Sunday, February 16, 2014

40 Tons of Snow "Craig's List AD FREE!!!!!

40 Tons of Snow    I often look through the "Craig's List Cape Cod FREE Section" just to see what people have to offer. For example, some generous soul (click the link 40 tons of snow) is offering free snow and as much as you could possibly want. How kind is that? I'm thinking I may take this person up on their offer as I am thinking of chartering an airplane and flying this snow out to California to help them with their drought situation and by hopefully getting this snow out there quickly it won't melt or evaporate. I might have to pack this snow in dry ice to make sure it stays cold. I don't know.  Either that or I might open up a snow cone stand in downtown Dennisport  so that people would have something cool to suck on while they are shopping the thrift shops, dollar stores, and job lot outlets or in case they burned their tongue on a hot slice of pizza which you can almost get every 200 yards in this bustling shopping district.