Monday, November 7, 2011

Lennon's Tooth

I see today that one of John Lennon's teeth was recently sold at an auction  to a Canadian dentist for over $31,000. Yes, Lennon's tooth sold for big bucks although I don't recall the former Beatle having buck teeth.

I wonder why one tooth can be so valuable? Maybe this dentist remembers that famous song by the Plastic Ono Band, "Give Teeth A Chance". I remember well the chorus, "All we are saaaaying is give teeth a chance".

With recent advances in cloning technology and DNA sequencing, maybe this dentist wants to try to clone a new John Lennon so that this clone could write some new songs similar to the famous Beatles song, "All You Need Is Teeth" with the classic lines, "All you need is teeth ,(to eat your food) da da dada da, All you need is teeth, da da dada da, all you need is teeth yeah,... teeth is all you need, teeth is all you need.

I don't know, but if one of John Lennon's teeth is worth $31,000, I wonder what other body parts would be worth or how much a pound of teeth would be worth when you buy cuspids? Probably only the tooth fairy knows for sure.

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