Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tomorrow,It Is A New Age

Tomorrow we shall see if I wasted $2.00 plus 6.25% sales tax on this calendar for 2013. If the world does indeed end tomorrow then of course I and everyone else will have no need for future 2013 plans. I guess I am willing to take a "leap of faith" and prepare myself for the possibility that 2013 arrives on schedule after the end of this month. Time will tell, I just hope that after tomorrow the days will soon start to get longer as the past few days have for the most part been dark, dreary, and off and on rainy but relatively warm at least on Cape Cod for this time of year.

The Mayans prophesies that the end of an over 5,000 year era will take place tomorrow; but probably a new era will begin so just as every dawn heralds a new day so tomorrow probably will as well. The Mayans liked to calculate and think about large units of time probably because they had to do something during the heat of the near equatorial sun as they rested under a shady palm tree after ripping out a few  human hearts that they would harvest to please their Gods. Although this blood sacrifice can be viewed as barbaric and heartless for the sacrifice victims it does show that the Mayan culture believed in natural forces greater than themselves such as the Sun, rain, and an expected maize crop and felt to continue the beneficial effects of these natural forces sacrifices in their opinion must be made.

Our planetary position within the Milky Way galaxy is also supposed to have some significance tomorrow (12/21/12) as well. I can't remember exactly what but that is what the Internet is for I suppose if you yourself are curious about this topic.

Every day of course in our current earthly plane and dimension some babies are born and some people die. Some people will die tomorrow and a few people will probably die precisely at 11:00 am  when the world is predicted to end. For these few souls, it will in fact be the end of their earthly time and maybe their last thought as they slip the bounds of human existence will be, "What do you know? The world (at least my world ) did in fact end just as predicted. How did those jungle dwelling Mayans of yore know that my time would be up when I wasn't even going to be born for another 4900 or so years in the future?

So, we shall see if tomorrow is the final countdown, the beginning of a new era in human conscious development or just another Friday before Christmas. All I do know for sure is that tomorrow today will be history as right now tomorrow remains a mystery.

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Put A Lid On It"

 On December 7th I went to the newly renovated McDonald's in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod. They have this fancy new soda lid dispenser which I have never seen before in any other restaurant. You just pull open the devise for the proper soda cup top and out pops an individual soda lid. On the Grand Reopening I received coupons for a free extra value meal, a free oatmeal meal, a free McCafe drink and a McDonald's ice scraper for my car. "Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?"
I went back to McDonald's today to use my free extra value meal coupon and was amused by the ketchup dispenser. I guess there must have been air in the ketchup dispenser line as the ketchup came out in an explosive blast similar to when you get air in your water lines when you shut the water off to fix a plumbing problem for example and then turn on the water again. I mentioned this to the next person less than a minute later who was going to use the ketchup dispenser as I said,"Careful with the ketchup dispenser as it is pretty explosive". Maybe this fellow didn't know what I meant as he tried the ketchup dispenser and received a big blast of air fueled explosive ketchup just like I did and he said "Whoa". He in turn told the next person less than a minute later, "Watch out for the ketchup". This next person tried the ketchup and spilled his full drink all over his food as he too was startled even though he was forewarned. Another minute went by and an elderly lady came up to the ketchup dispenser and jumped saying "Good Heavens!" 
Maybe there was a hidden camera somewhere and this was part of some comedy hidden camera gag. Maybe this explosive ketchup is part of the new McDonald's menu and renovations. I don't know. I almost wanted to tell one of the workers about this ketchup dispenser but didn't want the worker to say to me "Hey Buddy, Put a lid on it. We're just having fun as part of our Grand Reopening. Don't be a party pooper!" 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Land of the Seagull

 Saw this seagull today surveying his vast land estate located in the middle of Swan River in Dennisport on Cape Cod. It may not look like much land but the water views are spectacular as well as being close to fishing and clamming. To me it looks like this gull is surveying the right hand portion of his island and perhaps contemplating growing some crops. If the gull does decide to do some farming then he truly would be outstanding in his field.
This photo also reminds me of a scene from a Woody Allen movie (I can't remember which movie) where there is a scene in which Woody Allen portrays his father holding a clump of dirt in his hand and saying to Woody "Son, some day this land will be yours so make sure you take care of it". Yes, everyone should consider obtaining a little piece of land for themselves and hopefully this little piece of land is big enough to stand on and maybe walk around on.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"To Tell The Truth"

To tell the truth, I wonder if recently resigned CIA  Director David Petraeus will be called to testify before Congress as to his role in the Benghazi situation where 4 Americans including our Libyan Ambassador were murdered. Former Director Petraeus resigned after disclosing that he had an extra marital affair with alleged mistress Patricia Broadwell who wrote a biography about Petraeus in the book "All In". Apparently we now know that Petraeus was all into Broadwell.

Was Petraeus "blackmailed" by the Obama administration to report that the Benghazi tragedy was the result of a lame anti-Islam movie  trailer with the threat of exposing the Broadwell affair which was found out apparently some time last Summer? I don't know. You would think that the CIA chief would know how  to cover up his undercover womanizing from detection. As chief spymaster Petraeus should know how to protect  "A Saucerful Of Secrets" to name an old Pink Floyd album.

The Obama administration appears to be a unique blend of the Nixon and Carter administration. The incompetence of Carter mixed with the above the law deviousness of Nixon. President Obama has often relied in his political career on "Digging In the Dirt" to name a Peter Gabriel song to destroy his political opponent's character by prying into the personal lives of his opponents.

I have never personally been "blackmailed" as far as I know, but I would think that if the information that a blackmailer is brought to light especially by the person being blackmailed then this information no longer has any power over the person being blackmailed. The question regarding Petraeus is whether being threatened  with possible prosecution under Article 134 of the Military Code of Conduct if he testifies before Congress due to his affair is worse than going before Congress and lying about what really happen with the Benghazi situation and possibly although protecting the Obama regime opening himself to perjury charges. By self disclosing his affair, Petraeus I hope will sing the sweet song of truth before Congress so that the American populace can find out what really happened in Libya on 911 and whether the Obama administration engaged in impeachable and /or treasonous actions. We shall soon see. Sometimes reality is as interesting as a fiction spy novel. We shall see if the former "puppet master (David Petraeus) will spill some of his saucerful of secrets by telling the truth as to what he knows about the 911 story or whether to save his own skin he will lie about what happened and be a puppet of the Obama regime. I hope he has the courage,decency, and character "To Tell The Truth", (a former television show).

Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Congrats You Own It"

Congrats you own it Mr. President. Although I don't think you were the best candidate you did get the most electoral votes as well as winning the most total votes. Even though your vote total was less than the vote total that John McCain received in 2008; for whatever reason Mitt Romney received three million votes less than Mr. McCain's total and would have won if all the McCain voters had bothered to show up and vote. Maybe there was a good basketball game on election day, maybe these voters forgot about the election day or were told that due to hurricane Sandy that they could vote on Wednesday nationwide. Maybe some voters felt that Mitt Romney wasn't sufficiently conservative enough for them, who knows?

Now, we can all at least get over I hope the thought that everything perceived as wrong with the economy is "George Bush's fault". Apparently, many people voted for Obama as they did believe that sufficient progress or at least sufficient attempts or concerns about the stagnant economy by Obama were enough to warrant a second term by the Obama regime. Or, many voters are content with their food stamps and housing assistance and didn't want to risk losing their "free government goodies and their Obama phones". Romney's pledge to cut taxes doesn't hold much appeal to people who don't pay taxes in the first place. Maybe people are content with an 8% unemployment rate, rising gas and food prices, and want to give President Obama four more years to improve his golf game. Besides, I hear that there are plenty more places on this planet that Michelle Obama hasn't visited or taken a vacation  so we need to make sure that she and her entourage have a chance to have some enriching life experiences so she can continue to feel proud about her country.

I am curious to see what the FORWARD. agenda will be over the next four years. I am curious to see how increasing taxes on millionaires and billionaires will lead to reducing the federal budget deficit and lead to a growing economy. Usually if you tax something you get less of it. Increased taxes should lead to less disposable income which should lead to less consumer spending which should lead to less expenditures on goods and services which should lead to less need for employment and business expenditures. To me, a former economics major, raising taxes doesn't seem to make sense. But what do I really know about economic matters compared with a president who has far more experience as a community organizer than I will ever have.

President Obama has been given a "do over" by the American electorate. Will we in four years be singing the praises of President Obama's masterful economic remedies and leadership or will we be saying, " We must move away from the failed policies of the Obama years"? Time will tell. One thing for certain in my opinion, you now "own" the hand on the tiller of this ship of state, Mr. President as you now have no excuse to look to the past. For better or worse from now on  history will judge your actions as your actions ONLY.

