Thursday, June 13, 2013

Liberty Versus Security

Well now, what do you think of the ("OBAMA" )administration being exposed  for monitoring through the "NSA" apparently virtually all phone calls, e-mails, "Blogs" (maybe even this one) to try supposedly "protect us from potential terrorist threats" without our knowledge or consent? I personally think that this policy( "SUCKS"). It is one thing to monitor with just cause in the name of the general welfare genuine potential terrorist suspects but to allegedly monitor every public interaction does to me seem a bit much and frankly unconstitutional and actions more reserved for a totalitarian police state. The current Democratic ("DONKEY") administration to me is acting like a bunch of dictatorial "jackasses". These actions some would say are reminiscent of the "enemies list" era of Richard M. ("DICK") Nixon; only on steroids. Yes, the "Patriot Act" was established under the Bush administration; but, Obama has not only extended the Patriot Act provisions but expanded their scope to a level reminiscent of the 1940's German and Soviet all powerful governments. I guess for some this is OK as of course Obama is not Bush. Obama supporters are I guess content to give away their Liberties in the name of Security. It will be interesting to see what the future will bring with this almost "a scandal a day" administration.