Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Fish Fry

Fried up a little bit of the fresh fish this Friday from Soundings Resort vacation owner Eric H. who owns a week at the Soundings and spent his honeymoon here at the Soundings about 25 years ago. Eric and his son usually go fishing with Captain Robbie Briggs a couple of times during their August visit. Eric mentions that he caught about 9 striped sea bass on their latest trip and that Capt. Briggs seems to know where the fish are. Thanks again Eric for the fish; topped with a little Italian bread crumbs, cooked in olive oil with a little bit of my home made sea salt later and a fresh home grown tomato I had an almost "free lunch" that was probably good for me.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

360 Degrees of Soundings from the Beach CapeCod August 2014.

Here is a 360 degree photo for the Soundings Resort taken from the beach during the early evening of the "Big August Moon" with my new to me Samsung S5 smart phone.  Somehow this feature pieces together the phone while you spin around the full circle. Reminds me somewhat of when I visited Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida and they had a circular room where they had a 360 degree movie where you really felt like you were "right in the middle" of all the action on the circular screen. Click on the above picture for a larger sized view.

"Five Years After"

Five years ago on 8/20/09 I broke my wrist playing volleyball at the Harwich recreational center while sprinting from one side of the court to the other chasing a ball that no one seemed to want to retrieve. I remember diving and sliding retrieving the ball and then putting out my right hand so the I wouldn't hit my head on the cinder block wall and snapping my wrist making my wrist look like an "S". I then remember driving myself one handed to the Cape Cod Hospital and entering the emergency room. Other memories as well but although memorable these were not fond memories. And, lucky for me, my wrist healed so well without pins or surgery so  that now it was like I never had a broken wrist at all.

I celebrated the 5 year anniversary of my "wrecked wrist" by playing volleyball tonight at "The Woodshed" in Brewster, Mass on their outdoor sand court in the back of their rear parking lot.

I remember a "Sienfield" episode where "George" had a job as a "hand model". Now, I'm not saying my hand is so great that I too could be a "hand model" but I wouldn't mind having a "hand job" like George if I
was somehow discovered by a "hand model talent agent".

Yes, Only 1826 days ago my wrist was a fractured wreck; but now with the helping hands of Dr. and Mrs. Manel my wrist can make a fist, hold a fork in my hand, and even spike a volleyball once again.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

"Summer on the Spring Break"

I remember back in 1975 while attending the University of Connecticut (UCONN) I went on a bus tour during March "Spring Break" from Storrs Connecticut to Daytona Beach, Florida for the week. We all  stayed at the "Whitehall" an oceanfront multi-story  hotel.

During the afternoon they had some sort of "lounge act" in a fairly small bar with "comfy chairs" and tables. During the break in the entertainment I went over to the jukebox and saw that they had the song  "Love To Love You Baby" performed by disco Diva Donna Summer who recently passed away. The price for songs on the jukebox was 3 for a dollar so I decided to select this song, then again, then again so that it would play three times in a row. The song, if you are familiar with it has lots of moaning and groaning in it by Donna. I had fun doing this as this song could be really long (over 17 minutes in the original version: see the above link from You Tube).

What reminded me of this is I recently was listening to a "Pandora Comedy" station and the comic (John Mulaney) told a story about when he was 11 and he and a friend went to a local restaurant and selected 21 songs by Tom Jones "What's New Pussycat for 20 times and 1 selection of "Its Not Unusual" which they selected as the 7th selection between all the "pussycat songs". The comic then described how everybody went crazy over time and the owner pulled the plug on the jukebox after the 11th playing of "Pussycat". This description had me almost "rolling on the floor laughing" in my brother's car recently during my mini-trip to Vermont. Luckily I wasn't driving.

Donna Summer Love To Love You Baby original long version (Disco 70s)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

White Raven Green Mountains Didjeridoos.


On July 28,2014 I visited the "White Raven Drum Works Shop" up in Bridgewater, Vermont almost directly across the street from the "Long Trail Brewery". Proprietor  Kai  Mayberger  makes custom crafted Didgeridoos, Flutes, and Drums and gave a demonstration of the flutes and didgeridoos.The didgeridoo is common to the aboriginal tribes of Australia and I guess requires a little practice on how to breathe properly while playing. These hand made instruments are truly a work of art. Not sure how the didgeridoo received its name or what the word means in the aboriginal language. Maybe there was a tribe member named Geri and everyone would ask " Did Geri do" his chores? Probably not, so they invented an instrument to call Geri back to the camp ground.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Local Farm Stand

On the way back from inspecting a home for insurance purposes in Brewster on Cape Cod today I decided to stop at this local farm stand and buy some corn and cucumbers. The 8" cucumbers were $1.00 apiece and the corn was 50 cents each. It is good to patronize local small business efforts I think as there are in this case no waiting lines and I was driving by so this was definitely not out of my way as far as time or gas are concerned.

This farm stand reminds me of when I was four and used to sell tomatoes and cucumbers from a little red wagon that I would pull up the hilly  street on St. Michael's Terrace in Carmel , New York which is next to Brewster New York. Back then the prices were "2 for a nickel and 4 for a dime" for the vegetables. Some things I guess go up in price over time or maybe more accurately; the value of a dollar doesn't go as far as it used to from the days of yesteryear. It is somewhat coincidental I suppose that having lived in Carmel, New York next to Brewster, New York I now 50 years later live in Dennis, Mass which is next to Brewster, Mass.