Thursday, April 24, 2014

Domo Arigato Mr. Robato

Here's a photo of our "Dear Leader" bowing down before a Japanese robot taken from the "Drudge report". It is always good to bow before your superiors as it is a sign of subservience and respect and for sure President Obama doesn't want to hurt this robot's feelings. I'm not sure if President Obama was a "Styx" fan, probably, and he probably said "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto" to this robot if he didn't know the robot's formal name and I'm sure Obama didn't want to kiss the robot on both cheeks like they do in European countries as he might risk electrocuting himself. Maybe Obama is more a "Nine Inch Nails" fan and was thinking about the song "Head Like A Hole" where there is a phrase "Bow down before the one you serve, you're going to get what you deserve"; and Obama is just acknowledging the rise of the machines especially in auto production and other heavy manufacturing. Hey, maybe Obama wasn't really bowing but just wanted to get a closer look and the robot's shoes, I don't know. Thank you very much Mr. Robato!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cisco Disco

Just returned from a flight to Nantucket today (and my arms aren't even tired.). I try to make time while on Nantucket to visit the Cisco Brewery on 5 Bartlett Farm road and try a different Cisco brewed beer each time I visit. Today, I tried a "Double I.P. A" beer (9% alcohol) and a bag of Fritos corn chips as a late lunch while waiting for my return plane trip to Hyannis. While munching a bunch of Fritos corn chips and sipping my "IPA" I noticed this wall hanging made up of CD discs with the phrase "It Never Starts At The Beginning and Only Forever Begins In The Middle". So, I had some food for thought as well as smacking my lips from the corn chips and ale.

This phrase make me wonder, and I'm probably not alone: for example: If the universe started with a "Big Bang" of tremendous mass and energy, then what was there before the "big bang" set in motion our ever expanding universe? Furthermore, what is found at the edge of the universe and what is our universe expanding into?  Also, when did "time" start? and.. What was there before the beginning of time? Is this the only universe ? Or... are there other universes found in other dimensions of reality that are beyond our comprehension? I don't know for sure, but I do know I like "Fritos and Beer"! Must be in my genes from my Germanic ancestors.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Hungry Huskies" Lap Up Another Championship"

Last night the University of Connecticut Men's Basketball team (UCONN  HUSKIES) defeated the the Kentucky University (Wildcats) in North Dallas to win the 2014 championship. This is the fourth championship for UCONN in the last 15 years with other national titles occurring in 1999, 2004, and 2011. Last season, UCONN was banned from post season play due to a low APR (Academic Progress Report) by the NCAA for low academic scores and graduation rates for previous players who transferred or went to the NBA early; all of which had nothing to do with the current UCONN team. This NCAA action of punishing a team for previous years players academic short comings was to me unfair as it denied this team a chance to compete during 2013 in post season play at the Big East final tournament in New York City as well as a chance to be selected to compete in last years NCAA College Basketball tournament.

Shabazz Napier, point guard for UCONN said on the podium last night something to the effect of " Listen Up Everybody! Can I have your Attention just for a minute. We've been waiting two years for this an what you see before you is a bunch of HUNGRY HUSKIES who were denied a chance to compete."

This UCONN team demonstrated the power of focus, belief in themselves and their teammates, towards a goal of winning a national championship. Coach Kevin Ollie, who succeeded the legendary coach Jim Calhoun, in just his second season has won a national championship in his first NCAA tournament as a head coach. Coach Ollie, a former UCONN  point guard and 13 year NBA veteran, brought the Huskies to this very stadium earlier in the season during a Texas 2 game road trip and losses to Houston and SMU (Southern Methodist University) and told his team that they should focus on coming back to this stadium in April. Coach Ollie also told the UCONN crowd during the regular season that he hoped to bring back some hardware and raise another banner to the Gampel Pavillion rafters. I recall after the St. Joes win in the first round of the tournament they showed the UCONN locker room and former coach Jim Calhoun saying "One down five to go". This Husky team was not satisfied just to be in the tournament but truly expected and believed their championship goal was obtainable.

Most the the basketball "pundits" had UCONN losing each step of the way during each of the 6 games UCONN won to clinch this championship. First St. Joes, then Villanova, then Iowa State, then Michigan State, then Florida, then Kentucky.  Michigan State was a fashionable pick for the pundits as was number 1 overall seed Florida and finally the 7 freshman talented Kentucky squad. The pundits focused on the greater size of these teams and the defense abilities of Michigan State and Florida in particular. What the pundits didn't factor into their prognostications was the size of the "HUSKY HEART' , determination, and quickness of the Connecticut well as the "in your face" UCONN defensive  ball pressure and intensity of effort displayed by guards Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright along with the steady play and 3 point shooting of Niels Giffey and the talented inside outside play of the "X" factor Deandre Daniels. The Connecticut squad improved their rebounding proficiency throughout this season with the help as well from centers Amida  Brimah and Philip Nolan and the guard play of Terrence Samuel. Yes, the Kentucky guards were taller than UCONN guards but for example I am willing to wager the Ryan Boatright at about 6 feet tall can jump as high if not higher than the Kentucky Harrison twins.

