Wednesday, July 24, 2013


As most people know (not I suspect) it is said that everyone in the world has a "doppelganger". A doppelganger is different from a "gangdopehanger" or a "subwaystraphanger".  I think I wrote in the past about meeting my potential doppelganger while attending the University of Connecticut. A doppelganger as we all know is a "body double" or a "non-twin" person that could be considered a twin.The reason for me to reprise the "doppelganger" concept is a person I met this week on Nantucket Island. I met the policyholder and His Dad for an insurance inspection. When I saw the father I thought " Man, this guy is a "spitting image" of New England Patriot's owner Robert "Bob" Kraft. This man I met confirmed that many people have mistaken him for Mr. Kraft.  What is also interesting is that this man also is known as dressing like Mr. Kraft with the blue suit white collar look and both gentleman own homes in the same areas of Cape Cod and Florida. Both men even seem to speak the same way and one time they both were within 20 feet of each other at a charity event. Have you met your doppelganger?