Friday, October 28, 2016

Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds (Roasted) with Czech Pilsner-Urquell Beer

Amelia and Theresa of the Soundings guest services  (Dennisport, Cape Cod) carved this pumpkin with custom pumpkin carving tools that I came across this Summer from the "Treasure Chest". I told them, "Hey, make sure you save the seeds!

I roasted the seeds in my oven with virgin olive oil and sea salt that I make,  AND, as pictured above I drank a bottle of Pilsner Urquell beer brewed in Plzen, Czech Republic  (The original Pilsner). (Hi Denisa!) .My Mom always roasts the pumpkin seeds from pumpkins as well as some varieties of squash.

The carved pumpkin represents the 4 guest service Agents (Moi, Amelia, Theresa, and Tamara) at the Soundings (A Bluegreen managed Resort).   I heard recently that the record size for a pumpkin is now over 2,000 pounds. Imagine a pumpkin weighing over a ton! Maybe that is why in the Cinderella tale if I remember correctly her coach  to the ball was made from a pumpkin.

SO there you have it. Don't waste the pumpkin seeds when you carve up your pumpkin and please remember to only drink only Pilsner Urquell beer with the hot roasted pumpkin seeds if you do in fact like to drink beer.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cape Rail Trail 134 Overpass

While driving on Rt. 134 in South Dennis on Cape Cod I noticed that they are in the process of building a bike trail overpass as part of the extension of the Cape Rail Trail bike/walking path which currently starts on Rt. 134 in South Dennis and ends in Eastham. The new extension of the Cape Rail trail I believe is scheduled to go along the former railroad line as far as Hyannis. This will be a great alternative to the existing roads for bikers as well as further boosting the tourism appeal for the recreational bikers to get some exercise and get around the Cape without using their car as it does get quite busy on the Cape roads particularly in the Summer. In fact this may even be a faster way to get to Hyannis versus the "bumper to bumper " traffic often found on Rt. 28. I look forward to trying out this bridge as well as the new bike path extension.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Soundings Resort Indoor Pool Update

Here are some recent photos taken of the Soundings Resort Indoor pool interior  (as of 9/27/16). As shown, when completed this Bluegreen managed resort in Dennisport on Cape Cod will have a shower, Men's and Ladies restroom and a drinking fountain. Gone will be the days that guests will have to use the lobby bathrooms.Not sure the exact day of completion so far but progress is being made.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Scratch Ticket Fever"

Last Wednesday at the Brewster Inn one of the patrons bought a couple $30 "Supreme Millions " Massachusetts scratch tickets in partnership with a friend. Lo and behold they scratched off a $500.00 winner!  Then with the winning ticket 16 more $30.00 Supreme Millions tickets were purchased along with $20 worth of other tickets. We all watched as they scratched away at the tickets and most of the tickets were non-winners or small amount winners; however, on the 16th and final ticket they had a $300.00 winner so they ended up with a total of $380.00 worth of winning tickets. A couple friends (Denisa and Randy) wanted to get into a picture with the lucky "Scratcher" as seen in the background in case some of the good luck would rub off on them!

Don't know if the partnership ticket scratchers went back for more tickets or if they settled for a profit of $320.00 to split.