Monday, October 31, 2011

"In the endo"

"In the endo" we will see if the innuendos and so far not very substantiated allegations regarding former "pizza king" talk radio host Herman Cain with one or two women at the National Restaurant Association when Mr. Cain was Chief Executive Officer back in the 90's are true. Yes, innuendo and harassment are two interesting words. I remember back when Anita Hill tried to pin harassment charges against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during the Senate confirmation hearings. One portly senator whose name escapes me said to Anita Hill something like "Ms. Hill, Do you wanna ride a boooook?", with his southern accent. Anita Hill responded "No, Senator". Of course, later Anita Hill DID write a book to take advantage of her fleeting few minutes of fame. There was a joke I remember from that time regarding the word "harassment" which went something like this: Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill is accusing you of harassment. Clarence Thomas replies, "harassment?", harassment nothing, it was her breasts I liked."

Similar to the group "The Eagles" in their song "Dirty Laundry" the national press loves to try to dig up dirt on candidates that they don't agree with while if one of their "guys" gets in trouble with allegations of impropriety such as former President Bill Clinton, then the numerous women who came forth against Clinton were attacked, demonized, smeared, and discredited as tramps and liars. Anyone remember that guy with the hair?, "John Edwards"?. Not much media reporting about that phony flake except for the "National Inquirer"who broke the story.

Innuendo. I saw this on some joke page as a word meaning "Italian for intercourse". In the end though, whether these inuendos regarding Herman Cain do any "political damage" to his  candidacy only time will tell. Herman Cain needs to explain his position in a clear and consistent manner as if the explanations change over time then this could be a problem for him.

Of course, this is just the start of the political hi jinks to come as President Obama really doesn't have a good record to stand on for his re-election efforts so the spotlight of the liberal media will be to try to develop trumped up charges against whoever the republicans nominee will be through innuendo. Many of these innuendos will be as Shakespeare would say, "Much Ado About Nothing".

"In the endo" the voters will decide what is important and what is fluff.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"What A Turkey!"

Today I inspected a house in West Yarmouth as one of my scheduled insurance surveys. The new owners were just moving into their new home and were unloading their U-Haul truck. I noticed that on the left side of the U-Haul there was a wild turkey. I have seen wild turkeys on previous inspections and usually see a bunch of wild turkeys when I see any turkeys at all.

I met the owners and started talking with them about the wild turkey. The husband had a broom in his hand and said that the turkey bit the hand of his wife and then relieved itself on the concrete floor of their one car garage. What a turkey! This turkey probably felt like these new humans were intruding on its territory. Maybe the turkey thought that the human fingers looked like wiggling worms when it decided to bite the wife.

From what I was told, this turkey was separated from the rest of his turkey friends and was probably adopted by the people living in this small cul-de-sac. Maybe though this turkey was deliberately left behind by the rest of the turkey group due to its violent turkey behavior.

Later I noticed this turkey at the house next about three feet away from the neighbor who was outside mowing his front yard with an electric lawnmower. The turkey seemed to be supervising this mowing operation and had no fear of the lawnmower or the man mowing the lawn. What a turkey.

Monday, October 17, 2011


While driving to East Hartford to meet some University of Connecticut friends for a UCONN football game this past Saturday; I went past the "Occupy Hartford" tent city located just before the center of Hartford's business district and State Capital building. As you can tell from the picture, "pandemonium" best describes this crowded scene as there must have been well over a dozen brand new looking tents set up and why, I even saw a video camera from what must have been a news crew. I can honestly say that I have never probably seen this exact number of tents at this location in my life! This "occupy " movement really seems to be gathering strength here in Hartford but I didn't notice any signs of any kind, as perhaps all this mass horde of humanity was preoccupied with trying to figure out what they stand for or maybe a lot of the occupants were inside their tents meditating.

Although this tent city was quite impressive, I did read today reports that both the American Nazi Party AND the Communist Party USA both are supporting the "occupy" movement as well as of course our beloved leader President Obama. President Obama, although receiving solid financial  support from Wall Street and the major money center banks as well as supporting the TARP program to bail out his greedy banker friends, somehow supports this intense "occupy" movement of protesters in tents. I'm sure the addition of  Nazi and Commie supporters in addition to this already out of control Hartford scene will add even more people to this overwhelming turnout. I just hope this massive demonstration doesn't overflow into the surrounding streets so that the adults can go to work and pay the taxes which helped fund the TARP program as well as the fancy designer tents for their sons and daughters as they promote whatever it is that they are promoting. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"You Light Up My Kitchen"

Today I just installed 2 LED light bulbs in the cathedral ceiling area of my kitchen. These bulbs aren't cheap and they lack the mercury content of florescent light bulbs but I figure I can live without the mercury and don't have to worry about calling a "hazmat" team if this bulb breaks. These LED lights are the "state of the art" as far as energy efficient lighting is concerned. The lighting package says that if you use this bulb 12 hours a day for a year the estimated energy cost is about one dollar.

This bulb has 36 bright white LEDs (light emitting diodes) and uses 1.9 watts of power to provide 60 lumens with a 20,000 hour rated life.  I put these bulbs up today and probably won't have to change them for 40 or 50 years, so I guess when I'm approaching 100 years of age or so I'll have to start paying attention to the bulb and keep watch to see if this bulb needs replacing. This bulb is made with parts from China and Japan so you know it must be of very high quality. Over time this bulb should pay for itself in energy saving.  "You light up my kitchen, you give me hope to see what I'm cookin'...Yes, You.. Light... Up... Myyyyy Kitchennnn."

Friday, October 7, 2011

"Can You Say Hypocrite?"

