Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let It Snow

facebook  Here's a live shot of the snow storm we had here on the Cape. Heavy snow with some power outages and some trees and tree branches down on the roads. Driving last night was a challenge to say the least. Click on the link for up to date weather conditions.

Transformer" Like a Cannon"

Last night around 11:02 pm. I started my shift at the Soundings/Breakers resorts in Dennis Port on Cape Cod and was greeted by a loud "BOOM" like a cannon from outside in what appeared to be the parking lot area during a blizzard where there were downed trees on part of the road and low power and phone lines from the heavy snow clinging to the branches and wires. The emergency lighting system kicked in and the Soundings had "half power" as some parts of the electricity were on and some were off. Throughout the night there was an almost constant light flickering and the emergency lighting would sometimes rapidly click on and off so fast that it reminded me of "Morse code" signals perhaps from an other world spirit trying to maybe convey an important message to me and perhaps mankind in general. Or perhaps the flickering code signal was foretelling the future "Power ball" winning numbers to me but alas I don't know Morse code so I'll probably have to resort as always to the random "quick pick" method to try to win a "jackpot". I wonder what it would be like to win a large sum of money? Maybe someday I'll find out; after all, "you can't win if  you don't play". I knew I should have taken that "Morse code" training as a young lad in "Cub scouts"; Oh well.

40 Tons of Snow "Craig's List AD FREE!!!!!

40 Tons of Snow    I often look through the "Craig's List Cape Cod FREE Section" just to see what people have to offer. For example, some generous soul (click the link 40 tons of snow) is offering free snow and as much as you could possibly want. How kind is that? I'm thinking I may take this person up on their offer as I am thinking of chartering an airplane and flying this snow out to California to help them with their drought situation and by hopefully getting this snow out there quickly it won't melt or evaporate. I might have to pack this snow in dry ice to make sure it stays cold. I don't know.  Either that or I might open up a snow cone stand in downtown Dennisport  so that people would have something cool to suck on while they are shopping the thrift shops, dollar stores, and job lot outlets or in case they burned their tongue on a hot slice of pizza which you can almost get every 200 yards in this bustling shopping district.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Song Lyrics: Or So I Hear

Some songs sure do have interesting lyrics; at least they sound interesting to me. For example: Credence Clearwater Revival with singer John Fogerty in the song " Bad Moon Risin'" sings "There's a bathroom on the right". Now, to me what difference does it make whether the bathroom is on the right, left, or middle? Maybe, singer John wanted to make sure that people went to the correct bathroom based on your gender because when "you're in for nasty weather" and need to get to a bathroom then if you are in too much of a hurry I guess you could end up in the wrong bathroom. Or, the REM song, "Losing My Religion" where singer Michael Stipe croons, "Let's pee in the corner, let's pee in the spotlight"; I guess they didn't know about the bathroom on the right or couldn't find a bathroom anywhere.

Rock guitar Legend Jimi Hendrix sings in the classic song "Purple Haze", "Scuse me while I kiss this guy". Now, to me, if you are "Jimi" why would you need to be excused if you wanted to kiss some guy? If that is what you wanted to do Jimi just do it ; you really don't need somebody's permission. Although I guess if you are in a "Purple Haze" you aren't perhaps thinking too clearly.

Even the Canadian national anthem "O, Canada" where they sing "O, Canada, we stand on cars and freeze" to me I find this interesting as I think this national Canadian anthem was written even before the birth of the automobile. Maybe the composer of this anthem consulted a psychic who foresaw the rise of the car in the future. Of course, I might have misheard this lyric and maybe the true phrase is "We stand on carts of cheese" as there are quite a few dairy farms up in Canada.

Sometimes I guess, some song lyrics I hear make me "scratch my head", how about you?