Friday, November 2, 2012

"Let Me Eat Cake"

I received this cake today at The Soundings Resort in Dennis Port on Cape Cod. I went in this afternoon and had some "training" on how to eat cake, chicken wings, and cheese bread with Marinara sauce. I think I learned pretty quickly as I was able to eat these yummy treats the first time I tried. I was flattered that President Obama would take time from his busy last minute campaigning to send me this cake. This is a "marble cake" (half dark and half white) and tasty through and through. Coincidentally, when I arrived at the Soundings one of the guest was checking in who also has a birthday today.

I appreciate that President Obama is trying to buy my vote through this cake; I guess he knows that I already have a cell phone so he can't offer me an "Obama phone". I guess that President Obama also knew that in history Marie Antoinette was also born on November 2nd and she is credited with saying "Let them eat cake". I have heard that she really didn't say this but as President Obama can attest: "If you repeat a lie long enough, sometimes it becomes known as the truth".

I first thought that the President Obama picture on the cake was a paper cutout; but in reality this is frosting. How they transfer an image to frosting is beyond me. I hope the president isn't too upset that I had to "behead" him with a cake knife while cutting up this cake.

So, thanks everyone for the cake, that was sweet.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trash Cash

 I found this dollar this afternoon sitting in a puddle of water in a parking lot. I don't know about you but I CAN'T STAND litter bugs so I picked up this dollar and put it in my back pocket. After drying it out I'm confident that this discarded trash dollar cash will be almost good as new. I don't know why some people throw away their money. Some people these days have to work hard for their money; AND if you are going to throw away your money, PLEASE throw it in a convenient trash can or throw it on my lawn if you can't find a proper container. I will make sure to make good use of it. Yes, the dollar isn't worth what it used to be as far as purchasing power compared with days gone by but I'm willing to take these dollars if you don't want them.
If by chance you think you might have dropped this dollar by mistake and are frantically looking for it, if you contact me and tell me where you think you may have lost it I will gladly return it to you if you correctly describe where I found it.
I have found money before in my life. If I had a dollar for every time I found money, for sure I would have more dollars.

The Final Countdown

The final countdown, like the classic song from the band "Europe". We are now one week away from the United States nartional election. So, what do you think? I myself am already on record for a Romney victory 52% to 47%. If the election happens on the scheduled November 6th voting date I do think that Romney will hold his current lead in the polls and actually this election may turn out to be not as close as many people currently think. We could see a Romney/Ryan "landslide".

This current Libya fiasco where through either lying,incompetence, or deliberate inaction; four people are dead while no support was given them and we learn now that apparently the terrorist action against the embassy was even viewed in real time. Either Obama directed support for the embassy and this order was not followed or the order to help defend the embassy was never given.

Now, "Hurricane Sandy" has impacted a good portion of the East coast of America. Do you think the photo optics of President Obama trying to look presidential and directing the American citizenry to follow their state governor's advice and assuring everyone that government relief efforts will be in place to assist in the recovery is enough to sway the populace the re-elect Obama?

Has President Obama earned another "four more years" of support? We shall see. Do we re-elect a president who has never had a budget approved and the last budget didn't even receive one DEMOCRAT vote in Congress? Do we re-elect the current "establishment" Obama who until this past week has not put forth any plan for the future? Will Obama's "persona" carry the day next Tuesday? Do we re-elect a president that raised the defecit so much but we still had over 43 months of over 8% unemployment and fewer people are now currently employed that when his term first started? Do we re-elect a president that thinks we should raise taxes during a slow growth economy?

I don't think so. What do you think? The final countdown is upon us. Do we move FORWARD. over the cliff of fiscal ruin on our road to Greece? Or, do we change course with the Romney/Ryan ticket and move towards a path of reducing the total role of the federal government ?

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Obama is the Governor (Def 4a)"

President Obama is the "governor" (definition 4a. as found in the Merriam Webster dictionary as this definition states:an attachment to a machine (as a gasoline engine) for automatic control or limitation of speed. In this case "the economy" is the machine and Obama is the "governor" who by his policies of raising taxes, regulations, instituting "Obamacare" if re-elected, is making many small business in particular pause in any hiring or business expansion plans until after the November 6th election. If Obama by some chance is re-elected many small business owners will forgo hiring new people, convert many former full time positions to part-time under 30 hour per week positions and limit their total employee count to 49 people as the Obamacare provisions state that employers MUST offer health insurance if they have over 50 people employed at their firm to all full time employees who work more than thirty hours per week. Yes, President Obama, although the current president with no former leadership or business experience, is now the "governor (def.4a)" of our economy which will stagnate along at current levels at best and probably the economy will deteriorate with the new tax and regulatory burdens to come.

Similar to NASCAR "restrictor plate" races such as "Daytona and Talladega" where "governors" restrict air intake into the carburetor as thus control the maximum car speed; so to the Obama regime "governors" will restrict any potential future growth in the American economy. That's a fact, and you can look it up in your "Funk and Wagnalls".

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The You Tube Anti-Islam Movie

On 9/11/12 this year when the US Libyan ambassador was brutally assassinated; the Obama administration blamed the killing and attack of the US Libyan embassy on a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Islam You Tube movie trailer where hundreds of upset Muslims complete with guns and grenades overran the embassy. Later, on the Sunday talk shows this fiction about the video as the cause of the premeditated terrorist attack was repeated on five or six Sunday news talk shows by Ms. Rice. President Obama at the United Nations in a speech before the general assembly again mentioned this powerful anti-Muslim video as the cause of the so called spontaneous riot.

From the start, this excuse to me of some lame video having such an influence over the Muslim world sounded highly suspicious and not believable. I do wonder why this current president and his administration think that the American public would swallow such an incredible bunch of baloney as the cause of the Libyan embassy attack?

About two weeks later, the new story from this administration is "Of course, we knew from the start that this was a pre-meditated orchestrated terrorist attack." I do wonder why the Libyan embassy was not protected by any sort of American military or security team especially on the anniversary of 9/11. We now know that the embassy attack was viewed in "real time" as it was taking place by state department officials. If the press would do its "job" we may find out a true answer of what really happened this 9/11 in Libya. It is not inconceivable that after America  participated in overthrowing and killing Qaddafi that some Libyans would resent the air strikes.  So far it does appear that "Obama lied and people died". The You Tube video just doesn't hold water as the reason for this Libyan terrorist attack.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Got to Move My Jaguar"

Some songs these days I just don't get. Maybe I'm getting too old to follow the lyrics of some of these new "young whippersnapper' bands such as "Maroon 5" I think it is for example. What's a "Maroon 5" anyway? Is that a shade of purple? Or maybe a shipwrecked quintet similar to the crew from the "S. S. Minnow"? I don't know.

"Maroon 5" has some new song called something like "Move My Jaguar"? I just don't understand this song. Why does the singer have to move his Jaguar? It it parked in a handicap spot or a no  parking tow zone or too close to a fire hydrant?  Maybe I'm not hearing the words right. Maybe the song says "I got to move my jacket". If so, why write a song about your jacket? Just move your jacket and be done with it.

There must be someone who can explain this song to me as right now "I can't get no... satisfaction" as to what this song is all about. Maybe Mick Jagger of the "Rolling Stones" could help me out. I don't know.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Birds of a Feather

"Birds of a feather flock together" so the old saying goes. In the case of "Big Bird" and President Obama this is certainly true. One of this pair is definitely a "bird brain"; while the other of course is "Big Bird".

The debate watching nation saw that President Obama without his teleprompter or a prescreened fawning audience in front of him doesn't have "too much upstairs" as he stumbled around hemming and hawing or looking down at the podium as Mitt Romney "schooled" him on how an economy really works. President Obama so much loves the role of government that he is begging for a second term; "Please, pretty please vote for me so I can take over more and more private enterprises and bring them under control of me and my unelected government czars". Obama, I doubt ever took any basic economics courses during his high school or college days; or, maybe he did but he won't release his grades as maybe he received "F minus" marks.

Imagine the nerve of Mitt Romney to suggest that the "Corporation for Public Broadcasting" shouldn't receive further governmental assistance. How cruel to suggest that in this day and age of "You Tube" , the Internet, and a multitude of cable television choices that maybe the Public Broadcasting channels should compete like every other station for viewers and advertising dollars. Quality programming should be able to be self sustainable and people and/or advertisers will pay for access to quality programming and the viewers who watch these shows.

President Obama is sooo concerned that Mitt Romney wants to "kill Big Bird" but doesn't seem too concerned about the lack of security for our Libyan ambassador or the ex-Navy seals who were killed on 9/11/ this year. Ambassador Stevens begged for increased security even up to the day before he was assassinated; his pleas fell on deaf presidential ears. Obama was more concerned I'm sure about his upcoming fundraisers and the opportunity to "hobnob" with celebrities who could laugh at his scripted jokes and tell Obama what a "cool cat" he is.

