Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Leave the Light On for Me"

It is interesting to see that some Wisconsin union supporters and/or sympathizers are allowed to "camp out" inside the Wisconsin statehouse rotunda at no charge while expressing their right to freedom of speech. I wonder why "homeless" people aren't able to sleep at this location as well?

It seems that these sleeping arrangements are even more reasonable than for example "Motel 6" and their commercials where spokesman Tom Bodette for Motel 6 says that we all should stay at a Motel 6 when traveling and that they will "leave the light on for you".

I'm thinking that maybe I should travel in the near future to some warm state such as Florida or perhaps Hawaii and just show up at the statehouse and say that I am a sympathy supporter of the union movement and save some good money too along with staying in a nice air conditioned building surrounded by a lot of historical paintings and sculptures and probably marble stairways and clean bathrooms.

Of course, first I should try to get me one of them there state government or teacher positions with their bloated benefit and retirement packages along with a fraudulent "doctor's note" stating that I am sick. Sounds like it may be worth the effort although it seems to me that the only "sickness" these government union and teachers suffer from is their mental liberalism disorder of thinking that they are entitled to unlimited benefits while the private sector gets the privilege of paying for these benefits that they themselves do not receive.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Raise The Roof"

As part of an ongoing renovation of the Soundings Motel located on the beach in Dennis Port, Cape Cod they are "raising the roof "of the East wing building. In order to raise to roof they must first raze the existing roof to build anew.

The New England states are known for their seafood and lobster. Just like a lobster sheds its existing shell to grow a bigger and better shell so too some buildings have to shed their former shell for a bigger and better one.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Pigs at the Trough"

Wisconsin, home of the Superbowl champion Green Bay Packers, their "cheesehead fans", and good cheese, must also be known for their pork products as there sure seem to be a lot of news about their "pigs at the trough".

What would you do if you were elected governor of a state that is faced with multi-billion dollar state government budget deficits? What does anyone do when they are faced with more outgo than income and you are required to balance the books? The solution always has to be raise income and/or reduce expenses.

For the government to raise income it must raise fees and/or taxes. For the government to reduce spending it must cut employment,eliminate or reduce services, and/or reduce employee benefits. A government could also sell assets it may possess such as land, buildings, equipment. In a capitalist system, capital is allocated towards the most effective use of land,labor, and equipment.

In nature there are some plants,animals, and microorganisms that are known as "parasites" that rely on their "host" for their existence. Sometimes these parasites provide a service to the host in return and sometimes these parasites get too prevalent on their host and end up killing the host and thus themselves as well.

Now, as far as unions and government workers are concerned. Why do we need unionized government workers? Why is it justified that unionized government workers feel that they are entitled to benefits and retirement packages that far exceed the "private sector" who has to pay for these government benefits?

The people of Wisconsin on November 2, 2010 elected a governor and legislature to try to bring some fiscal sanity to their state. Do these government workers (parasites) want tax increases to pay for their bloated benefits (pigs at the trough)? Already a lot of the Milwaukee breweries, American motors (formerly of Kenosha) among others are out of business or have left this state. By raising taxes you will kill further businesses (host) who will look to other states or other countries where the business climate and tax rates are more favorable.

Are the Democrats and the unions acting responsibly in trying to get the state spending under control by filling the capital building, threatening the safety of elected officials and their families, and in the case of the Democratic legislators; fleeing the state so they won't have to vote on any responsible solutions to the state budget shortfall?

Our community organizer/agitator-in-chief, I mean President Obama thinks that the Wisconsin government workers are being treated unfairly. What do you think? First of all, President Obama appears clueless about anything resembling basic economics. He considers that his federal budget is making progress towards reducing federal deficits if he raises 2 trillion dollars in additional taxes above the present levels and raises spending (I mean "investments to win the future") by 1 trillion dollars per year while still showing about a trillion dollars per year budget shortfall. Why meddle in the affairs of Wisconsin or any other state as president? Hey, maybe you should run for governor of some state instead of being president.

Government workers are not forced to work for the government. There is no "draft" amongst the general populace to fill these government and teacher positions. A government employee can always quit their job and either start a business or work in the dreaded "private sector" if they are unwilling to get their benefits and salaries more in line with the people who pay these salaries and benefits. There is something to be said for "a deal is a deal" but in the private sector many people have had to take pay cuts and/or pay a higher share of their health and retirement benefits.

In the end these governmental "pigs at the trough" will have to realize that the gravy train is coming to a halt. Governments will have to start to become more fiscally responsible by either reducing employment, wages and benefits, cutting services and/or selling assets to balance their books.

Friday, February 18, 2011

"A Snail's Pace"

I put on my slip-on shoes this morning before going out to my car to start my work day and noticed that there was something that felt like a rock in my right shoe. I thought to myself,"Hmm, what could that be in my shoe? I certainly don't want to walk around all day with a rock in my shoe." I took off my shoe and lo and behold there was a snail in my shoe. How did it get there? I don't know. Maybe this snail spent all Winter in one of my outdoor plants that I bring inside when the weather gets cold and this snail decided to try to hitch a ride in my shoe. I'm sure compared to "a snail's pace" my regular walking speed must appear like a supersonic space ship as believe it or not snails are not known for their extreme speed in motion. Why, even a turtle I imagine could run laps around a snail if they were in a race.

