Monday, June 17, 2013

"Happy Corn Dog Day!"

 Happy Corn Dog Day Everybody!!  I'm not sure if today is the official "Corn Dog  Day all over the world; but for me at least this year in my house I have proclaimed this day to be "Corn Dog Day". There is something satisfying about eating "food on a stick"; and I think, kind of fun too! How many of you enjoy sucking on a lollipop, or an ice cream bar or pop sickle? When ordering "Chinese food" I often enjoy "meat on a stick" such as "beef or chicken teriyaki". "Shish kabobs" are always fun on the outdoor grill. Who doesn't like toasting marsh mellows? 
Maybe some of us humans enjoy eating food on a stick from our ancient ancestors who used to cook everything over an open fire once they learned how to create and make a fire. Before there were knives, forks and spoons there were fingers and then sticks as far as eating utensils are concerned. Probably our ancestors first used to just hold their food in their hands over an open fire to cook their meat and vegetables. Then they learned to stick a stick through their food so they could get away from burning their hands so much and not having to breathe so much smoke.
Yes, "corn dogs" show part of the human evolution of eating food but still retain the past association of eating food on a stick. Plus, with a "corn dog" you don't have to buy a hot dog roll unless you really like rolls; then of course, you can just put your "corn dog" inside a roll. Hot Dog! I can't wait till next year's "Corn Dog Day" to have yet another "corn dog!".

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Liberty Versus Security

Well now, what do you think of the ("OBAMA" )administration being exposed  for monitoring through the "NSA" apparently virtually all phone calls, e-mails, "Blogs" (maybe even this one) to try supposedly "protect us from potential terrorist threats" without our knowledge or consent? I personally think that this policy( "SUCKS"). It is one thing to monitor with just cause in the name of the general welfare genuine potential terrorist suspects but to allegedly monitor every public interaction does to me seem a bit much and frankly unconstitutional and actions more reserved for a totalitarian police state. The current Democratic ("DONKEY") administration to me is acting like a bunch of dictatorial "jackasses". These actions some would say are reminiscent of the "enemies list" era of Richard M. ("DICK") Nixon; only on steroids. Yes, the "Patriot Act" was established under the Bush administration; but, Obama has not only extended the Patriot Act provisions but expanded their scope to a level reminiscent of the 1940's German and Soviet all powerful governments. I guess for some this is OK as of course Obama is not Bush. Obama supporters are I guess content to give away their Liberties in the name of Security. It will be interesting to see what the future will bring with this almost "a scandal a day" administration.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something Fishy

 Something fishy my way did come. Working at the Soundings resort in Dennisport and not just for scale, a guest had some great fishing success and offered me these here fish if I had the guts to clean them. Well, after cleaning them I surely had the guts as well as some tasty white fish. I did have a bone to pick with this fish dinner I made as I pan fried the fish fillets in olive oil on the stove top. I didn't have a "descale tool " and didn't think I should use a potato peeler to scrape off the scales before cooking. What I found though, to my surprise is that when you heat up the fish the scales come right off. I did not know that....but now I do!
Some people I guess do eat the fish eyes and also make fish head soup. Not me, I passed on these delicacies. I had quite the time cleaning these Sea Bass fish. It rained yesterday on the Cape and I thought " Well, this is perfect weather to clean the fish!" I went outside on my back deck with a cutting board, a few assorted knives, and a pair of tongs to try to dissect and degut these fish. I should have tried to film this action as although deceased these fish put up quite a battle; probably as I didn't have the right type or sharp enough knife. It took a while to hack off the fish heads and rip out the fish guts and a few times these fish squirmed away from me and fell of the deck down to the patio pavement stones below. I then proceeded to catch these dead fallen fish and wash them off with an outside faucet in addition to the steady rain that was falling throughout the fish filleting process.
In the end I had a good fish fry feast and buried the fish heads and fish guts out in a garden area in front of my house.