Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hmmm. President Obama recently stated that the American workers should "Step up their game" to help this country start to crawl out of the current malaise of high unemployment. Yes, Americans need to work harder so we can pay for the privilege of being governed by the entitlement class of federal workers who earn more and have better benefit packages than the average American who helps pay their salaries. Yes, Americans need to step up and "put their noses to the grindstone" so that the estimated 70 million people on food stamps can sustain their benefits and illegal aliens can get their free medical care at the hospital emergency rooms. Yes, Americans need to "step up their game" so President Obama can fly around the country attending fundraising events for his 2012 re-election bid and try to meet his personal goal of raising 1 billion dollars to try to fool the American electorate for a 2nd time.

Maybe American workers would "step up their game" if they had a president who was a little more concerned about trying to bring the bloated federal bureaucracy under control and trying to get the federal debt and federal budget under control instead of trying to improve his golf game and hosting celebrity "shindigs" at the White House. Maybe American workers would be more motivated to "step up their game" if they didn't have the example of Michelle Obama and her entourage gallivanting across the globe on the tax payer dime as she tours Europe and Africa and anywhere else that suits her fancy. Yes, maybe American workers would "step up their game" Mr. President if you attempted to step "UP YOURS!!"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Scream

On Saturday June 18th, we celebrated my parent's 60th wedding anniversary by having a family party at "Sweet Peas" in Riverton, Connecticut.  Prior to the meal I thought it would be fun to lick this ice cream cone flag even though it is not good practice to have your dessert before your dinner as it might spoil your appetite for the main meal.

I stepped up to this ice cream cone flag and I guess I wasn't looking at the ground because I felt a squishy sensation underneath my right foot as I was posing for this picture. You can guess my surprise. What was this substance under my foot? I can't tell you because SHHHHHHH........IT is a secret.  Boy, Did I scream!!

Monster Top

I can't say I'm "addicted"  to this "Monster Energy Light Import" drink but I can say that I have been buying this product lately and spending some of my hard earned but ever depreciating dollars on this product. I usually buy this energy drink at "Shaw's" and even though this is my last name I don't get any special discount or special treatment. I'm not a nutrition expert so I can't wax on about the benefits of Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3. Vitamin B6. Vitamin B12, Taurine, Panax Ginseng,L-Carnitine, Guarana, Inosotol,Glucoronalactone,Maltodexerine, and some obscure thing called "Caffeine", BUT if you are looking for any of these ingredients, this product has them as they are printed right on the can.

What I think is "cool" about this product is the unique re-sealable top on the can as somehow you just slide the plastic lever on the top of the can to the right and then sip away at this tasty pee green product. When you have had your fill and feel full then just slide the plastic level to the left and the can closes up until you are ready to quaff some more of this energy boosting concoction. To me, this is a far superior method of controlling the liquid flow from the can as compared with the typical "flip top" as with a "flip top" device once the flip top is flipped you pretty much have to drink the whole beverage or you end up having to cover the opening with plastic wrap or just throwing away a non-finished beverage if you don't feel like finishing the whole container in one drinking session.  For example, the above pictured can of Monster Import Light suggests a servings per container of 2.3 servings. Unless you are with 1.3 other friends you will be wasting precious energy drink if this can had a typical "flip-top" can opening. And, furthermore,  how many of us have a third of a friend? I mean, what is a third of a friend or a third of a serving? Does a third of a serving mean you should give this product to someone who is a third the size of a typical person? I don't know. Even if you just share this product or any other product , what is a third of a serving?

Anyway, there you have it, an unsolicited observation about "Monster Energy Light Imported" and their unique  top. I can say that I didn't receive any money or free products for this analysis, but wouldn't mind some cash or free products. So , Monster company, if you want to give me some money or free energy drinks, I won't mind.

As an aside, I have no confirmation that if "Monster" decides to produce a line of Tennessee Whisky that they would call it "Monster Mash"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

YouTube - Incredible Casuals - Go Bruins (Live at the Wellfleet Beachcomber)

YouTube - Incredible Casuals - Go Bruins (Live at the Wellfleet Beachcomber) Go Bruins, ...........Go Bruins>>>>> Go BRUINS...../////// GO bruins

WAY TO GO BRUINS !!!! Lord Stanley's Cup is back in "Chowah Country" in "Bean Town" for the first time since the days of #4 Bobby Orr.

Drink Driving

Women escape sinking car after crashing into Mercer Slough 911 Bellevue News Here's a story of some women who relied a little too much on their GPS and kept driving down a boat ramp even though the water kept getting deeper and deeper. Sometimes I guess in life you have to consider input from your senses such as your eyes for example when you approach an apparent "puddle" in the road that keeps getting deeper and deeper.. and deeper... and deeper.. until the water is flowing over the hood of your car and then maybe your should recognize that this might not be a good thing as your car might submerge. Unless your have one of those James Bond cars that turns into a submarine or if your car only goes forward and has no reverse it is probably a good idea to stop going forward in your car if you find yourself running out of air to breathe while driving your car.

I remember watching an episode of "The Office" where Michael and Dwight were in a car and the GPS said to turn right on a boat ramp so Michael drove his car into a river.

The GPS is a great invention, but, I know from personal experience that the GPS directions are not 100% reliable. Often for my inspection job, the GPS in my car will say to keep going forward even though the road I am being directed to ends in a cul-de-sac with either someones house or woods in front of me. For some bizarre reason, I can't explain why, I have never attempted to drive through trees, houses, or swampland even though the GPS tells me to keep going. I guess sometimes I "overrule" my GPS as strange as that may seem.

The women in this story, (no confirmation as to whether they were three blond women) were not cited for any alcohol abuse or "drunk driving". No word as to whether they were cited for "drink driving" which we all know means driving through a deep body of water. Yes, just like the old "Deputy Dog" cartoons, these women got stuck in the creek mud.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Changes at The Soundings Resort

The Soundings Resort, a Bluegreen Corporation managed oceanfront resort, located in Dennis Port on Cape Cod  over the Memorial Day weekend opened a recently completed brand new  front desk and lobby along with a section of reconstructed luxury rooms. If you are in the area stop by and see for yourself the new changes at The Soundings. The above picture shows a section of the new lobby which has a gas fireplace, a library area, new restrooms, and a comfortable living room type conversation area with a flat screen television. One wall in the lobby has a custom map of Plymouth to Provincetown. The ceiling in the picture above has a custom star map. The Soundings appears well on its way to reaching their goal of becoming one of Cape Cod's premier oceanfront destinations.