I didn't have any plants or food in my shoe so I'm not sure what lured this snail into my shoe. I set this snail free from my shoe and put it outside my deck on a piece of slate before driving off to my appointments. When I returned the snail was gone. Hope he's "OK". I had to set him free as I didn't want to have to go through my day at a "snail's pace" and don't intend to try to move at a snail's pace at least until the age of 105 or 106 since then it would be probably time to "slow down".

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Cell Phone Service

Hey everybody, I just heard about a free cell phone service sponsored by the phone companies with it looks like free minutes and a free cell phone! Sounds pretty cool to me! I know all the governments and phone companies have surplus money these days so this is for sure a valuable service to provide for the needy and indigent as you want to keep up with your friends and family and this is the perfect way to do so. Many interesting conversations such as "Hey homes what's up?" and your friend replies, "Nuthin', just chillin' in my crib, hey man come on over we can get a pizza or somethin' and watch American Idol". These memorable conversations are truely priceless so why should you have to pay for them? After all it is probably written in the US Constitution that in the Bill of Rights "Free Speech" is guaranteed, so why would you think you should have to pay for cell phone service as after all if you are talking on the phone that is speaking, right?

To see if you qualify just go to safelinkwireless.com and let someone else pay the cost for your "free speech". It is only fair that someone else should pay.

Friday, February 11, 2011

"Livin' In Interesting Times"

There is an old Chinese saying, (some say a curse); "May you live in interesting times". To me it looks like things are getting "Veeeery interesting" as Artie Johnson used to say on the classic show "Laugh-In". The situation in Egypt will be very interesting indeed to see how it "plays out" over time.

There is a saying that "Nature abhors a vacuum" and this also applies to the political realm. Apparently President Mubarek has resigned and at the age of 82 has decided to retire and live off of his estimated 70 BILLION dollars. I hope that he gets a good pension as well as these days 70 billion doesn't go as far as it used to. The Egyptian military is currently in charge but who knows for sure what the future will bring?

I saw on TV last night that US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that the "Muslim Brotherhood" is largely a secular organization with peaceful intentions. Hmmm, the Muslim Brotherhood has goals for the extinction of Israel and the establishment of a world wide Sharia law Islamic Caliphate. Doesn't sound too peaceful to me especially when Hamas and other non-peaceful groups had their origin with the Muslim Brotherhood. Maybe Mr. Clapper should have stuck with his invention "The Clapper" which can turn lights on and off with a hand clap. Now, I don't know if he really invented "The Clapper" but if he is the shining example of our "National Intelligence" and the director at that; then it doesn't bode well for us as a nation. I would think the "Muslim" part of the "Muslim Brotherhood" name would have been a pretty good clue that maybe the "Muslim Brotherhood" has something to do with the Islamic faith; but what do I know?

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Leon Panetta as well as President Obama both seem to be somewhat confused as to the current Egyptian situation as Director Panetta said something like that he received his latest update from television reports. President Obama is trying to compare the mob demonstrations in the streets of Cairo to his "Hope and Change" jingle that got him elected without seemingly considering the potential consequences of a "Muslim Brotherhood" takeover of the Egyptian government further on down the road if they try to fill the current "political power vacuum" in Egypt.

During the Vietnam War (conflict) era one of the prevailing thoughts of the time was that we had to stop the spreading of the Communist philosophy and the "domino theory" that if Vietnam was controlled by a communist government then soon Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. would all tumble like "dominoes" into the communist totalitarian camp. Egypt, some people think may become a "domino" to fall in the spread of radical Islam with other countries in the region to fall in the near future. If the "Muslim Brotherhood" ends up in control of Egypt then this is surely a possibility.

Maybe the future of Egypt will evolve into some sort of democracy with expanded personal and economic freedoms. But maybe Egypt will be known as the country President Obama lost to the side of radical Islam like President Carter is known for losing Iran which started this whole radical Islam theocratic movement. Time will tell and the times will be interesting.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Atlantis and Lemuria"

I recently finished a book by renowned psychic Sylvia Browne, "Secrets and Mysteries" of the world. Many interesting secrets and mysteries indeed! One of the areas of mystery and intrigue dealt with the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. The continent of Atlantis located in what is now the Atlantic Ocean existed approximately 500,000 years ago with the prime of their civilization being approximately 12-15,000 years ago. Edgar Cayce,"the sleeping prophet" also was known for his thoughts on Atlantis and Lemuria. Lemuria was said to have been located in what is now the Pacific Ocean.

Atlantis was apparently quite an advanced civilization with computers far more advanced than are found in today's society. Atlanteans were said to have had a lifespan of 800 years and were said to have been 8 to 12 feet in height. According to Sylvia Browne, the Atlantean culture had sky cars,nuclear powered vehicles, and utilized crystals to focus different forms of energy.

The Lemurian culture was more spiritual than the technological Atlanteans as they emphasized art, music, and spirituality.

Both continents are said to have vanished in part due to polar shifts and tilts causing these continents to sink under the respective oceans. Sylvia Browne's spirit guide "Francine" says that the polar tilts occur every 12,000 to 15,000 years with the next polar tilt expected around the years 2020 to 2030.

Time will tell. What do you think? Is Atlantis part of the earth's past history or just a myth perpetuated and somewhat popularized by the song "Atlantis" as sung by the folk singer "Donovan"? Does this all sound to you "unbelievable"? It is hard to fathom that there were advanced cultures from a long time ago but is this any harder to believe than dinosaurs roaming the pre-historic Earth?