Monday, August 6, 2012

Prove You Are INNOCENT?

Interesting to hear that Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) allege that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes during the previous 10 years as Reid cites an "anonymous" source he claims told him this information. Senator Reid wants Mitt Romney to release these 10 years of tax returns to prove whether Romney had in fact paid taxes during those years. It is interesting especially since from what I understand Senator Reid himself hasn't ever released his own tax returns. From what I understand, a Senator cannot be prosecuted for slander while speaking from the well of the Senate floor. I seem to recall that Senator Reid was involved in some sort of questionable real estate transaction in Nevada. I thought in America people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Senator Reid's spurious assertion is reminiscent of the "McCarthy era" where there was a which hunt for people with presumed Communist affiliation. Reid's unsubstantiated remarks also are similar to the Nazi Germany propaganda where if you state a "big lie" long enough and loud enough it can become accepted as the truth. Mitt Romney in response to Senator Reid said "Put Up or Shut Up".

It seems hard to fathom that Mitt Romney would not pay the amount of taxes due as I'm sure that he has an accounting firm help him with his tax returns. I doubt if Mitt spent countless hours at his kitchen table with a calculator,shoe box full of receipts, legal pad, and his investment statements filling out his yearly taxes. You would think that Mitt Romney was probably audited by the IRS at least once over these alleged 10 years of tax returns if not every year. And, if the IRS did audit Mitt Romney's tax returns then the IRS would make sure that Mr. Romney was paying the proper amount of tax owed the government. From what I understand, Mitt Romney served as Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the amount of ONE DOLLAR per year. I heard today on "talk radio" that the Obamas have some of their investment money in a Bain Capital related investment.I say good for them, good to see that they have a little personal investment sense even if they show no economic sense regarding the US economy.

Slithery politicians such as Senator Reid should not be able to get away with "anonymous" sources in their character assassination efforts. After all, the media has never pressed President Obama on his college admissions, Connecticut Social Security number, his affiliation with convicted felons and Weather Underground members, to name a few clouds hanging over our hopeless current president.

Don't you think that Mitt Romney would make sure that his taxes were properly paid considering the fact that Mitt was a candidate in the 2008 Republican primary? Don't you think Mitt Romney and/or his advisers would consider that maybe the Democrats would look into his tax history? Just because our current Democrat appointed Treasury Secretary didn't pay his proper amount of taxes doesn't mean that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes. "Dirty Harry, Make My Day, show us your proof that Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years OR SHUT UP AND QUIT YOUR BASELESS ACCUSATIONS".