Saturday, August 11, 2012


The Republican ticket is now set. Mitt Romney selected current House of Representatives Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R) Wisconsin to be his vice-presidential running mate. The Romney/Ryan Republican ticket hopefully will be a responsible team to restore a robust economy to return America back on the right path to economic recovery. The time for "punting" and/or "kicking the can" down the road as far as dealing with the pressing problems of record budget deficits, anemic economy, record unemployment under President Obama must be changed as America cannot continue down the path of federal government spending exceeding deficits of over one trillion dollars per year. The Democrats under President Obama have a dismal economic record with their dumb and destructive crony deals to their special interest friends such as Solyndra where they were advised to decline the loan guarantees but doggedly decided to proceed with a doomed decision.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the campaign develops as to whether an honest discussion of the differing philosophies of the role of the federal government between the two parties will ensue regarding the future of America or whether the Democrats and their media friends will focus on distorting and demonising the Republican ticket with their lies and false accusations.The day of reckoning is approaching; time will tell what future will develop.