No, President Romney (oops, I'm being a little premature) doesn't want to "kill Big Bird". He wants "Big Bird" to earn his bird seed the old fashioned way by working for it and NOT getting a federal government handout like Obama and the other "bird brains" prefer.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blah,Blah, Blah

Like,you know,uhh,some people  I have noticed recently say "blah,blah,blah" a lot when they are relating a story  when they want to end their conversation description.  I myself uhh,you know, like uhh,like, like,uhh, never  say like "blah,blah,blah".Instead, I say "Well, whatever" or  to make a long story short".

What I wonder is how "blah,blah,blah" started and like uhh,you know, why the saying is "blah,blah,blah" and not "blah" or "blah,blah" or "blah,blah,blah,blah" or even "blah,blah,blah,blah,blah", not to mention "blah,blah,blah,blah,blah,blah"?  Well whatever,to make a long story short, does anybody out there like,uhh,you know like,like,uh like you know,you know this like uhh, reason for the "blah blah,blah'?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Political Prediction Predicated on Perceived Predisposed Perceptions

So, Who do you think will win the presidential race contest between Williard (Mitt) Romney and Barack Hussein Obama?

Everyone has a "filter" through which they perceive the world based on their life experiences which in turn are influenced  by their parents, educational, religious,ethnic, and gender background. Many people can experience the same event such as a political event and "see" a different result based on what is important to them and their " core" beliefs and how each of us "filters" all the information that bombards us each day as we classify this information based on our perceived predisposed perceptions. That being said, there is often a difference between "reality" and "hoped for reality".

My political prediction is as follows
 ROMNEY   52%      OBAMA 47%      JOHNSON 1%

What's your prediction?

My prediction is based on the lousy economy, ineffective foreign policy of Obama, unpopularity of "Obamacare", and a greater perceived enthusiasm by the republicans vs the democrats. Many recent polls have over weighted the democrat component of the poll sample as the "main stream media" has shrugged off the role of even partially trying to do their job of being objective reporters and instead have taken up the "pompoms" to cheer for Obama.

So, do you agree or disagree with me? Are MY perceived predisposed perceptions clouding the "reality" of an "Obama landslide"? It is perhaps possible. OR, is it the media bias that is boosting Obama and trashing Romney that more closely mirrors the true political reality? Time will tell.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chestnuts and Chet's Nuts

I found these chestnuts today under a chestnut tree as the old saying goes"the chestnut doesn't fall far from the tree". I'm going to try to roast them somehow; maybe over an open fire. I remember being in New York City in past years and purchasing roast chestnuts from the street vendors. I guess falling nuts is another sign that Fall is just around the corner. Those chestnut shells are interesting looking. I'd hate to get hit in the face from a thrown chestnut in its shell as those chestnut shell spikes would probably lease quite a bloody trail.

Chestnuts remind me of Christmas and Winter. Chestnuts also remind me of a Reader's Digest cartoon that my 90 plus year old real estate partner once showed me. In the cartoon they show a naked man jumping over a fire and yelling "Yowwwwowwowwow!" The words under the cartoon picture said "Chet's nuts roasting over an open fire".

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Arab Spring Leading to Late Summer Fall"

Sometimes events once started do not always lead to a better outcome than the previous "status quo." With regard  to the "Arab Spring" movement that swept across Northern Africa; is this situation better for America and the world in general? With Egyptian President Mubarak, Israel had a peace treaty, Egyptian women had some "rights"and the Coptic Christian minority was not persecuted. Now, the "Muslim Brotherhood" is in charge of Egypt and they want to exterminate the Egyptian Christians, disregard the peace treaty with Israel and institute "Sharia law" with very strict codes of behavior. This is "Change", but is this Progress?  The "Brotherhood" will still take our foreign aid I'm sure but will probably use this aid to purchase weapons to prepare for attacking Israel.

In Libya, Qaddafi renounced his nuclear program after the fall from power of Saddam Hussein. After the American aided "Arab Spring" swept through Libya as seen on today's news the American ambassador to Libya is killed along with other Americans. Is this a better situation than with Qaddafi?

Part of the recent Muslim Uprising is reminiscent of the movie "Spartacus" when all the slaves said "I am Spartacus". In this instance, the militants are saying "I am Osama". President Obama and the democrats have a campaign slogan "GM Lives and Osama Died". How is this not "spiking the football" and helping to incite increased tension throughout the Muslim Middle East?

I know one thing, I personally can't see how any "Jewish-Americans" can support the re-election of Obama and the democrats after their convention platform initially planned to remove Jerusalem as the recognized capital of Israel and references to "GOD" before re-inserting this statement to a loud chorus of "BOOOOOO's". President Obama had time to have an interview with some "gimpy rapper dude" and schedule an appearance on the David Letterman Show but is too busy to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.   President Obama from what I have heard is too busy to receive many of the daily security briefings that interfere with his campaign schedule and his fundraising efforts. Maybe he would have beefed up embassy security throughout the Middle East if he did his job once in a while.

Are we on the "Eve of Destruction"? Time will tell.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Are YOU Better Off?

Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Well, the democrats are saying YES! "America has turned the corner" according to "average Joe Biden. Hmm, by what criteria do the democrats come to this conclusion? I'm not sure.

Is it the rise in gasoline prices from approximately $1.80 per gallon to approximately $3.83 per gallon today?

Is it the pledge by 2008 candidate Obama to reduce the then 10 trillion dollar federal deficit by half over the four years of his term only to see the deficit rise to 16 trillion dollars?

Is it the anemic job employment numbers and the reduced total worker participation numbers under the Obama term with 43 months of over 8% unemployment?

Is it the weak response to the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico ?

Is it "Obama care" with the approximately 20 new tax increases found in the over 2,000 page bill that if enacted will start to ration health care by determining the expected quality and number  of remaining years and denying approval of treatment for people whose "effective number" doesn't add up?

Is it the record 46.7 million American on food stamps?

I don't know. What do you think? If  the goal of Obama and the democrats is to have a country more dependent on the federal government, then, they are succeeding at their goal. But, if you want a country where more people are employed, where energy prices are more reasonable with American produced oil and gas, where federal spending is reduced so that the federal deficit doesn't continue to increase further out of control,THEN for these reasons alone to name a few we as a country are NOT better off under the Obama presidency. And, to paraphrase Clint Eastwood, if somebody isn't doing the job then they have to go. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have the experience, economic intellect, and a pro-business attitude necessary to be given the opportunity to turn this country and economy in the right direction and not FORWARD. over the cliff with the tired policies of big tax and big spend over regulation that is currently producing the weakest recovery since the great depression despite an over 800 billion dollar stimulus package.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Supreme Scallion Sacrifice

Thanks you scallions for your supreme sacrifice of giving up your selves in such a selfless manner so that I may flavor some home made spaghetti sauce. Your anti-oxidant qualities, zesty flavor, and blood thinning qualities are much appreciated and I must admit that I did shed a tear or two while preparing you to meet your tomato friends. I do appreciate your efforts in battling the elements and insects while you grew and hope that you enjoyed your time in my garden. Although you were abruptly uprooted from your dirt rooted home today; I do hope you take some solace in the fact that I did plant your "offspring bulbs" found at the top of your green stalk so that your offspring will have a chance to grow next year and reach their true scallion potential. God bless you scallions.; hope you had the time of your life and I probably won't forget you.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Rain Foreshadows the End of Obama's Rein?

Rains wash away Mount Obama in Charlotte, N.C. - Washington Times I see from this article that a hard rain came and washed away part of a grandiose sand sculpture crafted in tribute to our imperious leader "President and most esteemed Barack Hussein Obama". Does this rain foreshadow the end of Obama's reign of rule by fiat,czars, and executive orders? Time will tell and perhaps the rain was a foretell of the future. In a close election sometimes the fraudulent voters, the dead, and the ballot box" stuffers "make all the difference and many a die hard Democrat has been known to vote for his party long after he has shed his mortal coil.

Friday, August 31, 2012

The 20% Solution

How much of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) should the Federal Government as a percentage of the total productive activity of America be for a functioning economy? Currently, the Federal Government percentage of the GDP is 24-25%. I have read that many economists believe that the proper percentage for a fine tuned functioning economy is 18% of GDP to cover the true Federal Government necessary and truly needed functions. The current problem with the federal government is that it is too bloated by waste, inefficiency, and growth of the federal government mission that exceeds what the tax revenue brings in as people demand more and more "assistance and free stuff" from the federal government even though government expansion is funded by huge trillion dollar deficits that China is asked to fund. The expansion of government influence and control in people's life is even creeping into areas such as what Americans should eat and the dispensation of free contraception. Are these areas that the founding fathers felt are a necessary federal government role?

