Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hmmm. President Obama recently stated that the American workers should "Step up their game" to help this country start to crawl out of the current malaise of high unemployment. Yes, Americans need to work harder so we can pay for the privilege of being governed by the entitlement class of federal workers who earn more and have better benefit packages than the average American who helps pay their salaries. Yes, Americans need to step up and "put their noses to the grindstone" so that the estimated 70 million people on food stamps can sustain their benefits and illegal aliens can get their free medical care at the hospital emergency rooms. Yes, Americans need to "step up their game" so President Obama can fly around the country attending fundraising events for his 2012 re-election bid and try to meet his personal goal of raising 1 billion dollars to try to fool the American electorate for a 2nd time.

Maybe American workers would "step up their game" if they had a president who was a little more concerned about trying to bring the bloated federal bureaucracy under control and trying to get the federal debt and federal budget under control instead of trying to improve his golf game and hosting celebrity "shindigs" at the White House. Maybe American workers would be more motivated to "step up their game" if they didn't have the example of Michelle Obama and her entourage gallivanting across the globe on the tax payer dime as she tours Europe and Africa and anywhere else that suits her fancy. Yes, maybe American workers would "step up their game" Mr. President if you attempted to step "UP YOURS!!"

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