Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Ass Truck

 Just saw this photo from a" twitterer" and I'm not sure if I get it. This state of Maine truck looks like it is out in the woods or at a blueberry farm where it is not uncommon to see farm animals such as asses, donkeys, horses or even oxen used to help out in the field or woods to haul wood, plow the fields and other heavy labor intensive chores. This truck owner must haul around his ass in the back of the truck and I guess he wants people to comment on how roomy the truck bed is in the Ford F150. What I don't understand is why there are pictures of  President Obama on the tailgate of the truck. Everyone should know that Ford didn't accept government bailout money like GM (Government Motors); so if anything President Obama's face would be better represented breathing truck exhaust fumes on the tail gate of a Chevy S10. Everyone knows that President Obama is a human being not an ass and if anything he could be called the chief donkey as he is the head of the Democratic party who has a donkey as their symbol.

This truck is empty of both the driver and his ass as they both must be out in the field somewhere.