Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Soap Box"

The Soundings Resort and the Breakers Resort  (managed by Bluegreen) both located in Dennisport on Cape Cod  are both participating  in recycling used bars of soap. Recycling soap bars from the hotel rooms helps keep these products out of the local landfills and waste transfer stations but also helps promote hygiene in lesser developed countries in an attempt to stem the annual deaths of approximately 1.8 million children under five each year from diarrheal diseases.

According to the "Clean the World Website"; Here is a list of the approximate number of infant diarrheal deaths from the most prevalent countries:annual deaths due to Diarrheal diseases):
  1. India — 386,600
  2. Nigeria — 151,700
  3. DRC — 89,900
  4. Afghanistan — 82,100
  5. Ethiopia — 73,700
  6. Pakistan — 53,300
  7. Bangladesh — 50,800
  8. China — 40,000
  9. Uganda — 29,300
  10. Kenya — 26,400
So, not to get on my "soap box" too much (as I didn't want to stand on this box for example and possibly crack the plastic) if you know any local hotels, motels near where you live you too can help clean up the planet through recycling used soap bars as well as contributing to world hygiene and helping to reduce the incidence of childhood deaths. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

"Lettuce Spray"

Recently my neighbor "Jerry" offered me some fresh home grown lettuce as pictured above. There is nothing like fresh organic produce without the chemicals and sprays often found with commercially grown foods. Jerry assured me that he didn't use any chemicals and advised me just to wash the lettuce before eating to remove any traces of dirt. Yes, the lettuce is spray free and definitely not a "GMO" (genetically modified" food. OMG (Oh my God) I don't want to eat too much GMO! Let us pray that your lettuce you eat as well doesn't have a "lettuce spray".

Friday, May 8, 2015

Dawn of A May Day

Last night of worked "night security' at "The Soundings Resort" and took a couple photos a little after 5:00 am of the new day's dawn near "The Belmont Jetty"and the Herring River  with a buoy (Oh boy!). The night started with the sounds of a fox a little way down the road screeching a sound which to me sounds like a goose under attack. Right before dawn I am always amused and amazed at all the birds tweeting, squawking, and chirping away as the pre-dawn stillness with the absence of car traffic and human activity really makes their presence felt in all directions. Yes, it looks like Winter is finally over for a while and soon the "snow birds" will be back in full force on Cape Cod once again.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Signs of Spring

I awoke this morning to see from my window across the street the familiar welcomed sight of the return of the "Pink Flamencos" to my neighborhood here on Cape Cod. I always do enjoy the sight of these majestic birds as they herald a welcoming sign of the Spring season.  Here is a shot of the "new born" baby flamencos while the adult flamencos (out of the picture) are standing watch. These baby birds haven't learned yet how to march all in one direction  then turn around and march again in unison the other direction; but I'm sure they will learn. I always put out a bunch of "pink lemonade"  for them during the Summer months which they seem to enjoy. I also have fun each year naming the new birds and greeting the returning birds by name as believe it or not they all have their own individual personalities. Some of the names I have come up with are a follows: "Pink, Pinky, Little Pink, Flam, Inco, The Notorious P.I.N. K, Skinny Legs, Big Beak, Dirty Bird, and Smitty, to name a few: AND those are just a few of the names of the returning birds. I don't know yet what I'll give for names for this new batch, I'll just have to wait and see by observing them what name seems appropriate.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Big Shoes To Fill

I recently attended the American Athletic Conference Basketball Tournament in Hartford Connecticut on Friday March 13th. at the XL Center. On the lower level of the XL Center in the Exhibition Hall there  was an exhibit from the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. Here is a picture of a shoe from Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal  aka "Shaq". The people at the exhibit said this "Shaq shoe" is a "size 23" which certainly are "Big Shoes to Fill". I guess though if you are 7'1'' and weigh approximately 324 pounds it is good to have big enough feet to support yourself.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jerod Mayo Mayo

Sometimes while shopping at the local "Shaw's" supermarket in addition to daydreaming about what it would be like to own this supermarket chain (same last name as me); I go over to the "discounted clearance section" and look over the "reduced groceries" they have in a small area near the back of the store. I recently spied this bottle of "Jerod's All Pro Bruisin' Bacon Mayo" and thought I would give it a try as it would maybe give the New England Patriot's National  Football League football team some good luck as I did purchase this mayo prior to the big game. Now, I'm not saying that the Patriots won only because I purchased this mayo but it probably didn't hurt their victory chances in their 28-24 win over the Seattle Seahawks. Notice the number "51" on Jerod Mayo's jersey on his mayo bottle. If you add up the total score of the super bowl game you get "52" which is just one number higher than his "51" jersey.

Jerod Mayo is a linebacker with the New England Patriots who was injured on October 16,2014 while playing against the Buffalo Bills. This All-Pro linebacker so far has 756 tackles throughout his career. I don't know how many times Mr Mayo has been held by the offensive opponents over the years but I always enjoy when the NFL official announces the the penalty when they announce "Holding offence, Holding Mayo" ten yard penalty".

As far as the mayo itself, I like it. Anything with bacon flavor is usually good in my book. I'm not sure though if Jerod Mayo makes all this mayo himself or if he has his wife and family help him. It is good though that he has found something to do with his time while recovering from his injury and I hope he doesn't slip on any of the mayo and further hurt himself.

Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm Just Wild about Saffron

I'm cookin' up some Saffron rice tonight along with  some Perdue brand chicken wings for dinner. I'm just wild about Saffron rice with its beautiful yellow color kind of a mellow yellow. This rice has saffron powder along with turmeric  and paprika. I really love it. Just don't call me "mellow yellow" for liking this rice as that would be"quite wrongly" as that is not one of my "nicknames" that I want to be associated with.