Monday, March 25, 2013


I saw these three sheep today in Brewster, Mass on Cape Cod while inspecting a house for an insurance survey. These sheep were a little sheepish as they kept their distance from me and didn't run over to me. They posed for this picture quite well not like most dogs that I'm supposed to photograph during my inspections as a lot of dogs run around when I visit them or want to jump on me. Believe it or not the owner of these sheep plays music for them over an outdoor speaker and when I arrived the sheep were listening to the classic "Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs" song "Woolly Bully". These sheep didn't run away and hide like some cats I meet. Some cats are curious and will come over to me, other cats just kind of look at me for a second or two and then go about with whatever they were doing before I arrive, some cats though are real "scardy cats" as they run into a bedroom and hide under the covers.

Yes, many animals have different types of "personalities" or should I say "animalities". These sheep although sheepish were not "baaaaad" even though they bleated a couple of times.

Monday, March 18, 2013

You Devil You

From the "Drudge Report " and "The London Mail" is this photo of the comparison of an actor playing "The Devil"in the "Bible Television Series" and someone else. Some people claim that there is a resemblance between these two faces, do you agree? I don't know, one picture (on the left) is wearing a "hoodie" while the other guy is not. Yes, one of these photos may represent "Satan" to some, the question is which one?