Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Leave the Light On for Me"

It is interesting to see that some Wisconsin union supporters and/or sympathizers are allowed to "camp out" inside the Wisconsin statehouse rotunda at no charge while expressing their right to freedom of speech. I wonder why "homeless" people aren't able to sleep at this location as well?

It seems that these sleeping arrangements are even more reasonable than for example "Motel 6" and their commercials where spokesman Tom Bodette for Motel 6 says that we all should stay at a Motel 6 when traveling and that they will "leave the light on for you".

I'm thinking that maybe I should travel in the near future to some warm state such as Florida or perhaps Hawaii and just show up at the statehouse and say that I am a sympathy supporter of the union movement and save some good money too along with staying in a nice air conditioned building surrounded by a lot of historical paintings and sculptures and probably marble stairways and clean bathrooms.

Of course, first I should try to get me one of them there state government or teacher positions with their bloated benefit and retirement packages along with a fraudulent "doctor's note" stating that I am sick. Sounds like it may be worth the effort although it seems to me that the only "sickness" these government union and teachers suffer from is their mental liberalism disorder of thinking that they are entitled to unlimited benefits while the private sector gets the privilege of paying for these benefits that they themselves do not receive.