The Romney/Ryan ticket believes that the federal government percent should be 20% of GDP as a goal to start the process of reducing the soon to be 16 TRILLION federal government deficit.

It is time for the federal government to start to go on a diet and move FORWARD. to a reduced role in the total percentage of the GDP. The Romney/Ryan ticket is on the right track in their efforts to bring the bloated federal government runaway growth under control. Will the American voters wake up to the fact that there needs to be a change in the scope and mission of the federal government or will Americans move FORWARD. over the cliff of fiscal disaster of out of control governmental growth?   Time will tell.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Essential Obama

A teleprompter obscures U.S. President Obama as he speaks during a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio | View photo - Yahoo! News  Some photographs capture the essence of a person/ Some would say that this is the quissensial Obama photograph as the "telemprompter in chief" delivers his message of whatever the teleprompter says he should say. Paul Ryan by contrast "on the stump" doesn't need a teleprompter to deliver coherent thoughts when he speaks. I guess when you know what you are talking about you don't have to rely as much on a machine to prompt you on what to say.

This photograph reminds me of a song called "Machine Head" ironically sung by the band "Bush".

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tomato Harvest

I picked these vine ripened tomatoes today from my garden here on Cape Cod. They are a representative sample of the three types of tomato plants I purchased and raised this year. One variety is the cherry tomato, one "beefsteak", and the final variety is the "super duper gigantic humongous beefsteak". I'm not going to point out which tomatoes are from which variety so see if you can figure them out from the above picture.

I usually don't get "sun ripened" tomatoes from my garden as in past years some sort of "critters" would come along at night and take a bite out of each tomato as part of their nocturnal dinner. Thus, in past years I would pick the tomatoes when they were green and ripen them on a shelf in the kitchen. This year though I have only seen bite marks on one tomato so I appreciate that the "critters" are letting me eat some of my tomatoes.

My first job ever which I think I described in a previous blog post was selling tomatoes and cucumbers in Carmel, New York when I was four. I had a little red wagon and would go around the neighborhood door to door and peddle the produce at the outrageously expensive prices of "two for a nickel and four for a dime", I do remember making change for some of the customers. Now the vegetable prices are even higher!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dennis Festival Days Antique Car Parade 8/19/12 front of Soundings Resort

At high noon today (8/19/12), the 54th Annual Dennis Festival Days Antique Car Parade rode through West Dennis, Dennis Port and South Dennis. See the cars of yesteryear with this enclosed video filmed in front of The Soundings Resort on Chase Avenue, Dennisport, Cape Cod Mass.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


The Republican ticket is now set. Mitt Romney selected current House of Representatives Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R) Wisconsin to be his vice-presidential running mate. The Romney/Ryan Republican ticket hopefully will be a responsible team to restore a robust economy to return America back on the right path to economic recovery. The time for "punting" and/or "kicking the can" down the road as far as dealing with the pressing problems of record budget deficits, anemic economy, record unemployment under President Obama must be changed as America cannot continue down the path of federal government spending exceeding deficits of over one trillion dollars per year. The Democrats under President Obama have a dismal economic record with their dumb and destructive crony deals to their special interest friends such as Solyndra where they were advised to decline the loan guarantees but doggedly decided to proceed with a doomed decision.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the campaign develops as to whether an honest discussion of the differing philosophies of the role of the federal government between the two parties will ensue regarding the future of America or whether the Democrats and their media friends will focus on distorting and demonising the Republican ticket with their lies and false accusations.The day of reckoning is approaching; time will tell what future will develop.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Prove You Are INNOCENT?

Interesting to hear that Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) allege that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes during the previous 10 years as Reid cites an "anonymous" source he claims told him this information. Senator Reid wants Mitt Romney to release these 10 years of tax returns to prove whether Romney had in fact paid taxes during those years. It is interesting especially since from what I understand Senator Reid himself hasn't ever released his own tax returns. From what I understand, a Senator cannot be prosecuted for slander while speaking from the well of the Senate floor. I seem to recall that Senator Reid was involved in some sort of questionable real estate transaction in Nevada. I thought in America people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Senator Reid's spurious assertion is reminiscent of the "McCarthy era" where there was a which hunt for people with presumed Communist affiliation. Reid's unsubstantiated remarks also are similar to the Nazi Germany propaganda where if you state a "big lie" long enough and loud enough it can become accepted as the truth. Mitt Romney in response to Senator Reid said "Put Up or Shut Up".

It seems hard to fathom that Mitt Romney would not pay the amount of taxes due as I'm sure that he has an accounting firm help him with his tax returns. I doubt if Mitt spent countless hours at his kitchen table with a calculator,shoe box full of receipts, legal pad, and his investment statements filling out his yearly taxes. You would think that Mitt Romney was probably audited by the IRS at least once over these alleged 10 years of tax returns if not every year. And, if the IRS did audit Mitt Romney's tax returns then the IRS would make sure that Mr. Romney was paying the proper amount of tax owed the government. From what I understand, Mitt Romney served as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the amount of ONE DOLLAR per year. I heard today on "talk radio" that the Obamas have some of their investment money in a Bain Capital related investment.I say good for them, good to see that they have a little personal investment sense even if they show no economic sense regarding the US economy.

Slithery politicians such as Senator Reid should not be able to get away with "anonymous" sources in their character assassination efforts. After all, the media has never pressed President Obama on his college admissions, Connecticut Social Security number, his affiliation with convicted felons and Weather Underground members, to name a few clouds hanging over our hopeless current president.

Don't you think that Mitt Romney would make sure that his taxes were properly paid considering the fact that Mitt was a candidate in the 2008 Republican primary? Don't you think Mitt Romney and/or his advisers would consider that maybe the Democrats would look into his tax history? Just because our current Democrat appointed Treasury Secretary didn't pay his proper amount of taxes doesn't mean that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes. "Dirty Harry, Make My Day, show us your proof that Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years OR SHUT UP AND QUIT YOUR BASELESS ACCUSATIONS".

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Policies Past and Present

Policies past and present. Which do you prefer? President Obama recently said something to the effect that other policies of the past had failed but his have worked. Now, I will grant that the financial crash of 2008 was a key bad event caused in major part by the collapse of the "real estate bubble" which in turn was caused in part  by the political directives coming out of the United States Congress which compelled the banks to grant loans such as the "NINJA" mortgages. "NINJA" mortgages in in reference to the "No Income No Jobs" mortgages where people of lower credit ratings were offered no money down or low money down mortgages with favorable "teaser" mortgage rates so that the goal of raising the percentage of Americans who are homeowners could be achieved. This goal of increased home ownership  was originally started during the Carter Administration and pushed as well with the Clinton Administration. Efforts during the Bush Administration to try to correct the practice of bundling poor credit quality mortgages and making securities of
these mortgages backed by FNMA (Federal National Mortgage Association, a quasi-governmental agency) were thwarted by the Democratic party controlled House of Representatives and Senate. When the percentage of these low credit quality mortgages started to default and the rise in the value of most real estate homes stopped; the effects rippled through the economy.

Getting back to President Obama: During the Bush years when the unemployment rate spiked to approximately 5.4% the media and House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi termed this a "jobless recovery". President Obama has been steward of an economy with a record 41 months of over 8% unemployment. If the goal is to have a high unemployment rate and a record over 47 million people on food stamps dependent on the government to afford something to eat then I guess you can say that President Obama's economy and policies have "worked". I would say that the "failed policies of the present" is a more accurate representation of the current economic situation. I understand that in politics one of the key features is impression management where you try to say a few key phrases like "failed policies of the past" even though your record (Obama) is worse than the past policies. It is common in politics to work on people's emotions and come up with gimmick words like "Forward", "Hope and Change" especially when you have a poor failed record to run on (Obama). It is not uncommon to try to "demonize" your opponent especially if you cannot really run on your own failed policies (Obama). This is known as divert the spotlight from yourself and your own record and try to instill fear and character assassination of your opponent.

This presidential election will involve a choice by the voters as to whether the future will be governed by a collectivist inexperienced smooth teleprompter reader perceived "cool and hip" candidate Obama; or an experienced private sector candidate who believes in free enterprise and rewarding individual effort of the people with a record of job creation in the private sector along with government experience as Governor of Massachusetts with a history of managing people, budgets, businesses and the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, Mitt Romney. Do we want a "cradle to grave" oppressive liberty stealing big government future or do we want a future where government is scaled back with an effort to try to bring the trillion plus dollar per year  federal government deficits back under control? Time will tell whether the voters endorse "four more years of the failed policies of the present" or vote for an experienced adult with a history of creating viable business enterprises who pledges to try to return America back to the days when hard work and free enterprise are rewarded not punished.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chic Fil A "What Do YOU Say?"

