. To me, a former economics major, raising taxes doesn't seem to make sense. But what do I really know about economic matters compared with a president who has far more experience as a community organizer than I will ever have.

President Obama has been given a "do over" by the American electorate. Will we in four years be singing the praises of President Obama's masterful economic remedies and leadership or will we be saying, " We must move away from the failed policies of the Obama years"? Time will tell. One thing for certain in my opinion, you now "own" the hand on the tiller of this ship of state, Mr. President as you now have no excuse to look to the past. For better or worse from now on  history will judge your actions as your actions ONLY.

Friday, November 2, 2012

"Let Me Eat Cake"

I received this cake today at The Soundings Resort in Dennis Port on Cape Cod. I went in this afternoon and had some "training" on how to eat cake, chicken wings, and cheese bread with Marinara sauce. I think I learned pretty quickly as I was able to eat these yummy treats the first time I tried. I was flattered that President Obama would take time from his busy last minute campaigning to send me this cake. This is a "marble cake" (half dark and half white) and tasty through and through. Coincidentally, when I arrived at the Soundings one of the guest was checking in who also has a birthday today.

I appreciate that President Obama is trying to buy my vote through this cake; I guess he knows that I already have a cell phone so he can't offer me an "Obama phone". I guess that President Obama also knew that in history Marie Antoinette was also born on November 2nd and she is credited with saying "Let them eat cake". I have heard that she really didn't say this but as President Obama can attest: "If you repeat a lie long enough, sometimes it becomes known as the truth".

I first thought that the President Obama picture on the cake was a paper cutout; but in reality this is frosting. How they transfer an image to frosting is beyond me. I hope the president isn't too upset that I had to "behead" him with a cake knife while cutting up this cake.

So, thanks everyone for the cake, that was sweet.