Sunday, February 16, 2014

Transformer" Like a Cannon"

Last night around 11:02 pm. I started my shift at the Soundings/Breakers resorts in Dennis Port on Cape Cod and was greeted by a loud "BOOM" like a cannon from outside in what appeared to be the parking lot area during a blizzard where there were downed trees on part of the road and low power and phone lines from the heavy snow clinging to the branches and wires. The emergency lighting system kicked in and the Soundings had "half power" as some parts of the electricity were on and some were off. Throughout the night there was an almost constant light flickering and the emergency lighting would sometimes rapidly click on and off so fast that it reminded me of "Morse code" signals perhaps from an other world spirit trying to maybe convey an important message to me and perhaps mankind in general. Or perhaps the flickering code signal was foretelling the future "Power ball" winning numbers to me but alas I don't know Morse code so I'll probably have to resort as always to the random "quick pick" method to try to win a "jackpot". I wonder what it would be like to win a large sum of money? Maybe someday I'll find out; after all, "you can't win if  you don't play". I knew I should have taken that "Morse code" training as a young lad in "Cub scouts"; Oh well.

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