Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Ass Truck

 Just saw this photo from a" twitterer" and I'm not sure if I get it. This state of Maine truck looks like it is out in the woods or at a blueberry farm where it is not uncommon to see farm animals such as asses, donkeys, horses or even oxen used to help out in the field or woods to haul wood, plow the fields and other heavy labor intensive chores. This truck owner must haul around his ass in the back of the truck and I guess he wants people to comment on how roomy the truck bed is in the Ford F150. What I don't understand is why there are pictures of  President Obama on the tailgate of the truck. Everyone should know that Ford didn't accept government bailout money like GM (Government Motors); so if anything President Obama's face would be better represented breathing truck exhaust fumes on the tail gate of a Chevy S10. Everyone knows that President Obama is a human being not an ass and if anything he could be called the chief donkey as he is the head of the Democratic party who has a donkey as their symbol.

This truck is empty of both the driver and his ass as they both must be out in the field somewhere.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Patch

While walking on Thanksgiving Day down Firetown Road in Simsbury, Connecticut I came across this field of pumpkins. I wonder when the owner of this field will get around to picking these pumpkins as they seemed kind of ripe to me and I'm no pumpkin expert but I think these pumpkins may even be over ripe. But, then I thought "why would someone go to the trouble of planting pumpkins and then not pick them?" Maybe these are a special variety of pumpkins that taste better with age kind of like aged beef, Scotch, or certain wines and cheeses. Then again, maybe the owner of this field is a big follower of the "Charle Brown" comic strip and believes in sacrificing some of his crop as tribute to "The Great Pumpkin". I don't know. I'm sure that many starving people in the world would have loved some pumpkin pie from these pumpkins or even just eating the pumpkin seeds. Yes, the pumpkin seeds are quite tasty when baked in the oven with a little salt and olive oil.

I remember working in these fields when I was 14 and 15 years old in the Summer when these fields were covered with netting and shade tobacco was planted here. They used to use the tobacco leaves for cigar wrappers after the leaves were cured in the tobacco barns.

Maybe the owners grow pumpkins to refresh the soil . I know one thing these pumpkins didn't taste very good when I tried them so maybe in fact they are overripe; or maybe I just don't appreciate this new delicacy.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Murmuring Brook

The little brook wasn't babbling, no it was murmuring and I couldn't understand what it was saying so I guess it wasn't that important to me as I couldn't hear it too well.

Black Alder Berries Thanksgiving Day

Here's a photograph of some black alder berries in Simsbury, Connecticut on Thanksgiving morning. They look like floating cranberries for the birds to go along with their Thanksgiving feast  of seeds, nuts and bugs.

Catalpa Thanksgiving Wish

 This large Catalpa tree started to split apart during the late October freak snow storm in Simsbury, Connecticut. The way the tree split reminds me of the wishbone found in a turkey or chicken and is nature's way of making a big wish I guess.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cape Air Plane

Here's a photo of the airplane that I flew on recently from Hyannis to Nantucket and back. Although the sky was clear and not cloudy all day all nine passengers had a whale of a ride on this whale inspired painted plane as the wind made for an adventurous roller coaster ride. All plane rides have their ups and downs I guess.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flights of Imagination

Saw this sculpture in a park near the Nantucket airport yesterday of a boy imagining that he could fly on a paper airplane. I imagine that this boy didn't weigh too much if he can stand on top of a paper airplane and soar off into the wild blue yonder.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hugo Barack

 Nice to see our president getting along so well with socialist Hugo Chavez the "president for life" leader of Venezuela here in this believeable advertisement for Benetton. They (Benetton) also have a photograph of President Obama kissing the Communist Chinese leader Hu, as well as the Pope passionately kissing a Muslim Iman. The Vatican is apparently going to sue over "the Pope" picture.

If the aim of advertising is to have memorable imagery or to "get people talking" then probably Benetton has succeeded; whether these "controversial " advertisements result in increased sales only time will tell.

What do you think of these two "lovebirds" of a feather?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Catch A Fire"

I watched some of the Republican debate tonight. I think its time for some of the candidates that haven't caught fire as yet in the polls to start to consider calling it a day (and night) and leave the presidential field. I'm talking about John Huntsman, and Rick Santorum for starters. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee as they say AND if you can't currently poll 5% then unfortunately, the reality is you as candidates are taking up space on the debate stage.Both John Huntsman and Rick Santorum have some "good qualities" BUT, they haven't "caught fire" with the Republican voters. The Republican nominee is going to be either Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, or Newt Gingrich; in my opinion.

Of these three, Herman Cain has no direct elected government experience but does have Federal Reserve experience and experience in the "real world" as he actually worked in the private sector and had to deal with real world issues. Herman Cain does not seem to have much experience in foreign policy matters which may hamper him as time goes by. Mr. Cain does seem to have a  "regular guy" personality which is part of his current appeal.

Newt Gingrich, it seems to me, is probably the smartest candidate or perhaps tied for the smartest. Smartness is a quality that Democrats seem to hold in high value even though some of their "smart" politicians seem to have no common sense or subscribe to somewhat "anti-business, anti-capitalist,pro-big government" views which hamper economic progress and thus aren't a smart view of the world. Newt does have some personal "baggage" in the view of some which may affect his electability. Newt would be an innovative nominee and could more than "hold his own" against President Obama during the presidential debate cycle because he is "quite frankly" far "smarter" than Obama.

Mitt Romney to me has a fine debating style, a fine resume of both public and private sector experience that would be helpful in "turning this economy" and country around through creating a pro-growth atmosphere. Democrats seem to be focused on income distribution more than income expansion. Democrats are more concerned with "cutting up the economic pie" of the private sector rather than "expanding the pie" which would create more income and jobs for all. Democrats would prefer "shared misery" of a static and slow economy over making a robust business climate for an expanding economy. Romney does appear at present to probably attract the most independent voter support.

Who will "catch the final fire" an win the Republican nomination?  No one knows for sure but at present to me the nominee will be one of the three; Romney, Cain or Gingrich. None of these three is a "perfect candidate" but all would be an improvement over the current president.

What do you think?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lennon's Tooth

I see today that one of John Lennon's teeth was recently sold at an auction  to a Canadian dentist for over $31,000. Yes, Lennon's tooth sold for big bucks although I don't recall the former Beatle having buck teeth.

I wonder why one tooth can be so valuable? Maybe this dentist remembers that famous song by the Plastic Ono Band, "Give Teeth A Chance". I remember well the chorus, "All we are saaaaying is give teeth a chance".

With recent advances in cloning technology and DNA sequencing, maybe this dentist wants to try to clone a new John Lennon so that this clone could write some new songs similar to the famous Beatles song, "All You Need Is Teeth" with the classic lines, "All you need is teeth ,(to eat your food) da da dada da, All you need is teeth, da da dada da, all you need is teeth yeah,... teeth is all you need, teeth is all you need.

I don't know, but if one of John Lennon's teeth is worth $31,000, I wonder what other body parts would be worth or how much a pound of teeth would be worth when you buy cuspids? Probably only the tooth fairy knows for sure.