Its a lovely day day in the "occupied Wall Street" neighborhood, will you neighbor? Interesting that Alec Baldwin, noted actor and former husband to "blond fox" Kim Bassinger is down with supporting the "Occupy Wall Street" movement seeing how he is featured in "Capital One" credit card commercials. I could be mistaken (but I don't think so) but isn't Capital One part of a bank? Hmmm, A credit card spokesman against capitalism,credit,debt, and all these other evil terms. Is this hypocritical? Can you say hypocrite?.... (as Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers neighborhood would say.... I thought you could.) Unless Alec Baldwin is doing these "Capital One" commercials for free or donating all of earnings from these commercials to the 99%er so that they can be paid to protest against "THE MAN" then yes, I can say "Mr. Alec Baldwin , You sir are a hypocrite that bites the hand that feeds you (Capital One.. evil capitalist banker) and are probably a double hypocrite for not giving all your hard earned money to the ticks and leeches of the gimme crowd so they can work hard protesting the greedy Wall Street  profit seeking capitalist pigs). You may even be a triple hypocrite because maybe you have taken your earnings from the Capital One commercials and invested in the dreaded stock market or some business or real estate that may actually try to make a PROFIT!! so that when your fame and looks fade you will have something to fall back on to buy food n' stuff. How heartless would that be when there are plenty of young people who deserve this money that you earned through your hard work; and although you give "lip service" to the "struggle"  against the "super rich"I doubt that you are going to spend many nights with the protesters or "fork over" any "Capitalistic Capital One Cash". No, I doubt that you will be "their neighbor" and "get down and dirty" in the slime and muck" of outdoor New York City park living as it might mess up your hair.

Oh! NO!!, I hear that Yoko Ono is also a supporter of the drive to send civilization back to the "stone age:. although maybe "stone age" best describes the current crop of manipulated ,orchestrated, union  backed communist martyred pack of mindless morons who are imagining that there is no country as we all sing around the campfire and all of our worldly needs are magically mysteriously fulfilled. I say they are dreamers who don't see the nightmare that the men behind the curtain (George Soros, Obama, and others, fellow hypocrites all) who have started this faux protest movement to distract from the the wrong headed failing administration that proclaims to want more job creation but through taxing, overspending, and over regulating will ensure that job growth will be anemic at best.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Rage Against the Capitalist Machinery"

What do you think about the current protests of different anti-capitalist groups and their rage against the Wall Street greedy profit seeking bankers?  From what I have seen these protesters don't seem to have a very well defined set of beliefs other than that some bankers and businessmen make too much money and this money should be given to the government or to "the people" in general. If the capitalist system were replaced; what would you folks want to replace it with? Are you willing to give up your freedom of speech and assembly to an even greater central command and control economy if this centralized economic bureaucracy made sure that everyone received the same wages no matter what job they performed? (Except of course the political leaders as some people are more equal than others).

Are profits bad or evil? In a capitalist system, you are paid based on what the marketplace dictates through matching the wants and needs of the populace who can freely decide the goods and services that they wish to consume with the money that they earn from whatever field of enterprise people choose to engage in to support themselves.  Would you rather have the central government decide for you what you  can or cannot buy and what job and what wage you shall be paid?

Does the government really know better than the market economy the best way to allocate goods and services and balance the supply and demand of these goods and services?  Governments have no incentive to be efficient in their use of tax monies that they receive as the government workers do not have to answer to the marketplace or to shareholders. Plus, if a government agency were efficient then this agency wouldn't receive the same amount of money for the next budget cycle.

If the protesters don't like the "fat cat Wall Street bankers" then they are free to take their banking business elsewhere. Most things in life can be substituted with for something else. For example, if you are upset over the cost of gas, then don't buy gasoline. You can walk, ride a bike, or get a horse, burro, or camel. You can hire someone to take you on a rickshaw ride. You can convert to a grease car or buy an electric car.

If the protesters were successful in their efforts against the greedy capitalists to restrict corporate profits then what is the incentive to work hard or take business risks and capital investment to try to grow a business enterprise? Why bother to work to improve production of goods and services if the government will not let you be rewarded for your efforts. Do the protesters think people like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney and other personalities are grossly overpaid?

It is fun to rail against "the establishment" when you are young and think that you can "change the world". "The whole world's watching, the whole world's watching, the whole world's watching". "Hey, hey, ho,ho, capitalist pigs have got to go!" But, unless you want to go back to a lower standard of living, and live off the land, grow all your own food, as all the business owners give up their companies then "raging against the capitalist machine" can have consequences as sometimes when you tear down something all you are left with is trash, garbage, or a worse situation than the present state of affairs. It is said that the only constant is change, but, change is not always for the better.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Finger Lickin' Good"

I saw an interesting article today on the "Drudge Report" about "Obama Fried Chicken" over in China. Maybe Obama is lining up something to do after he loses the 2012 election. Recently, Obama said that  people will have to "eat their peas" and with "Obama Fried Chicken", maybe he could have said as well "Eat my chicken and a side order of pie". Just think, if Obama is involved with this chicken enterprise he would finally gain some experience in the private sector. Of course, being a big union guy, Obama would probably have to insist on Culinary Union Workers employees and have to start paying a minimum of $20.00 per hour plus four weeks vacation benefits , and retirement pensions for the workers. I'm sure people wouldn't mind paying $5.00 per drumstick and $7.50 per thigh as we're talking about " Obama Fried Chicken" here not some deep south or hillbilly red neck tea party chicken with some plantation owner looking military titled logo chicken. Michelle Obama I'm sure could help with this chicken project and maybe insist that everyone waiting in line to place their order would have to stand on a treadmill and get their required exercise to satisfy her "Let's Move" campaign.  For dessert Obama Fried Chicken could sell $16.00 muffins which government workers would think is a fair price.

"I like my Obama Chicken finger lickin' GOOD!"