Shabazz Napier, Niels Giffey, and Tyler Olander, were all members of the 2011 national Championship year as freshmen when Kemba Walker led UCONN through a Big East Tournament championship winning 5 games in 5 nights followed by the win over Butler University for the national title. These three become the first UCONN players to win more than 1 championship during the college career with "Bookend Champioships" their freshman and senior years. When you think of it, maybe there should be an "asterisk" placed next to Louisville's 2013 championship crown as UCONN  was not eligible to compete that year. Louisville "had UCONN's number" this year beating the Huskies 3 times during the regular season and AAC conference tournament but UCONN did beat Florida twice this year the consensus number 1 ranked team for this tournament.

Congratulations to the "Hungry Huskies" players and coaches for sticking with the goals and dreams of championship glory and lapping up another championship. Your belief in yourselves and your teammates was rewarded as you silenced the critics who doubted the "Hearts of a Champion".

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Soundings New Pool

Here are a couple of photos taken this past Thursday of the current progress at the The Soundings Resort on Cape Cod in Dennis Port for the construction of the new indoor pool and rest rooms. As shown, the new pool will be to the left of the former pool so that guests can walk straight through the lobby and  a path and entry through the new rooms under construction out to the outdoor pool and ocean. The former pool was "super well built" with tons of reinforcing rods in the concrete making it quite a project to remove.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Soundings Resort Lobby Flooring

 The Soundings Resort in Dennis Port just had their lobby floors refinished with new coatings of urethane to make them look like their original gleaming condition. The lobby floors are made of some sort of Brazilian hardwood with maple inserts to resemble a boat floor. The new carpet runner connects the front door to the lobby exit door towards the ocean. The "Compass Rose " insert is very helpful in giving directions so that everyone can determine the correct direction and has been a great success as no one has ever to date driven their car into the ocean by mistake.Everyone should have direction in their life and ideally proper direction.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

De Plane! De Plane!. Where is The Plane?

What the heck happened to the missing Malaysia plane? It is sure a mystery so far. How can a plane simply be unaccounted for days on end? How can a plane be "off the radar"?  You would think there would be some indication by now as to whether this plane landed somewhere, crashed somewhere on land or sea, exploded in air or entered some type of "time warp" similar to the alleged "Bermuda triangle" or somehow entered a portal to a different dimension.Was this plane hijacked by a passenger or pilot, diverted to fly "under the radar"? Not to make light of the situation and hopefully there will be some sort of happy resolution to this mystery. I sometimes think of the "Fantasy Island" television show when thinking about planes when Ricardo Montalban  as Mr. Roarke would say "Places everyone" and HervĂ© Villechaize  as "Tattoo" his side kick would say, "De Plane, De Plane". What the heck do you think happened?

Monday, March 10, 2014

I Stand with Rand

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul won the recent "straw poll" of the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) for the 2016 Presidential Race. This is something I agree with and I "Stand with Rand". It will be interesting to see how the "Main Stream Media" propaganda machine will try to tear down , distort and throw mud on Senator Paul's image and ideas. Jeff Kuhner of radio station WRKO in Boston this morning discussed his support for Senator Paul on his "Kuhner Country' radio show. I myself have thought since the 2012 election that I would support Senator Paul for the 2016 presidential election and will vote for him either as the nominee of the Republican party, as a third party candidate or as a "write in " vote.

In 2012 the "Main Stream media" played up the allegation that Mitt Romney cut some kid's hair when he himself was a kid and then later in life put the family dog on top of the roof of his car for some vacation trip. Now, these actions of course are so serious that we as a country could never elect Mitt president whereas Obama was an admitted cocaine user, "Chum gang ganga smoker" and as self confessed dog eater which of course are very minor issues compared with letting a dog get some fresh air.

Rand Paul, hopefully never did anything wrong in his life or we for sure will hear about it. Hopefully he never cut in line at the movie theater or dropped a piece of popcorn accidentally on the floor at the movies. A transgression like that I'm sure would preclude him from being president according to the media democratic "lap dogs". The media will try to portray Senator Paul as the "founder of the KKK' even though it was Southern Democrats who founded this organization. All the Republicans did was fight and die during the Civil War to end slavery. Prominent leaders such as Martin Luther King and baseball's Jackie Robinson were both Republicans as were most blacks until about the time of LBJ and his "Great Society" where the government cranked up the welfare handouts and created a government dependency which in many cases can be viewed as a new form of slavery.

Rand Paul will also be labeled as an "extreme right winger" who believes in crazy outlandish concepts as freedom, liberty, the rule of law, the United States Constitution, and a limited role for government. The governmental parasites and leeches will fight "tooth and nail" to defeat anyone who wishes to try to limit the power of government or the size and scope of government.

Rand Paul perhaps will consider Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico, Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, or Bobby Jindal as his Vice Presidential running mate. I for one will not vote for Chris Christie (AKA "the Thin Man) if he were to become the republican nominee (I don't want him, you can have him, he's too fat for me.)

It will be interesting to see if old Hillary Clinton will try to run again for president in 2016. When the call came from Benghazi for support from our Libyan Consulate when under attack no help was offered. Oh well, "What difference does it make?" was her response.

Yes," I stand with and for Rand" in 2016. Where do you stand?