Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tomato Harvest

I picked these vine ripened tomatoes today from my garden here on Cape Cod. They are a representative sample of the three types of tomato plants I purchased and raised this year. One variety is the cherry tomato, one "beefsteak", and the final variety is the "super duper gigantic humongous beefsteak". I'm not going to point out which tomatoes are from which variety so see if you can figure them out from the above picture.

I usually don't get "sun ripened" tomatoes from my garden as in past years some sort of "critters" would come along at night and take a bite out of each tomato as part of their nocturnal dinner. Thus, in past years I would pick the tomatoes when they were green and ripen them on a shelf in the kitchen. This year though I have only seen bite marks on one tomato so I appreciate that the "critters" are letting me eat some of my tomatoes.

My first job ever which I think I described in a previous blog post was selling tomatoes and cucumbers in Carmel, New York when I was four. I had a little red wagon and would go around the neighborhood door to door and peddle the produce at the outrageously expensive prices of "two for a nickel and four for a dime", I do remember making change for some of the customers. Now the vegetable prices are even higher!

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