Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monster Top

I can't say I'm "addicted"  to this "Monster Energy Light Import" drink but I can say that I have been buying this product lately and spending some of my hard earned but ever depreciating dollars on this product. I usually buy this energy drink at "Shaw's" and even though this is my last name I don't get any special discount or special treatment. I'm not a nutrition expert so I can't wax on about the benefits of Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3. Vitamin B6. Vitamin B12, Taurine, Panax Ginseng,L-Carnitine, Guarana, Inosotol,Glucoronalactone,Maltodexerine, and some obscure thing called "Caffeine", BUT if you are looking for any of these ingredients, this product has them as they are printed right on the can.

What I think is "cool" about this product is the unique re-sealable top on the can as somehow you just slide the plastic lever on the top of the can to the right and then sip away at this tasty pee green product. When you have had your fill and feel full then just slide the plastic level to the left and the can closes up until you are ready to quaff some more of this energy boosting concoction. To me, this is a far superior method of controlling the liquid flow from the can as compared with the typical "flip top" as with a "flip top" device once the flip top is flipped you pretty much have to drink the whole beverage or you end up having to cover the opening with plastic wrap or just throwing away a non-finished beverage if you don't feel like finishing the whole container in one drinking session.  For example, the above pictured can of Monster Import Light suggests a servings per container of 2.3 servings. Unless you are with 1.3 other friends you will be wasting precious energy drink if this can had a typical "flip-top" can opening. And, furthermore,  how many of us have a third of a friend? I mean, what is a third of a friend or a third of a serving? Does a third of a serving mean you should give this product to someone who is a third the size of a typical person? I don't know. Even if you just share this product or any other product , what is a third of a serving?

Anyway, there you have it, an unsolicited observation about "Monster Energy Light Imported" and their unique  top. I can say that I didn't receive any money or free products for this analysis, but wouldn't mind some cash or free products. So , Monster company, if you want to give me some money or free energy drinks, I won't mind.

As an aside, I have no confirmation that if "Monster" decides to produce a line of Tennessee Whisky that they would call it "Monster Mash"