Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Hey!, Watch It Pal!"

For brother Scott's 50th birthday party a group of us went to "F1" in Braintree, Massachusetts where they feature two indoor race courses with souped up Go-carts that travel up to 40 miles an hour. The course we were on had a hair pin turn, a tunnel , and a couple straight sections so that you can get the feel of a racing experience similar to the formula one "Indy" car type racing. Everyone had to sign an injury waiver in case you hurt yourself while racing and also a next of kin notification in case you flipped out of the race course and killed yourself so they would know who to call to pick up your corpse.

Prior to the race we all had to watch a movie which detailed all the different flags that the track officials would wave from various sections of the course during the race such as the white flag,checkered flag, red flag, black flag, and some other flag that signified that the driver was driving with a foot on the gas and brake petals at the same time. Each driver had to wear an official racing helmet, a full fire retardant racing suit, and some sort of black thing that you put over your head before you put on your helmet. The pre-race movie also stressed not to run into the other cars while racing as these cars are racing vehicles not "bumper cars.

During the 15 lap race, each driver's lap time, race position, and overall time was electronically calculated. The race started with a warm up lap. I started in fourth position but ended up getting caught on the hair pin turn on the warm-up lap as I didn't allow enough room for the metal barrier the surrounds each car and ended up falling into last place on the starting lap.

In addition to our group there were a few young "hotshots" in the race. I recall going through the tunnel "S" turn and getting slammed by these "daredevils" on both sides of my racing car at  the same time as one car passed me on my left side and one car passed on the right. I yelled out "Hey!, Watch it Pal!", but I doubt if they heard me as it gets pretty loud out there on the course during the race.

It was a fun experience, and no one died or was injured so we all can come back another day for future "F1" races.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gene Simmons Tells Obama to "Kiss Off"

RealClearPolitics - Video - KISS' Gene Simmons: Obama "Has No F***ing Idea What The World Is Like" Former KISS (Knights In Service to Satan) rock star tells President Obama to kind of "Kiss off" as he describes President Obama as "Probably a nice guy" but basically clueless when it comes to living in the "real world". It looks like President Obama may lose this celebrity vote in the 2012 election. Imagine the nerve of someone questioning the actions of our wise president.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Prophet of Doom

Judgment Day 'Rapture Parties' planned as evangelist Harold Camping predicts huge earthquake Mail Online Evangelist Harold Camping predicts that tomorrow 5/21/2011 is the day of "Rapture" where the "Hand of GOD" will come down and save God's chosen people while the rest of the world's populace get to experience earthquakes and fire. Now, I don't know if I'm "One of the "chosen" as I don't know for sure what criteria GOD is using to determine the "saved" from the "damned". I guess we will find out tomorrow what happens as they say around 6:00 pm the "fun" will begin to start. I have read some of the "Left Behind" series of books which deal with the "rapture", those "left behind" and the "rise of the "anti-Christ" among other fun and interesting topics. Would you like to be one of the people "saved" and spirited off to heaven or would you like to "stick it out" and see how the world ends and/ or experience the period of "tribulation" prior to the return of Jesus where the "Armageddon" battle in the Middle East will pit the forces of "the Christ and the anti-Christ" are supposed to engage in a cataclysmic final battle. In one of the "Left Behind" books they describe that during the "rapture" the chosen people just vanish and all that is left are their clothes, rings, watches, wallets, etc. They describe people vanishing from airplane seats and even pilots vanishing mid-flight.

Time will tell. If this "rapture" occurs and this is in fact the last day on earth for some of us at least I can say that I just finished a good "Last Supper" as I just finished a meal of sirloin steak tips cooked in olive oil and hot sauce, with fried potatoes and squash, two Keystone Light beers, and a "Klondike" ice cream bar.

"With "Friends" Like Obama"

Interesting to see that President Obama wants Israel to cede back land to the Palestinians to the pre-1967 level. What would Israel get in return for this? Probably nothing from the Hamas organization and others but a continuation of their belief that ALL the land in Israel should be given to them as they don't recognize Israel's right to exist. When some land was recently given to the Palestinians in the Gaza strip the Palestinians promptly used this new land to mount attacks on Israel and destroy the buildings left behind by Israel. If I were a leader in Israel I wouldn't trade land for hollow words of your sworn enemy who wishes to destroy you. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would be indefensible if the countries borders were reinstated back to pre-1967 levels. With "Friends" like Obama" who needs enemies.