I read with dismay about "Chic Fil A" having problems with Boston Mayor Menino and Chicago Mayor Emanuel among others threatening this company because its president is not a fan of gay marriage and believes in the quaint concept  that marriage should be a union of Man and Woman as described in the Bible. I was under the apparent misconception that in America it is "OK" to believe in your own personal religious thoughts and as long as you don't discriminate against other people while believing your thoughts that the "Government" and its elected officials should leave you alone. Mayor Menino, a "Roman Catholic" I guess would rather go against his own church dogma which does not condone "gay marriage" and try to make it difficult or restrict "Chic Fil A" from expanding with a Boston location near city hall plaza. Now, everyone, including Mayor Menino, has a right to express their opinion, BUT, do you agree that a government official should hinder a free enterprise like "Chic Fil A" just because you don't agree with the personal moral opinions of "Chic Fil A's president?  When did the Mayor Menino acquire the title of "Chief of Thought Police " for the city of Boston?  What if a New York Yankee baseball fan decided to attend a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park? Are Yankee fans allowed to cheer for their team even if Mayor Menino doesn't root for the Yankees? Maybe Mayor Menino was paid by a concerned group of chicken rights activists or a bunch of chickens who condemn the eating of their fellow chickens so the marriage issue is just a "straw" to hide the real reason he opposes "Chic Fil A".

What do you say? I say if you don't like chicken or you so strongly disagree with "Chic Fil A" president's views on gay marriage and his biblical interpretation of marriage; then just walk on by the "Chic Fil A" store and go somewhere else to eat or go to your own kitchen and make a "fluffernutter" sandwich and eat this sandwich with a cool frosty glass of milk and an apple. Or, eat something else, I don't really care where or what somebody eats and neither should Mayor Menino or any other governmental official.The irony of this event is that "Chic Fil A" is getting tons of free exposure which will probably boost the sales of this four billion dollar company.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Soundings "Compass Rose"

Recently at the Soundings Resort on Cape Cod this new "Compass Rose" was installed in the lobby floor. This is quite a work of precision cutting to make this wood based compass appear "three dimensional". This compass is quite accurate in direction and should help people from driving South into the ocean at this oceanfront resort.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Oceanview view

This photo of The Soundings Resort east wing on Cape Cod in Dennisport shows the ocean view view of the new oceanfront rooms as seen from the private beach before sunset on June 30th this year. Some people say that the only thing The Soundings overlooks during visits by their guests is Nantucket Sound.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Soundings Resort East Wing

Here is a photo by the dawn's early light taken recently before sunrise of the brand new Soundings Resort "East Wing" deluxe building located on the beach in Dennisport on Cape Cod. These spacious designer appointed rooms are the newest rooms available on Cape Cod as they became ready for occupancy this Spring. A full third level was added to the previous east wing building which was gutted down to the "studs" before being re-built. "The presidential suite" on the oceanfront third level has its own pinball machine.If a Cape Cod vacation is in your plans, the Soundings Resort, a "Bluegreen managed resort" is well worth your consideration.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pre-Sunrise Soundings Resort Beach

I spent an "all nighter" at the Soundings Resort last evening and here is a photo of the Soundings beach just before sunrise (4:58 am). I was on the "night security" shift from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Around 4:00 am I found it memorable that the quiet night atmosphere was interupted by the sounds of many birds chirping away. I often wonder what these bird sounds mean to the birds. Maybe birds live so much in the "now" that they don't realize that after the sun sets in the evening that the sun will return again and they think the world will remain in the pitch blackness of nightfall. So, maybe these birds are all excited by the anticipation of another morning as the pre-dawn sky starts to lighten. Or, maybe their chirping and tweeting are their substitute for an alarm clock and their birds sounds translate to "Hey, birds, time to get up and start flying and hopping around looking for insects and worms to eat and maybe snag a twig or two to help re-inforce their nest. I don't know.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Chocolate Bomb

I went to PB Boulangerie & Bistro in South Wellfleet  on the first day of Summer and purchased this "Chocolate Tort and Chocolate Bomb" as a little mid-morning snack after inspecting a house in North Truro. I'm happy that now "people in the know" say that chocolate is good for you and I've never had a weight problem so decadent desserts such as these are essential to me so I don't whither away to nothing and disappear. As some people say," appearances are important."

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Buddha. Alcohol. Drinking."

Two glasses of wine a day improves quality of life for middle-aged - Telegraph  Here is a story touting the benefits of moderate alcohol drinking and the premise that moderate drinking improves the quality of life. The "Buddha" among other things believed in a path of moderation in life and taking the "middle road or path". Yes "Buddha. Alcohol  Drinking" is not B.A.D. So, for "dexterity,emotion, cognition and mobility; a moderate amount of "12 ounce curls" or tipping back a couple glasses of vino are alleged to be better for your overall well being as compared to abstainers or chronic over drinkers. So drink a little I guess but don't forget to drink and don't drink so much alcohol  that you feel "pickled".

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Presidential Wedding Gifts

The Obama event registry — Blog — Barack Obama  For those of you who love the "great" job our president is doing there is a new way to contribute to the "forward" looking re-election campaign for four more years of probably the best presidency this nation has ever seen! Yes, now in lieu of wedding gifts or commitment ceremony gifts the Obama campaign is suggesting that you make a contribution  that we all can appreciate and " goes a lot further than a gravy boat". So, "LET'S GO PEOPLE, FORK OVER THAT WEDDING CASH NOW!"

I have heard rumors that the Obama campaign also is considering asking for a "National Yard Sale Weekend" over the Labor Day Holidays  where all supporters should consider selling all their unnecessary possessions and contribute the proceeds to Barack. The Obama campaign I am told is also thinking of organizing a "National Kool Aid" sale so that all the Obama supporters who drink the kool-aid can buy this tasty nutritious drink with the proceeds going towards the re-election efforts of Barack, Michelle, Joe, and Dr. Jill. Some officials with the Obama re-election team wouldn't comment as to whether a street corner apple and pencil sale for Barack is still planned for the Wall Street section of New York City. 

There are so many ways for us to contribute, please don't limit yourself if you have any good ideas as to how to funnel some cash to Barack. For, as we all know,Barack needs help, as does our nation.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Abe" Lincoln Vampire Hunter

'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter': A New Era of Tall Tales | I see there is a new movie coming out about Abraham Lincoln and his until now unreleased history as a vampire hunter. "Abe" was an historic man and I'll bet you a penny or five dollars that you as well as I didn't know that before he became president he used to hunt down vampires and kill them with an ax. I see according to this article that FDR used to hunt werewolves before he became president. Maybe we will learn that FDR didn't have polio but used this as an alibi to cover up the real truth that he was bitten in the legs by a pack of blood thirsty werewolves one moonlit night. I think I recall from somewhere that George Washington was the original "ghost buster" as he used to battle poltergeists in his youth and that is why he chopped down a cherry tree as this tree was haunted by demon spirits. From what I recall, Ulysses S. Grant while he was alive before he was buried in Grant's tomb had a fiddling contest against the Devil when he was down in Georgia as he bet his soul against a fiddle of gold; AND HE WON!

I am comforted that at least in the past many of our presidents were not only among the "best and the brightest" but also able to protect the American people against "the creatures of the night". Maybe these past presidents were too modest as these feats of daring heroism have not been widely publicised. Nowadays we have a president that is the best at reading from a teleprompter as he travels among the 57 states of our country.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Car wreck at the White House - 3 crashes in one weekend

Car wreck at the White House - The Washington Post I must confess that I have been in car accidents in my life and I'm not going to adopt a "holier than thou" attitude BUT I have never had 3 CAR CRASHES in one weekend or ever "hit and run". With me my accidents have been "hit and stop". Obama's Commerce Secretary Brison  had a car crash trifecta. The Washington Post article mentions that the Commerce secretary "suffered a seizure". I guess that's possible although I wonder how someone could hit the same car twice unless you are part of a demolition derby. Maybe the Commerce Secretary wanted to drum up some business for the auto repair industry or maybe these accidents were  just an unfortunate series of medical mishaps or unlucky coincidences. Who knows? Maybe these crashes are symbolic of the anemic Obama economy which the President recently stated that "the private sector  is doing just fine" when the current job participation rate is declining as more and more discouraged job seekers give up even looking for a new job and thus reduce the "unemployment rate" from the real life unemployment rate.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Elizabeth Warren for MA Senate

