Thursday, January 23, 2014

Love of Muskrats

I see today in the news that Daryl Dragon and Catherine Antoinette Tennille (Captain & Tennille" are getting divorced.  That is a shame since they were only married for 39 years. I guess "Love Won't Keep Them Together" anymore. I wonder what happened? (not that it is any of my business). Maybe they did certain things with each other and "The Captain said "Do That To Me One More Time" and Tennille said "No  thanks, "You Never Done It Like That" and furthermore "I'm On My Way" and started twirling around in "Circles" repeating "I Can't Stop Dancin' " and went out to dance in the rain. "Come in From the Rain" said the Captain and we can make "Love on a Shoestring" because that's "The Way I Want to Touch You".

Maybe they got tired of their pet muskrats and their  "Muskrat Love" and "Captain said to Tennille, "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas" as "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" and  I think if we brought a hippopotamus in to sleep with us it would help in "Keeping Our Love Warm".

Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Give "Pete" A Chance"

I think everybody in life deserves "a chance" to make the most of their God given talents. I repeat, everyone deserves a chance. No matter who you are and what your name is, you should have a chance to follow your dreams and destiny.

John Lennon wrote the famous song  "Give Pete A Chance" so he believes for Pete's sake that Pete deserves a chance. Here are the lyrics to that song:

Two, one two three four
Everybody's talking about
Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism
Ragism, Tagism, this-ism, that-ism
Ism ism ism
All we are saying is give Pete  a chance
All we are saying is give Pete a chance
Everybody's talkin' 'bout ministers, sinisters
Banisters and canisters, bishops and fishops
Rabbis and pop eyes, bye bye, bye byes
All we are saying, is give Pete a chance
All we are saying, is give Pete a chance
Let me tell you now
Everybody's talking about, revolution
Evolution, masturbation, flagellation
Regulation, integrations, meditations
United Nations, congratulations
All we are saying is give Pete a chance
All we are saying is give Pete a chance
Everybody's talking about, John and Yoko
Timmy Leary, Rosemary, Tommy smothers
Bobby Dylan, Tommy Cooper, Derek Taylor
Norman Mailer, Alan Ginsberg, Hare Krishna, Hare Hare Krishna
All we are saying is give Pete a chance
All we are saying is give Pete a chance
All we are saying is give Pete a chance

 Now, I'm not 100% sure which Pete John Lennon was referring to; but, my guess is he may have been referring to the original drummer in the Silver Beatles, namely Pete Best who was replaced by Ringo Starr right before the "Beatles" rocketed to world wide fame and fortune. I think maybe John Lennon and the rest of the "Beatles" may have felt a touch of remorse for parting company with their Best drummer before he could become a Starr like the rest of the group. So, John probably wrote this song as a plea to other music groups to consider Peter Best as their drummer and give him a chance. I don't know. What do you think?  "Peace out".

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Gold Clip

At first I just bent the remaining part of the clip and tried to attach the chain back together but the chain kept coming apart and sliding off my neck. Have you ever tried to attach a chain yourself by looking in the mirror? It is kind of difficult as  the "mirror image" is exactly opposite of what you would think.

I tried then to use part of a paperclip and bend this metal part between both sides of the chain and tried to twist them together. I didn't have good luck with that as I wasn't able to clamp the metal together  well with a pair of pliers.

Then, I looked around my house and found this blue paper clip. I wasn't sure if a paper clip would work as after all a paper clip is supposed to clip paper together. But, as you can see the paper clip was thin enough to slide through each side of the gold chain. 

Hey, maybe this will be the start of a new fashion trend. Just think, if I'm going to the store to buy some Spam and slow roasted Boston bake beans; I can now just clip my grocery list around my neck. Or, if by accident I trip and fall outside somewhere and hit my head and develop amnesia, if I write my name and address and clip it to my blue neck paperclip someone may help me find my way back to my home.

Yes, this paper clip was "as good as gold