Monday, October 31, 2011

"In the endo"

"In the endo" we will see if the innuendos and so far not very substantiated allegations regarding former "pizza king" talk radio host Herman Cain with one or two women at the National Restaurant Association when Mr. Cain was Chief Executive Officer back in the 90's are true. Yes, innuendo and harassment are two interesting words. I remember back when Anita Hill tried to pin harassment charges against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during the Senate confirmation hearings. One portly senator whose name escapes me said to Anita Hill something like "Ms. Hill, Do you wanna ride a boooook?", with his southern accent. Anita Hill responded "No, Senator". Of course, later Anita Hill DID write a book to take advantage of her fleeting few minutes of fame. There was a joke I remember from that time regarding the word "harassment" which went something like this: Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill is accusing you of harassment. Clarence Thomas replies, "harassment?", harassment nothing, it was her breasts I liked."

Similar to the group "The Eagles" in their song "Dirty Laundry" the national press loves to try to dig up dirt on candidates that they don't agree with while if one of their "guys" gets in trouble with allegations of impropriety such as former President Bill Clinton, then the numerous women who came forth against Clinton were attacked, demonized, smeared, and discredited as tramps and liars. Anyone remember that guy with the hair?, "John Edwards"?. Not much media reporting about that phony flake except for the "National Inquirer"who broke the story.

Innuendo. I saw this on some joke page as a word meaning "Italian for intercourse". In the end though, whether these inuendos regarding Herman Cain do any "political damage" to his  candidacy only time will tell. Herman Cain needs to explain his position in a clear and consistent manner as if the explanations change over time then this could be a problem for him.

Of course, this is just the start of the political hi jinks to come as President Obama really doesn't have a good record to stand on for his re-election efforts so the spotlight of the liberal media will be to try to develop trumped up charges against whoever the republicans nominee will be through innuendo. Many of these innuendos will be as Shakespeare would say, "Much Ado About Nothing".

"In the endo" the voters will decide what is important and what is fluff.