Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Que Sera, Sera

 " Que Sera, Sera"  as sung by Doris Day. (Whatever will be will be). 2016 is unfolding so far as a "downer" as far at least for the stock market. 2016 is of course a presidential election year and if the election occurs as scheduled, there will be a new president selected and elected. "Baba Vanga" a deceased  blind Bulgarian psychic predicted that the 44th president would be an African American president and also the last American born president. "Que Sera, Sera." 

What will be interesting see is how this year unfolds. Will Trump "trump" the Republican field and win the republican nomination?  Will Cruz carry "the cross of Constitutional rule" as the republican nominee?

On the Democratic side, can the senior citizen  "Hillary" stay out of jail and win the democratic nomination and overcome her Benghazi problem, her e-mail and corruption influence peddling while Secretary of State, and can she be perceived as a "champion of the middle class and a champion of women's issues" while being married to a husband with many woman's abuse issues? "Whatever will be, will be". If not Hillary, if she can't successfully dodge the rule of law, then whom shall the democrats turn to?  Que Sera, Sera.

Will America prefer a Bernie Sanders or a Joe Biden if the election occurs over the republican nominee? Time will tell. Que Sera, Sera. Decision day (D. Day) is coming.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Tree 50 years Later

Fifty years ago, Grandma Shaw gave my Dad a small skinny sapling of a tree to plant in the front yard of my parent's home in Simsbury, Connecticut. As Bobby Goldsboro sang in the song "Honey"

 "See the tree, how big it's grown
But friend it hasn't been too long, it wasn't big."

Read more: Bobby Goldsboro - Honey Lyrics | MetroLyrics

My Dad shaped this tree over the years and now 50 years later this tree has surely grown!    

This tree with its yellow Fall leaves which fall in the Fall matches the color almost of my parent's house. I don't know if Grandma Shaw knew this when she presented this tree to us. 

Everything has a cycle and this mature tree is now in its prime glory and splendor. With a firm foundation and established roots tempered by weathering hot Summers,Winter blizzards and Spring rains,  this tree has survived and prospered and developed a thick bark skin.  Surviving adversities can make one stronger over time whether a tree or a human lifetime.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Full Lunar eclipse now in progress tonight (10:00 pm Sunday September 27, 2015. From what I understand, the next total eclipse of the Moon or maybe the next 4 Lunar Eclipse sequence will be 33 years from now as this is the final "Blood Moon" of 4 Lunar Eclipses which have occurred approximately a half year apart for each of the 4 most recent Lunar Eclipses. It will be interesting to see the effect of these Lunar Eclipses on Earth life (if any) in the near future.

The "Red Moon" caused by the earth shadow covering the full moon from the shadow caused by the Sun reminds me of the Jimi Hendrix Experience song "Voodoo Chile (or Voodo Child) which are copied right HERE:

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"Voodoo Chile"
Well, I'm a voodoo chile
Lord I'm a voodoo chile

Well, the night I was born
Lord I swear the moon turned a fire red
The night I was born
I swear the moon turned a fire red
Well my poor mother cried out "lord, the gypsy was right!"
And I seen her, fell down right dead
(Have mercy)

Well, mountain lions found me there waitin'
And set me on a eagles back
Well, mountain lions found me there,
And set me on a eagles wing
(Its' the eagles wing, baby, what did I say)
He took me past to the outskirts of infinity,
And when he brought me back,
He gave me a venus witch's ring
And he said "Fly on, fly on"
Because I'm a voodoo chile, yeah, voodoo chile

Well, I make love to you,
And lord knows you'll feel no pain
Say, I make love to you in your sleep,
And lord knows you felt no pain
(Have mercy)
'Cause I'm a million miles away
And at the same time I'm right here in your picture frame
(Yeah! What did I say now)
'Cause I'm a voodoo chile
Lord knows, I'm a voodoo chile

Well my arrows are made of desire
From far away as Jupiter's sulphur mines
Say my arrows are made of desire, desire
From far away as Jupiter's sulphur mines
(Way down by the Methane Sea, yeah)
I have a humming bird and it hums so loud,
You think you were losing your mind, hmmm...

