Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Soap Box"

The Soundings Resort and the Breakers Resort  (managed by Bluegreen) both located in Dennisport on Cape Cod  are both participating  in recycling used bars of soap. Recycling soap bars from the hotel rooms helps keep these products out of the local landfills and waste transfer stations but also helps promote hygiene in lesser developed countries in an attempt to stem the annual deaths of approximately 1.8 million children under five each year from diarrheal diseases.

According to the "Clean the World Website"; Here is a list of the approximate number of infant diarrheal deaths from the most prevalent countries:annual deaths due to Diarrheal diseases):
  1. India — 386,600
  2. Nigeria — 151,700
  3. DRC — 89,900
  4. Afghanistan — 82,100
  5. Ethiopia — 73,700
  6. Pakistan — 53,300
  7. Bangladesh — 50,800
  8. China — 40,000
  9. Uganda — 29,300
  10. Kenya — 26,400
So, not to get on my "soap box" too much (as I didn't want to stand on this box for example and possibly crack the plastic) if you know any local hotels, motels near where you live you too can help clean up the planet through recycling used soap bars as well as contributing to world hygiene and helping to reduce the incidence of childhood deaths.