Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Scratch Ticket Fever"

Last Wednesday at the Brewster Inn one of the patrons bought a couple $30 "Supreme Millions " Massachusetts scratch tickets in partnership with a friend. Lo and behold they scratched off a $500.00 winner!  Then with the winning ticket 16 more $30.00 Supreme Millions tickets were purchased along with $20 worth of other tickets. We all watched as they scratched away at the tickets and most of the tickets were non-winners or small amount winners; however, on the 16th and final ticket they had a $300.00 winner so they ended up with a total of $380.00 worth of winning tickets. A couple friends (Denisa and Randy) wanted to get into a picture with the lucky "Scratcher" as seen in the background in case some of the good luck would rub off on them!

Don't know if the partnership ticket scratchers went back for more tickets or if they settled for a profit of $320.00 to split.