Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeling the Pane

I don't know for sure if windows have feelings but today I did put my hand on the front glass of my bay window and felt the pane. I remember when Bill Clinton was president he too must have felt up a window or two as he declared to the nation, "I feel your pane."

Perhaps windows do mirror the emotions of people and objects around them as windows can have moments of reflection and usually you can see through windows so their window emotions can be noticed. Windows have to endure all sorts of weather temperatures and the elements of rain, sleet, snow, wind, dust, birds flying into them, bugs and flies trying to get in or out; all these factors I'm sure can lead to stress and that must be why some windows have window treatment. Some windows are shady, some are blind, and for some windows its curtains for them. Perhaps windows need treatment because even though they look solid, science says they are a liquid. As windows age some windows get thicker and heavier towards the bottom; just like some people I guess. Although many windows do undergo treatment it is sad but true that some windows  do crack or break while other windows age gracefully and have a good outlook.

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Crossing The Line"

Rick Santorum, "YOU SIR, HAVE CROSSED THE LINE". How can you honestly believe that there is not a speck of difference between President Barak Obama and the Republican nominee Mitt Romney? It was bad enough that you supported Arlen Specter for senator in Pennsylvania over Tea Party Conservative Republican Pat Toomey. It is bad enough that you think you have the necessary experience to be president when neither you nor President Obama have never run even a lemonade stand as far as I know.  It was tiring Rick Santorum to hear you whine in some of the earlier Republican presidential debates when you in effect were saying "Hey, How come I'm always at the end of the lineup and you didn't give me enough questions or time to talk? What about me? So what if I'm only polling 2% of the Republican vote at the time."  To your credit, you Mr. Rick, have had some noteworthy primary results. But, You didn't even have the organizational ability to get on the primary ballot in Virginia or field a complete slate of delegates for the Ohio primary. I expect that the primary process is a "grind" and reports say that you are sleep deprived, BUT, that is not an excuse to say that if YOU are not the nominee then America should just go along with another four years of an unleashed, unfettered, Obama power grabbing, defecit spending, overreaching, federal goverrnment.

Remember Rick, YOU endorse Mitt Romney in 2008 and said that he was the "Conservative choice" during that primary election priocess. Why do you think that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee and not you? One reason the "establishment" Republican leaders are primarily backing Mitt Romney is that Romney "buried the hatchet" when John McCain won the 2008 nomination and worked tirelessly to try to get McCain elected as well as working for the 2010 Republican Senate and Congressional candidates.

There comes a time when you, Rick Santorum, have to realize that you have to put your personal ambitions aside, check your ego at the door and get behind the republican nominee, Mitt Romney. The Republican party is NOT going to nominate an 18 point loser like you with your losing Senatorial race. You have "crossed the line" and now it is time to  "re-cross" the line and not "hold your breath or pout" like some immature child because "this is not your time".

Hey, maybe in eight years after President Romney is finished his second term, if you still feel you have what it takes, then you can make your case as to why you should be the Republican nominee in 2020.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hemp Dreams

I found this carton of "Hemp Dream" hemp drink at a local job lot store which was founded in the "ocean state".This carton was the last carton in stock at the store.  I was sure glad I found this tasty drink as believe it or not I couldn't find "Hemp Dream" in a lot of the bigger local chain stores. Probably, this hemp dream sells out so quickly that even the big stores have a hard time keeping this popular drink in stock.

"Hemp dream is made with all natural hemp seeds and is lactose, dairy, cholesterol, and gluten free as well as being a good source of manganese and essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. Along with the natural goodness of hemp seeds, this smooth creamy delicious beverage is enriched with Vitamin A, B12, Calcium and Phosphorus.

George Washington used to grow hemp back in the Colonial days but I don't know if he ever made himself a smoked ham sandwich and a tall glass of hemp milk. Not sure if old George was lactose intolerant or if he lost his teeth and had to use his wooden dentures as he hated cow and goat milk and insisted only drinking hemp milk. I doubt back then if they could enrich their hemp milk with calcium.

Have you ever had a hemp dream? I, personally didn't even know hemp plants had dreams and if hemp plants and seeds had dreams what would they dream about besides adequate water, sunlight and maybe a little fertilizer to improve the soil?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Dreams

Chief Shares His Dream of President Obama - YouTube  Here is a video of a dream an Indian chief had about President Obama. The chief requests help in interpreting his dream. Won't you help him? Please?

There are many types of dreams and many people say that many aspects of dreams are symbolic in nature that deal with current, past, or future events. We all spend almost one third of our lifespan in bed resting and dreaming. Many internal body maintenance issues are said to be resolved by the body while in repose and altered brainwave states of consciousness can manifest themselves during our non-awake hours.

Some people say  that "life is but a dream" and others have said that we are more aware in the dream state than during our waking hours. The Yaqui sorcerer "Don Juan Matos" as described in the books by Carlos Castenada said that one of the goals of the "warrior" is to become "awake" during the dream state and fully conscious in this dream world.

So, follow your dreams, (if you want/or not) and try to interpret them if you can (or not). Your dreams are yours to do what you want to do with them as they may or may not hold significance to what you think about and how you live your life.