I have been watching the Elizabeth Warren for Senate campaign with great interest in her quest to unseat current Republican Senator Scott Brown. I must say that I'm "very impressed" with her campaign so far and feel that she represents the "perfect" candidate for the Democrats and Massachusetts to represent our Commonwealth. Elizabeth Warren from Oklahoma has the ideal background as a non-Massachusetts native to truely know our state as the consumate outsider. Ms. Warren received her tenured Harvard Law School professorship by claiming that she is 1/32 Cherokee Indian in heritage and thus part of a discriminated against protected minority class and deserving of special consideration. This blue eyed blond haired woman Ms. Warren claims that her "Paw Paw" (or great great great grandmother, something like that) was a Cherokee and that is where her "high cheek bones like all Indians have" comes from. This physical feature alone I feel makes her the best candidate for Senate to take back "Ted Kennedy's seat". It turns out that in fact although she claimed minority Indian status, it appears actually that one of her relatives was actually with the "Tennessee Militia" that rounded up Native American Indians for the "trail of tears" and later persecuted the Seminole Indians of Florida. This is perfect lying hypocritical action by the democratic candidate Ms. Warren that we desperately need down in Washington to help act as a "rubber stamp" for President Obama in his quest to expand the federal government and put the country further in debt. Ms. Warren also claims to be one of the "philosophical leaders" behind the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and their quest to try to re-distribute the money from capitalist businessmen and bankers of the "1%" so that they can forfeit their earned income to the "99%" of "average Joe's" who don't have much money and feel entitled to the money of others. I think it is great that Ms. Warren is all for redistributing income while at the same time she and her family benefited from investing in foreclosed houses which she then "flipped" for profit. This "anti-bank" attitude while at the same time enriching yourself is just the thing we need in our Senator as she will fit right in with all the other lying hypocritical democrats in Washington who rail against "Wall Street" while accepting caampaign backing from Wall Street.

Yes, Scott Brown is not corrupt enough to get my vote. He is too hardworking for me and too much like a real person to get my vote, plus he's a Republican! I definitely prefer a hand-picked by Obama Oklahoma based lying hypocrite for my Senator: AND that's why Elizabeth Warren will definitly have my support for Senate this November.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Bath Salts"

Causeway Cannibal Identified; Fears Grow Over Drug Possibly Involved « CBS Miami Did you hear about this "Naked cannibal attack' down in Miami? People now think that the cannibalism was caused by a new stimulant "LSD" type drug known as "Bath Salts".This is all new to me as I rarely take baths but do use my outdoor shower quite religiously usually until about Thanksgiving here on Cape Cod. Some people I guess do enjoy soaking in the tub and pouring in some bath salts to ease their weary bones, but not me. Often I see commercials on the "TV" that describe some prescription drug of some sort and to me it seems that some of the side effects seem worse than the condition that the drug is trying to correct. Some drugs list even DEATH as a side effect or liver damage, etc., I'd rather forgo these drugs and luckily so far I don't have any prescriptions for any chemical drugs and once in a while I do have an aspirin but that doesn't seem too bad. I guess these drug dealers should start putting warning labels on these "bath salts" drugs such as "CAUTION: using bath salts may cause you to run around naked and eat the raw uncooked  face of other naked humans, please consult with your physician before consuming "bath salts" as this drug may also cause you to say the pledge of allegiance backwards or speak like "Bobba Fett or Jabba The Hut from Star Wars".

Me, I think I'll stick to showers and forgo the "bath salts". I don't even like steak tartar that much and do draw the line at eating people's uncooked noses.

Friday, May 25, 2012

I Lost A Filling

Last week I lost one of my gold fillings from one of my upper molars. With the price of gold these days I was lucky that I didn't swallow this filling and I made sure that I saved it. I had this filling for a number of years but I guess this is a sign that I'm getting a day older each day as it is no fun to  lose a filling. One thing about gold is that it retains its bright lustre and it didn't take me much time to scrub off the coffee and spinach stains. Luckily this filling was installed when gold was about $240 an ounce so I actually can sell this filling for more than it cost me.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

IHYD becomes "That's My Boy"-

That's My Boy Trailer Official 2012 [1080 HD] - Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg - YouTube Opening on "Father's Day", "That's My Boy" the latest Adam Sandler movie was filmed on Cape Cod for a lot of the scenes. The "working title" while filming was "I Hate You Dad". I remember seeing advertisements for "extras" during last Summer and also seeing "IHYD" road signs around Hyannis and Dennis. At first I wasn't sure what "IHYD" meant with these signs as I was thinking,"Is that a ransom sign meaning I Have Your Dog"? Or perhaps, "I Hate Young Democrats?" I figured it out after a while.

I don't mind Adam Sandler's silly characters as found in movie classics such as "The Waterboy" and "Happy Gilmore". I'm sure I'll see this movie at some point as it is fun to see local sights on the "big screen" and say to yourself"I know where that is", or "I've been there". So, that's my preliminary thoughts on "That's My Boy".  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Water Under the Bridge"

Yesterday I was able to cross over the Lieutenant Island Road wooden bridge in Wellfleet on Cape Cod as I timed correctly the tidal water flow whereas my previous attempt was thwarted by the high "Super Moon" tide that flooded the road to the island. I hated to waste the time and gas from my previous island crossing attempt but some times in life you have to "go with the flow" and my unsuccessful attempt is now "water under the bridge".

Friday, May 11, 2012

"A Bridge Too Far"

Yesterday I was on my way to an insurance inspection on Lieutenant Island in Wellfleet on Cape Cod when I saw that the rising tide had flooded the road before this wooden bridge to the island. It was interesting to see all the little fish  swimming in the water on the road and I saw a couple of hermit crabs scampering around as well. I have never been over to this island but I think this is the only road available to reach the houses and wildlife sanctuary. I didn't feel like driving through the salt water as I didn't want to rust out my car or chance getting caught on the island and having to wait for the tide to change. Yes, today, this was "a bridge too far " for me. Luckily, I hadn't been drinking and didn't have a young lady named Mary Joe with me in the car and didn't crash my car off the side of this bridge like that Kennedy fella over on Martha's Vineyard many years ago.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brownies Can't Sell Brownies

Parents: Rule’s half-baked - What do you think of the new regulations set to go into effect in Massachusetts by the Department of Public Health banning sale on school property of pizza, fudge, cookies,pies 2% milk, and other treats used to raise money for student activities such as band trips, drama clubs, hockey teams and other organizations? The Department of Public Health thinks banning "fatty foods" will help reduce the alarming amount of child obesity and give the kids a chance to lead a normal, healthy, life as these tasty treats would then not compete with the school lunch program. Seems to me this is another example of bureaucratic regulators going a little too far. Maybe some of these organizations and clubs will just have to get permission to set up a table across the street from the school to get around these regulations. Maybe these clubs will start selling raw carrots, apples, bananas, parsnips, and beets to raise money for their activities as I'm sure that there will be great demand for these healthy snacks.

The obesity problem to me seems to be caused primarily by not enough exercise as schools reduce the amount of recess and gym activity. A lot of people and kids these days seem to concentrate their activities around their computer,smart phone, or game console. Maybe instead of desks the schools should develop lecterns where kids could stand during class instead of sitting or devise a type of bicycle wheel apparatus to their desks so that all the students could spin a bike chain and generate electric power that could be stored in batteries that could help reduce the electric bills of the school. Maybe the schools should require all the children to shovel the snow in the school parking lots by hand instead of using the town snow plows. Just think of all the new regulatory ideas that could be developed. I say "Let the Brownie troop sell their brownies, let the Girl Scouts sell their cookies and let the students eat cake".

Thursday, May 3, 2012

"For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" (to some people)

Forbidden Photos of Adolf Hitler Ran across some photos I had never seen before of Adolph Hitler that portray him as great with women and children, a vegetarian animal lover, artist, and all around "jolly good fellow". Just another example perhaps of how impressions can be formed in many ways through the media both in a positive and negative manner. Adolph Hitler was "before my time" and I in no way can condone his genocidal actions of supposed racial purity or his maniacal quest to conquer all of Europe and Russia. These photos do show though that even the greatest of Satans can be portrayed in a favorable light and mask a truly despicable person. It is sometimes easy I guess for some people to be swayed by a "smooth talker" or a charismatic leader especially when the "press" is on their side.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Truro Dune

Today I was up in the town of Truro doing exterior insurance surveys and took this photo of a Truro sand dune and marshland. I rely quite a bit on my Garmin navigator which is a little "sketchy" in Truro as I would put in a few addresses and "No match found" was the response. Some of the routes the Garmin takes me and my car are quite "scenic" as today I ended up on a half mile one lane dirt road through the Truro moors. Kind of an adventure but didn't like the bushes scraping against my car and there was no place to turn around or off this road so I'm glad that no car met me as I would have to have to back up a half mile or make the other car back up that distance.

