Monday, September 26, 2016

Spider Catcher

Here is a photo of my home made "spider catcher". As shown, there is a plastic glass and a magazine. I chose a magazine with a picture of a nice home interior just in case the spider senses it is being "hunted" by me  and starts to move. What I do is surround the spider with the plastic glass, the spider then moves into the cup and I insert the magazine under the cup and the spider is then captured.

I then bring the captured to the "great outdoors"  and let the indoor spider see if it can survive. After all this spider wasn't invited by me into my house in the first place and doesn't pay me any rent. Plus these spiders tend to leave a mess of spider webs and bugs to clean up which I can do without.

I don't bother "killing" the spiders as after all they too are one of God's creatures. So, that is how I catch spiders. It probably doesn't matter what kind of glass you use and even what kind of magazine you use as well but I can't be sure as I only have used these items, they work well, so I haven't experimented with any alternatives.