Well I float in liquid gardens
And Arizona new red sand
I float in liquid gardens
Way down in Arizona red sand

Well, I taste the honey from a flower named Blue,
Way down in California
And the in New York drowns as we hold hands

'Cause I'm a voodoo chile
Lord knows I'm a voodoo chile       

As we see, the "Voodoo Chile" was born on the night the "Moon turned a fire red".   Me, I always thought the lyric was "I swear the moon turned Hell fire red". Which to me would be just as good of a phrase for the "Red Moon."  Well, sometimes I guess song lyrics are hard to exactly determine; "Louie Louie" by "The Kingsmen" originally by Richard Berry  and the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by "Nirvana" come to mind as songs that are hard to know the correct lyrics. 

It was somewhat hard to photograph the Moon I found with my hand held camera as I used the "zoom" feature and also the "flash option" on some photos; But of course the Moon is over a couple hundred thousand miles away so I'm not sure how much the "flash feature helps" when photographing something that far away.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Life of a Famous Beer Can

Here is a photo of a "Schlitz" beer can which they say is "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous". This can was found inside the wall of a room of the Soundings Resort on Cape Cod in 2011 when the rooms were stripped down to the "studs" in the "Pavilion wing" of the resort before the rooms were totally rebuilt. The original rooms were built around the mid-1950's so this poor can was trapped in darkness over 55 years!. Several other beer cans were liberated from the walls as well. Perhaps, in the 1950's it was  traditional to place an empty beer can in each room wall or perhaps all the carpenters liked to drink the famous Schlitz beer so that if by mistake they hit their thumb while pounding nails the alcohol from the beer would slightly numb the pain of a swollen thumb. I don't know.

What I do know, is probably without hearing about Schlitz beer I would never have heard of Milwaukee. In fact, I'm not even sure exactly which state Milwaukee is located in because it doesn't list the name of the state on the Schlitz beer can. Is it Minnesota?, or North Dakota?, or it is Idaho? I don't really remember !!.  Oh, Well, back to watching the Green Bay Packers play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. I wonder if the Green Bay Packers know which state Milwaukee is located?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

"Soap Box"

The Soundings Resort and the Breakers Resort  (managed by Bluegreen) both located in Dennisport on Cape Cod  are both participating  in recycling used bars of soap. Recycling soap bars from the hotel rooms helps keep these products out of the local landfills and waste transfer stations but also helps promote hygiene in lesser developed countries in an attempt to stem the annual deaths of approximately 1.8 million children under five each year from diarrheal diseases.

According to the "Clean the World Website"; Here is a list of the approximate number of infant diarrheal deaths from the most prevalent countries:annual deaths due to Diarrheal diseases):
  1. India — 386,600
  2. Nigeria — 151,700
  3. DRC — 89,900
  4. Afghanistan — 82,100
  5. Ethiopia — 73,700
  6. Pakistan — 53,300
  7. Bangladesh — 50,800
  8. China — 40,000
  9. Uganda — 29,300
  10. Kenya — 26,400
So, not to get on my "soap box" too much (as I didn't want to stand on this box for example and possibly crack the plastic) if you know any local hotels, motels near where you live you too can help clean up the planet through recycling used soap bars as well as contributing to world hygiene and helping to reduce the incidence of childhood deaths. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

"Lettuce Spray"

Recently my neighbor "Jerry" offered me some fresh home grown lettuce as pictured above. There is nothing like fresh organic produce without the chemicals and sprays often found with commercially grown foods. Jerry assured me that he didn't use any chemicals and advised me just to wash the lettuce before eating to remove any traces of dirt. Yes, the lettuce is spray free and definitely not a "GMO" (genetically modified" food. OMG (Oh my God) I don't want to eat too much GMO! Let us pray that your lettuce you eat as well doesn't have a "lettuce spray".

Friday, May 8, 2015

Dawn of A May Day

Last night of worked "night security' at "The Soundings Resort" and took a couple photos a little after 5:00 am of the new day's dawn near "The Belmont Jetty"and the Herring River  with a buoy (Oh boy!). The night started with the sounds of a fox a little way down the road screeching a sound which to me sounds like a goose under attack. Right before dawn I am always amused and amazed at all the birds tweeting, squawking, and chirping away as the pre-dawn stillness with the absence of car traffic and human activity really makes their presence felt in all directions. Yes, it looks like Winter is finally over for a while and soon the "snow birds" will be back in full force on Cape Cod once again.