Joe Biden: Mr Tactful

Biden to donors: 'You all look dull as hell' | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner Recently Joe Biden said to a breakfast fundraiser crowd, "You all look dull as hell". I wish Joe would truly express his feelings, opinions, and observations and not be so tactful all the time. After all, this crowd paid only a minimum of $2500 each to hear the words of wisdom of our distinguished vice-president. Perhaps the crowd was anxious to go back to their jobs and try to earn some money or at least to get busy lobbying the federal government for some sweetheart government loans or contracts. I don't know. Maybe the crowd didn't think this occasion warranted dressing up in flashy multicolored Hawaiian shirts as it is not Summer quite yet.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Duck, Duck, Duck

I went to an estate sale this weekend on Cape Cod and these three ducks there looked like they wanted to follow me home so I let them into my car and now they reside with me. There must have been about 100 ducks inside the antique home. The former resident was an artist that had a studio on the estate property along with an old barn and another workshop. The sale reminded me a little of the "American Pickers" television show as all the buildings were pretty chock full of stuff. One upper level area in the studio building had an old trunk full of these pieces of paper with writing on them, envelopes, one and two cent stamps; I think people used to call them "letters" or something like that. Can you imagine before the rise of computers and "smart" phones people used to use these things called "pens" and send their thoughts to each other? Believe it or not sometimes these letters could take days to reach the person to whom the letter was addressed, not milliseconds as with "e-mail". How quaint!  I took my time and actually perused quite a few of these letters, many of which were written during the 1940's during WWII.

I guess the former owner believed in the philosophy of "waste not want not" as for example there was a box of old electrical fuses in one of the basements even though the electric service was updated to a main circuit panel. Maybe they thought that they better keep the fuses in case they decided to go back to a fuse panel electric service in the future.I don't know.

I think I'm going to like my new pet ducks as they don't seem to need much in the way of upkeep. Being made of wood they don't need any food or water, they don't make any noise, in fact they really don't even move around on their own. These low maintenance ducks will allow me to "Get all my ducks in a row"before the start of another work week. I have named all three of these ducks, their names are Duck, Duck, and Duck similar to boxer George Foreman who names all his sons "George". Now, if in the future I acquire a wooden goose I think I will name the goose "Goose"; then if I need to call these quiet birds I can just say, "Duck,Duck, Duck, Goose".

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Presidential Dog Meat"

I was listening today to the "Howie Carr" radio show on WRKO Boston. The topic of the hour was a discussion of the fact that President Obama as a youngster while living in Indonesia ate dog meat for food along with grasshopper and beef. The young Obama thought that dog meat was tastier than beef which he described as "tough". I heard with my own ears President Obama reading from one of his books about his doggone dog eating adventures. I never heard about this until today as I never bothered to read his (or was it Bill Ayers) book about our beneficent transcendental president. I wonder why the "main stream" media never brought this to my attention that President Obama is a dog lover, along with a side dish of grasshoppers and rice. Now, to each his own, I've seen on the "Food Channel" television show the host "Andrew" eat monkey brains, bats, and other things on his "Bizarre Food" show and I really don't care if President Obama enjoyed eating dogs. Maybe, the government can start feeding dogs to the people on food assistance as dog meat probably has less fat content than eating beef so it is probably healthier for you. Maybe, after President Obama loses the next election he has plans to open up a chain of "Barack's Dog Shack" restaurants where you can go and pick out a cute little live puppy from a pen inside the restaurant and then the dog chefs can butcher up this little puppy for you to enjoy along with some corn on the cob, potato, and cole slaw similar to a lobster bake. Yum, yum!(No thanks for me though).

At least President Obama never put a dog up on top of the roof of his car and drove around giving the poor dog plenty of fresh air which dogs seem to enjoy like that cruel Mitt Romney. No, Barack never did that as the thought of doing such a cruel thing might cause him to lose his appetite; and you don't want to lose your appetite especially if you are about to engorge yourself on some tasty dog meat!

"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Barking man cited for noise violation | Online Athens  Who let  the dogs out? Oops, my bad, He look ........ like........; as they used to say on the "Mad TV" show when an oriental lady was asked to describe her description of someone involved in some sort of illegal act while being interviewed by the local police. Apparently, in Athens, Georgia according to this report, a barking man was cited for noise violations for "barking like a dog" too loudly. The 35 year old man said that some people call him "the holy lamb of God". Well, when I was younger I learned that lambs and sheep made noises that sound like "Baaaaaaaaaa.......Baaaaaaaaa. I learned that dogs made "Bowwww Wowww Wowwww or Arrrf Arrrf Arrrfrrrfrrrf or Grrr,Arrfarrf arrfbowwwwowwowwow, ruffffrufrufruf noises. Maybe this man is confused and thought he was a sheep dog even though the University of Georgia mascot is the bulldog. I don't know.

Monday, April 16, 2012

"The Buffet Rule"

I don't understand why President Obama wants to introduce "The Buffet Rule". Is this another case of trying to reduce the number of fat people in the country? I've enjoyed many fine buffets particularly out in Las Vegas and they never had a long term effect on my health or waistline. Is this "buffet rule" tied in with Michelle Obama's  "let's move and give vegetables a chance" cause or as part of the socialized medicine takeover with the unconstitutional Obama health care rationing act?

Why does the federal government have to get involved with more rules about buffets? I would think the private restauranteurs could make up sensible rules with their buffets on their own. I think however, if the federal government has to get involved in buffet meals a few common sense rules should apply such as:  1. No cutting in line, wait your turn.
       2. Please use the provided serving spoons and utensils, not your hands when loading your plate with jello or macaroni and cheese.
       3. Don't waste food, and you can't go through the buffet again until you eat all of the edible food on your plate.
       4. If you don't finish the food on your plate you are required to pay the equivalent cost of the value of the uneaten food and this money will be sent to Bangladesh where people would appreciate some extra food.
        5. No stuffing food in your pockets or purses, except for jello which Bill Cosby says is always a food you can make room for.
        6. Buffet tables should be designed whenever possible so that you can get to the food selections from either side of the serving table to reduce the waiting time before you can shove this yummy food into your face.
         7. No yelling "Shut your pie hole" anywhere near the dessert table as this is discriminatory towards people who prefer cake.

So, There are a few of my ideas for the "buffet rule" if we have to have them. What rules do YOU think would be good for buffets? Do you agree with me that the government should have bigger issues to consider instead of messing around with buffets?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Good ole vouchsafe".

I remember learning somewhere in my pre-college school career the definition of the word "vouchsafe". This word as we all know the meaning of without being too presumptuous means "to condescend". I remember that this was one of the questions on the "SAT' (Scholastic Aptitude Test) that we had to take to qualify for college admission, "What is the meaning of the word vouchsafe?"  I have never used this vouchsafe word in a sentence; either through the spoken or written word, and actually rarely use the word condescend either. Maybe we were taught the word "vouchsafe" just to help develop out rote memory skills, or, this word may come in handy if we find ourselves in the presence of English royalty.

I did look up on a "Google search", "using the word vouchsafe (verb) in a sentence" and here is one of the vouchsafe sentence submissions: "But yet vouchsafe to us Tityrus, who is this god of thine."

Maybe, I would see myself using the word "vouchsafe" if I was telling the following story to someone.

Heinrich and Bromhilda Vouch were married for over forty years and operated "Vouch Jewelers" on Main Street in downtown Denton, Texas. They met in a diamond cutting class in Antwerp, married, and moved to Texas as they both shared a love of "American Western movies" and the cowboy lifestyle. They thought that Texas would be a great place to open up a jewelry store with all the wealthy oil men and cattle barons as potential customers. Plus, they found that they liked USA grade prime beef steaks better than the European German Black Forest steaks. So, Texas, it was and they established a comfortable pleasant life for themselves.Broomhilda was often found outside the store sweeping the sidewalk and greeting the "window shoppers".  Everyone was so friendly in Texas and they never considered that anyone would ever try to rob their store so they never installed a burglar alarm for the store, they did have a deadbolt lock on the front door; besides, they brought along their huge safe with them to store all their diamonds, gold, and precious stones.

Little did they know however that a gang of MS-13 youths from El Paso went through Denton one day and decided to make plans to rob the vouchsafe. But that, is another story.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Its good Good To Be King!!

Exclusive: George Clooney to Host Obama Fundraiser | I see George Clooney is hosting a fund raiser for current President Obama. I'm not sure if I'll go, the tickets seem reasonable enough, only $40,000 per person; the May date though I think conflicts with a Red Sox game. Its good to be king I guess as Mel Brooks once said in his movie "The History of the World Part I". I wonder what kind of food you get for only $40,000 per plate? I would hope you would get an ounce or two of truffles, maybe a couple 10 pound lobsters, baked Alaska, some classic wines and champagne, and maybe some Cheetos. It is good to see President Obama hobnobbing with the common Academy Award folk; not the evil rich like the dreaded Republicans.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeling the Pane

I don't know for sure if windows have feelings but today I did put my hand on the front glass of my bay window and felt the pane. I remember when Bill Clinton was president he too must have felt up a window or two as he declared to the nation, "I feel your pane."

