Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I never bought or ate a pomegranate fruit before but I figured every 60 years or so I should buy one and give it a try. I have purchased pomegranate drinks before but never the fruit itself. Here's what a pomegranate fruit looks like when you slice it open. I will have to investigate further on the proper way to eat this "antioxidant" rich fruit but so far I have "squeezed the fruit, ate the seeds, and even the "whitish part" but I'm not so sure one is supposed to eat the white part. I haven't attempted to eat the outer skin and for all I know maybe that is the best part for you...or maybe not.  Although I am "pro-breathing oxygen I am anti-oxidant so this pomegranate will help me I guess keep my "oxidant levels down."

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Take A Gander at the Geese

A few days ago I woke up to see these Canada Geese walking across the street from my yard after drinking from I guess a delicious muddy puddle in front of my home. Ah! what a life!  Eating tasty green grass, going swimming and using the great outdoors as your bathroom; it doesn't get much better than that!  The Canada geese seem to return each year for the Spring, Summer and Fall on the Cape. Similar to a lot of Cape "Snow birds" they usually fly away for the Winter. Sometimes I think these birds think they are cars though as I only seem to hear them "HONK,HONK,HONK, whether they are in the road, flying, or just filling their belly with grass.

Oh, and similar to chickens, I do believe they crossed the road.... to get to the other side.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

By Definition

Having been born on election day may have had an influence on me being interested in politics. When entering Marietta College in Ohio in 1972 during the time of the Nixon/McGovern election cycle; I was going to major in "political science". I ended up transferring to the University of Connecticut  and majoring in economics.

I do find it interesting to see how campaigns evolve over each presidential cycle and delving into how the campaigns are run as well as what makes a voter decide which candidate to vote for versus the other candidate.

Some people grow up in families that "always vote Republican or Democrat." Probably one of the determinants on voter choice hinges on the central questions of "What is the role of government in society"; "Is more government expansion into the lives of people a good thing or something that should be curtailed? (big government versus limited government).

Over time certain voting trends have evolved. Up until about the time of President Johnson, black American voters had strong support for the Republican party with notable black Americans such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jackie Robinson for example being registered Republicans. The Republican party under President Lincoln fought during the "Civil War" to abolish slavery. The Southern Democrats were the "slave holders" and founders of the "Ku Klux Klan" as they briefly tried to secede from the Union and form "The Confederate States of America".  Today however, the Democrat party seems to garner the majority of black American support while many southern states vote for the Republican candidates.

Some people are swayed by the television and news media and their "biases" toward one candidate or the other. Some election campaigns are based on the candidates position on the "issues" while at the same time trying to "define" their political opponent with a negative image. In other words, you as a candidate either try to run on your record, qualifications, and stand on the issues of the day; Or you try to run on painting a negative picture of the opposing candidate as far as their personality, their qualifications, and their stand on the issues.

By definition, each candidate will try to burnish their qualifications and appeal while trying to define  their political opponent. In the battles for the hearts and minds of the voting electorate it will be interesting to see which candidate makes the best case.   Which labels will "stick" will be interesting to see and may define the outcome.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


Yes, This is Paradise (Pizza). Located in West Dennis on School Street (Cape Cod) "Joey " the owner has been making Pizza on the Cape since 1976 which is the same year that I "washed ashore".  Amelia and I shared this pizza (along with Charles and Lily) last night at the Soundings Resort. Part of our job is to make sure that the pizza restaurants that we recommend are "good" so we order pizza from time to time just to make sure. "Joey" offers us a large pizza for every 7 referrals with these "pizza cards" which is appreciated and "Joey" said last night "I hope I can bring over a pizza each night!".

This particular pizza is a large chicken,bacon and pineapple pizza with a "Drizzle of barbecue sauce."

We had this pizza at night as we learned from Anita Bryant in her commercial from a long time ago that "Pizza!, It's not just for breakfast anymore!" (I think that is what the commercial said; or come to think of it it might have said "Orange Juice! It's not just for dinner anymore!"  I may have confused the slogan as I repeat it was a loooong time ago and when you get to my age some memories do get "scrambled" so you can't eggs actly remember them word for word. I do know for a fact that pizza does indeed taste good at night and I'm even considering trying some Orange juice for breakfast; as strange as that may sound!