For some people having President Obama winning the election of 2008 was a dream come true while for others that election was the start of a four year nightmare. Do you dream about Obama like this Indian chief?

Monday, March 12, 2012

"President Gas"

 When gas prices go up some things go down. This photo was taken on March 11, 2012 on Cape Cod and reflects a rise in the recent gas prices. This price I know is not the highest national gas price by any means; for example I was on Nantucket Island last Friday and saw gas prices of $4.69 per gallon. I have seen stories of $5.00 and even $6.00 per gallon gas in certain areas of the country.

What is going down is the job approval ratings for President Obama as the most recent national poll I have seen shows that if the election were held today Mitt Romney would receive 48% of the vote versus 42% for President Obama. A few weeks ago the polls reflected a closer race prior to the recent spike in gas prices. I have heard that each 1 cent rise in the gas price is equivalent to a billion dollars added cost for consumers which of course can't spend their money on other things if the money is spent at the pump filling up their gas tank.

People can argue that it is not Obama's fault that the gas prices are rising although President Obama in the past has said that he would like to see the price of gas rise in a gradual manner probably because in his mind then alternative battery powered electric cars would then seem to be a better alternative to the gas driven cars. Also, with higher gas prices maybe people would cut down on their driving habits by walking or taking public transportation. Part of the current gas price is derived from the fear and uncertainty about Iran and the possibility that Iran will try to close the Straits of Hormuz and disrupt the supply of oil from the Middle East.

Although he may try, I personally believe that Obama can't "blame Bush" for these higher prices and by refusing to grant timely permits for oil drilling, rejecting the "Keystone pipeline", and threatening to raise taxes on oil companies Obama is not setting America on a course of energy independence.  These obstructionist anti-energy policies in addition to raising the cost of fuel will also tend to raise the cost of food and other consumer items as the transportation costs will rise to get these products to the stores across America. Energy policy is a complicated matter but Obama is not helping future gas prices by  raising the supply of  domestic energy. Wind and solar energy are fine but the wind doesn't always blow at the same wind speed and solar energy doesn't produce much energy at night.

So, my point is as the price of gas rises, economic activity and job creation will fall and so far so will President Obama's poll numbers and chances for re-election. By sowing a policy of energy obstructionism Obama may reap a harvest of higher unemployment, lower economic activity, and greater opportunity to "shoot some hoops and work on his golf game" as a one term ex-president in future days.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Common Cents

Did you know that some pennies are worth more than others? I'm not talking about the pennies with numismatic value like the 1955 double die cent or the 1909-S VDB penny. I'm talking about the metal content of the penny. Pictured above is a clear picture of a 1974 penny, (if you think this penny appears "blurry" you might want to have your eyes checked). This little penny as of March 9, 2012 is worth 0.0252822 cents as it is 95% copper. Just think, if you collect pennies like this and others minted in 1982 and before, the metal value is 252.82% more than the face value. Pennies minted after 1982 are 97.5% zinc are worth 0.0055275  or only 55.27% of the face value.

So, collecting certain common pennies can give you a metal value return of WAY more than what banks currently  pay in interest. Does collecting these pennies make sense? When someone tells you, "A penny for your thoughts?" You should reply, "I only give up my thoughts for pre-1982 pennies as the newer pennies just aren't worth my thoughts based on the recent commodity price fixing closing prices for copper at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange".

If you do decide to start collecting these pre-1982 pennies and then tell your friends about this your friends may say about you to people they meet;"He's not real smart but he does have a lot of common cents."

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Pride and Joy"

 Sometimes while working at The Soundings resort In Dennis Port, guests will come up to me and show pictures of their children. One guest asked me if I wanted to see a picture of his "Pride and Joy", I said "sure". He then handed me this picture and told me I could keep it. This man was dressed impeccably and told me his nickname was "Mr. Clean". I'm sure that he keeps a very tidy spotless house along with his "Pride and Joy".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"In Dependence"

I have been faithfully feeding some wrens, blue jays, cardinals, sparrows, among other types of birds for a few years now at my home on Cape Cod. I get up each morning and portion out a glassful of birdseed and put this amount in the bird feeder outside my front door window. Usually within ten seconds the birds start appearing and start "chowing down" on this free to them food. I enjoy watching the birds flutter about but wonder if these birds are becoming overly dependent on me to provide them with their delicious to them meal. I am told that it is good to feed the birds as they will then hang around in the warmer weather and eat some flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs. I just hope these birdseed loving birds haven't forgotten how to catch bugs or say to themselves that it isn't worth the bother to catch insects with all the birdseed I provide for them each day. I do often see birds hanging around the bird feeder in the morning that appear to be waiting for me if I am running slightly behind in my feeding schedule. I don't know if these birds have an inner sense of time or maybe they have these really tiny watches on their leg so they know when it is time for their daily meal.

I received an e-mail today which described how the Department of Agriculture is bragging about the number of people in America currently on the "food stamp" program, currently at a record food stamp high. Meanwhile, the Park Service, which is also a part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed the Animals' because the animals might become dependent and not learn to take care of themselves. Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

Yes, our country, founded on independence from England has a citizenry that is becoming more "in dependence" of an over-reaching bird brained government to provide more and more "free stuff" each year.