What I will be interested to see in American politics is how Jewish voters and elected officials respond to President Obama in the next election. In 2008  it is estimated that support for candidate Obama was approximately 80% among Jewish American voters. In 2012 if there is a Presidential election will the Jewish American voter still support Obama after his actions which appear to "throw Israel under the bus"? Will the Jewish voters be influenced to perhaps consider the republican candidates for president who have all condemned Obama's position on Israel or stick with "their liberal guy" even if this causes the demise of Israel?

Time will tell. If I were a Jewish political leader I wouldn't trust President Barak Hussein Obama with my future and existence as he continues to pander to the Palestinians, "stab Israel in the back", and disregard current Israeli borders and treaties.  What do you think?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jesus & Mary Magdalene Have Returned?

Alan John Miller, Mary Suzanne Luck Claim To Be Jesus And Mary Magdalene (VIDEO) Here is a video of Alan John Miller who claims that he is the re-incarnation of Jesus "The Christ" who along with Mary Suzanne Luck (who claims to be the re-incarnated Mary Magdalene) reside in Australia. What do you think? DO you believe A.J. and Ms Luck or are you a "doubting Thomas"?

I haven't formed a full opinion on this matter as yet as I just ran across this story and felt compelled to "spread the news". One think for certain, we are fortunate that this "re-incarnated Jesus" speaks English instead of "Aramaic" as if this re-incarnated Jesus returned and spoke Aramaic most people would be saying, "What is this man saying?, What is he talking about?, or Sounds Greek to me." English is a widely followed language so this Jesus made a wise choice.

I wonder why this "Jesus" chose Australia as his returning destination? Maybe he likes kangaroos, koala bears, and "shrimp on the "barbay". Maybe this Jesus likes beer instead of wine and for a miracle will turn water into Fosters beer. Maybe the deserts of Australia remind this Jesus of his former life in the Middle East. God knows what the reason is.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


YouTube - RESPEK I agree with "Ali G" there is not much "RESPEK" in the current world scene. I remember Aretha Franklin used to sing in her classic song "RESPEK". "R..E..S..P..E...K Tell me what it means today, R..E..S..P..E..K RESPEK is what we need today." I think that's how that song went, but I'm not 100% sure. It is true though that "RESPEK" is not even in the dictionary anymore. Check for yourself if you don't believe me.

Pakistan, Should we keep giving financial aid?

What do you think of Pakistan probably letting China see the tail section of the stealth helicopter and the custom coated fabric from the helicopter that the local children are playing with? Should we still keep giving financial aid to Pakistan?

Do you think that no one in the Pakistani government or military knew that Osama Bin Laden was within a stone's throw away? Is Pakistan playing "both sides of the fence" by taking billions in aid from America and at the same time "tipping off" America's terrorist enemies?

I say no more aid to Pakistan unless and until they show that they are willing to aid in the war on terrorism and give back the helicopter parts from the downed stealth Blackhawk helicopter. What do you think?

Pakistan is saying that any future missions into their country from the USA without their knowledge will be met with military force. Is this the attitude of an ally and fellow partner in the war against terrorism?

Should we keep giving financial aid to Pakistan when we have to sell treasury bonds to finance the federal deficit which are in a large part purchased by China?

Monday, May 2, 2011


Congratulations to the Navy Seals for a well planned daring mission to kill Usama Bin Ladin and to President Obama for approving this mission. Ironically, some of the intelligence received as to the identity of the couriers apparently was obtained from "enhanced interrogation" approved during the Bush administration and opposed by Senator Obama. Interesting to see that what you oppose as a senator ends up playing a part in President Obama's most important foreign policy success. Gitmo helped  "get mo" results and intelligence that helped locate "public terrorist Number 1".

Bin Laden was one of 50 children growing up and I hear inherited 80 million dollars when he was quite young. This was no oppressed, starving, underprivileged fellow. How Usama grew to be a radicalized extremist terrorist is not totally known, at least not known by me.

It is interesting that Usama Bin Ladin was "hiding out" somewhat in "plain sight" as the town he was living in is also home to the equivalent of "West Point". I wonder if this academy was also known as the "Inspector Clouseau Academy" as how do you explain the fact that Ubama was within a half mile of this military academy  for years. Abbotabad may have been named after the "Abbot and Costello" comedy team because the Pakistan government not knowing who lived in a 18foot walled compound is a joke.Yes, no damp, musty caves for Usama surviving on bats, spiders, and fried rats. No, Bin Laden had a compound reportedly worth about one million US dollars.

It is a great day for America as stated by President Obama. What comes next only time will tell. Usama now "sleeps with the fishes" in his watery grave. Yes, "water boarding" led to a "watery grave" as Khalid Sheik Mohammad gave up key information as to the identity of the couriers who resided in Usama's compound. Thank-You President Bush for starting the process that ended with the demise of Bin Laden.