Thursday, March 3, 2016


  Two Willards: One is an ungrateful "rat" loser who thinks that he can insert himself into the GOP presidential nomination process through denying the will of the voters and "Trump" the primary process through a "back room brokered nominating convention.
The other Willard is from a 2003 movie named "Willard" starring Crispin Glover, a rat lover who befriends a bunch of rats, one whom he names "Socrates".

Which Willard do you think is more of a rat?

Willard Romney today apparently doesn't mind the 2012 endorsement of Donald Trump when it was his turn to "Step up to the plate" as the Republican presidential nominee. Now, in 2016 after failing to aggressively make his case against Obama, Willard thinks he can try to stop Trump from the Republican nomination. Romney's father, George had a history of constantly running for president time after time and apparently Willard feels that two tries, once as a candidate for the nomination and once as the  Republican nominee may not be enough; or maybe just to make sure that Mr. Trump is not the nominee. You don't have to be "Socrates" or any other philosopher I think to understand that the Trump supporters will NOT roll over and support some "brokered candidate" thus 100% ensuring a loss in the 2016 election.

What is somewhat "ironic, don't you think?" that Willard's attack on Trump will only probably further strengthen Trump's support as "the times they are a changing" and I think the mood of the electorate is one of "throw out the establishment bums" who failed in recent years to fulfill their election agendas in Congress. Trump's appeal as a political outsider with name recognition, business executive experience, not in the "pocket" of special interests, who is not afraid to "mix it up" with the other Republican candidates and will aggressively engage the Democratic nominee (whether it ends up being Joe Biden or "feel the Bern" Sanders, or maybe even Hillary Clinton if she can escape the rule of law and an indictment).

I remember in the 2012 campaign there was some talk of Willard Romney in prep school beating up somebody. More recently for charity Willard Romney had a charity boxing match with Evander "the real deal' Holyfield. Maybe Romney has now developed a "fighting attitude" that he lacked back in 2012. I would never suggest that Willard Romney is suffering from "roid rage" and I didn't care that he may have fought someone as a youngster.

At the end of the "Willard movie" according to Wikopedia Willard says to some rats "It's not over yet, no! Our time is going to come."  Maybe Willard is still holding on to his presidential dreams or maybe he just would rather make sure that someone else (Trump) will not succeed where he failed.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Que Sera, Sera

 " Que Sera, Sera"  as sung by Doris Day. (Whatever will be will be). 2016 is unfolding so far as a "downer" as far at least for the stock market. 2016 is of course a presidential election year and if the election occurs as scheduled, there will be a new president selected and elected. "Baba Vanga" a deceased  blind Bulgarian psychic predicted that the 44th president would be an African American president and also the last American born president. "Que Sera, Sera." 

What will be interesting see is how this year unfolds. Will Trump "trump" the Republican field and win the republican nomination?  Will Cruz carry "the cross of Constitutional rule" as the republican nominee?

On the Democratic side, can the senior citizen  "Hillary" stay out of jail and win the democratic nomination and overcome her Benghazi problem, her e-mail and corruption influence peddling while Secretary of State, and can she be perceived as a "champion of the middle class and a champion of women's issues" while being married to a husband with many woman's abuse issues? "Whatever will be, will be". If not Hillary, if she can't successfully dodge the rule of law, then whom shall the democrats turn to?  Que Sera, Sera.

Will America prefer a Bernie Sanders or a Joe Biden if the election occurs over the republican nominee? Time will tell. Que Sera, Sera. Decision day (D. Day) is coming.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Tree 50 years Later

Fifty years ago, Grandma Shaw gave my Dad a small skinny sapling of a tree to plant in the front yard of my parent's home in Simsbury, Connecticut. As Bobby Goldsboro sang in the song "Honey"

 "See the tree, how big it's grown
But friend it hasn't been too long, it wasn't big."

Read more: Bobby Goldsboro - Honey Lyrics | MetroLyrics

My Dad shaped this tree over the years and now 50 years later this tree has surely grown!    

This tree with its yellow Fall leaves which fall in the Fall matches the color almost of my parent's house. I don't know if Grandma Shaw knew this when she presented this tree to us. 

Everything has a cycle and this mature tree is now in its prime glory and splendor. With a firm foundation and established roots tempered by weathering hot Summers,Winter blizzards and Spring rains,  this tree has survived and prospered and developed a thick bark skin.  Surviving adversities can make one stronger over time whether a tree or a human lifetime.