Sunday, September 18, 2016

Beer for Breakfast

Today I had a little bit of "America " beer for breakfast.  While visiting my parents in Connecticut my Mom went down to the basement refrigerator to get some orange juice; when she opened the refrigerator door this beer can fell out and landed on the basement floor and developed a "pin hole' leak on the side of the can thus squirting beer on her leg.  She brought up the can for my Dad and I to have a little taste of beer. Surprisingly, beer I find is more carbonated than orange juice and more bitter than the tart taste of orange juice. Although I didn't get the benefit of Vitamin C  that orange would have provided; beer does taste good with the scrambled eggs, bacon and English muffins that we had. Plus, we were celebrating the UCONN football win from yesterday where they defeated the University of Virginia 13-10 when the field goal kicker missed a 20 yard field goal with game time expiring that would have tied the game.

Also, of course we try to follow the philosophy of "waste not want not" as we didn't want to waste a perfectly good beer as who wants to drink a warm flat beer later or have this beer completely empty itself on the basement floor. Yes, beer is better consumed and not so good as a floor cleaner.