Perhaps windows do mirror the emotions of people and objects around them as windows can have moments of reflection and usually you can see through windows so their window emotions can be noticed. Windows have to endure all sorts of weather temperatures and the elements of rain, sleet, snow, wind, dust, birds flying into them, bugs and flies trying to get in or out; all these factors I'm sure can lead to stress and that must be why some windows have window treatment. Some windows are shady, some are blind, and for some windows its curtains for them. Perhaps windows need treatment because even though they look solid, science says they are a liquid. As windows age some windows get thicker and heavier towards the bottom; just like some people I guess. Although many windows do undergo treatment it is sad but true that some windows  do crack or break while other windows age gracefully and have a good outlook.

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Crossing The Line"

Rick Santorum, "YOU SIR, HAVE CROSSED THE LINE". How can you honestly believe that there is not a speck of difference between President Barak Obama and the Republican nominee Mitt Romney? It was bad enough that you supported Arlen Specter for senator in Pennsylvania over Tea Party Conservative Republican Pat Toomey. It is bad enough that you think you have the necessary experience to be president when neither you nor President Obama have never run even a lemonade stand as far as I know.  It was tiring Rick Santorum to hear you whine in some of the earlier Republican presidential debates when you in effect were saying "Hey, How come I'm always at the end of the lineup and you didn't give me enough questions or time to talk? What about me? So what if I'm only polling 2% of the Republican vote at the time."  To your credit, you Mr. Rick, have had some noteworthy primary results. But, You didn't even have the organizational ability to get on the primary ballot in Virginia or field a complete slate of delegates for the Ohio primary. I expect that the primary process is a "grind" and reports say that you are sleep deprived, BUT, that is not an excuse to say that if YOU are not the nominee then America should just go along with another four years of an unleashed, unfettered, Obama power grabbing, defecit spending, overreaching, federal goverrnment.

Remember Rick, YOU endorse Mitt Romney in 2008 and said that he was the "Conservative choice" during that primary election priocess. Why do you think that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee and not you? One reason the "establishment" Republican leaders are primarily backing Mitt Romney is that Romney "buried the hatchet" when John McCain won the 2008 nomination and worked tirelessly to try to get McCain elected as well as working for the 2010 Republican Senate and Congressional candidates.

There comes a time when you, Rick Santorum, have to realize that you have to put your personal ambitions aside, check your ego at the door and get behind the republican nominee, Mitt Romney. The Republican party is NOT going to nominate an 18 point loser like you with your losing Senatorial race. You have "crossed the line" and now it is time to  "re-cross" the line and not "hold your breath or pout" like some immature child because "this is not your time".

Hey, maybe in eight years after President Romney is finished his second term, if you still feel you have what it takes, then you can make your case as to why you should be the Republican nominee in 2020.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hemp Dreams

I found this carton of "Hemp Dream" hemp drink at a local job lot store which was founded in the "ocean state".This carton was the last carton in stock at the store.  I was sure glad I found this tasty drink as believe it or not I couldn't find "Hemp Dream" in a lot of the bigger local chain stores. Probably, this hemp dream sells out so quickly that even the big stores have a hard time keeping this popular drink in stock.

"Hemp dream is made with all natural hemp seeds and is lactose, dairy, cholesterol, and gluten free as well as being a good source of manganese and essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. Along with the natural goodness of hemp seeds, this smooth creamy delicious beverage is enriched with Vitamin A, B12, Calcium and Phosphorus.

George Washington used to grow hemp back in the Colonial days but I don't know if he ever made himself a smoked ham sandwich and a tall glass of hemp milk. Not sure if old George was lactose intolerant or if he lost his teeth and had to use his wooden dentures as he hated cow and goat milk and insisted only drinking hemp milk. I doubt back then if they could enrich their hemp milk with calcium.

Have you ever had a hemp dream? I, personally didn't even know hemp plants had dreams and if hemp plants and seeds had dreams what would they dream about besides adequate water, sunlight and maybe a little fertilizer to improve the soil?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Dreams

Chief Shares His Dream of President Obama - YouTube  Here is a video of a dream an Indian chief had about President Obama. The chief requests help in interpreting his dream. Won't you help him? Please?

There are many types of dreams and many people say that many aspects of dreams are symbolic in nature that deal with current, past, or future events. We all spend almost one third of our lifespan in bed resting and dreaming. Many internal body maintenance issues are said to be resolved by the body while in repose and altered brainwave states of consciousness can manifest themselves during our non-awake hours.

Some people say  that "life is but a dream" and others have said that we are more aware in the dream state than during our waking hours. The Yaqui sorcerer "Don Juan Matos" as described in the books by Carlos Castenada said that one of the goals of the "warrior" is to become "awake" during the dream state and fully conscious in this dream world.

So, follow your dreams, (if you want/or not) and try to interpret them if you can (or not). Your dreams are yours to do what you want to do with them as they may or may not hold significance to what you think about and how you live your life.

For some people having President Obama winning the election of 2008 was a dream come true while for others that election was the start of a four year nightmare. Do you dream about Obama like this Indian chief?

Monday, March 12, 2012

"President Gas"

 When gas prices go up some things go down. This photo was taken on March 11, 2012 on Cape Cod and reflects a rise in the recent gas prices. This price I know is not the highest national gas price by any means; for example I was on Nantucket Island last Friday and saw gas prices of $4.69 per gallon. I have seen stories of $5.00 and even $6.00 per gallon gas in certain areas of the country.

What is going down is the job approval ratings for President Obama as the most recent national poll I have seen shows that if the election were held today Mitt Romney would receive 48% of the vote versus 42% for President Obama. A few weeks ago the polls reflected a closer race prior to the recent spike in gas prices. I have heard that each 1 cent rise in the gas price is equivalent to a billion dollars added cost for consumers which of course can't spend their money on other things if the money is spent at the pump filling up their gas tank.

People can argue that it is not Obama's fault that the gas prices are rising although President Obama in the past has said that he would like to see the price of gas rise in a gradual manner probably because in his mind then alternative battery powered electric cars would then seem to be a better alternative to the gas driven cars. Also, with higher gas prices maybe people would cut down on their driving habits by walking or taking public transportation. Part of the current gas price is derived from the fear and uncertainty about Iran and the possibility that Iran will try to close the Straits of Hormuz and disrupt the supply of oil from the Middle East.

Although he may try, I personally believe that Obama can't "blame Bush" for these higher prices and by refusing to grant timely permits for oil drilling, rejecting the "Keystone pipeline", and threatening to raise taxes on oil companies Obama is not setting America on a course of energy independence.  These obstructionist anti-energy policies in addition to raising the cost of fuel will also tend to raise the cost of food and other consumer items as the transportation costs will rise to get these products to the stores across America. Energy policy is a complicated matter but Obama is not helping future gas prices by  raising the supply of  domestic energy. Wind and solar energy are fine but the wind doesn't always blow at the same wind speed and solar energy doesn't produce much energy at night.

So, my point is as the price of gas rises, economic activity and job creation will fall and so far so will President Obama's poll numbers and chances for re-election. By sowing a policy of energy obstructionism Obama may reap a harvest of higher unemployment, lower economic activity, and greater opportunity to "shoot some hoops and work on his golf game" as a one term ex-president in future days.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Common Cents

Did you know that some pennies are worth more than others? I'm not talking about the pennies with numismatic value like the 1955 double die cent or the 1909-S VDB penny. I'm talking about the metal content of the penny. Pictured above is a clear picture of a 1974 penny, (if you think this penny appears "blurry" you might want to have your eyes checked). This little penny as of March 9, 2012 is worth 0.0252822 cents as it is 95% copper. Just think, if you collect pennies like this and others minted in 1982 and before, the metal value is 252.82% more than the face value. Pennies minted after 1982 are 97.5% zinc are worth 0.0055275  or only 55.27% of the face value.

So, collecting certain common pennies can give you a metal value return of WAY more than what banks currently  pay in interest. Does collecting these pennies make sense? When someone tells you, "A penny for your thoughts?" You should reply, "I only give up my thoughts for pre-1982 pennies as the newer pennies just aren't worth my thoughts based on the recent commodity price fixing closing prices for copper at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange".

If you do decide to start collecting these pre-1982 pennies and then tell your friends about this your friends may say about you to people they meet;"He's not real smart but he does have a lot of common cents."