Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Tobacco Road"

I grew up near "tobacco road" in Simsbury, Connecticut near these shade tobacco barns used to cure tobacco for cigar wrappers. You may be familiar with the song "Tobacco Road" as sung by "The Animals" and lead singer Eric Burden of England during the 1960's. I guess that song must have described a different "tobacco road" than the shade tobacco fields and tobacco sheds of the Farmington River Valley; as the song lyrics don't seem to match my experiences. In the song I guess poor Eric had quite the tough life as he describes being born in a shack, a drunk father, dead mother, owning nothing but the clothes on his back  and tobacco road being a mean ol' place.  Although Eric describes a rough place which he hates but also loves because its home; in contrast to the "Occupy Wall street " band of gypsies, Eric says he will get a job and rebuild his life and change his tough background for the better.  Yes, on his own "with the help and the grace from above" Eric vows to better himself.  Perhaps you too can learn from this song and try to improve your life and community as even on tobacco road work and effort can be rewarded and when you sit around waiting for a "handout" often times a lazy attitude leads to shattered unrealistic dreams that go up in smoke.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

 Here's a photo of the stained glass window in back of the Simsbury United Methodist pulpit taken on Christmas Eve. This church was constructed in 1909 in Simsbury Center.

Candle Light

 Lighting the church candles for the "Candlelight Service" on Christmas Eve.  December 25th is the first day where the days start to get longer after the "Winter Solstice". Solstice is Spanish means "steady Sun"and in Winter marks the shortest amount of daylight. The days will start to get longer now until the first day of Summer and the Summer Solstice after which the days start to get shorter.

Christmas Eve Service

Here's a photo of the Christmas Eve church service at the Simsbury United Methodist Church. There was an "overflow crowd" for this "Candlelight service" and my parents and I ended up sitting "Up on Stage" so to speak in the seating usually reserved for the choir. There were two selections from the carillon bells group, along with an extended flute and piano selection during Communion in addition to music selections from the massive pipe organ and the youth choir.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Eyes Wide Shut"

Body Found In South Jersey Lake Identified « CBS Philly Saw this story today on the "Drudge Report" of a lady who aparently while sleepwalking walked out of her house in her pajamas in the middle of the night, walked down the neighborhood street and then fell off of a railroad trestle into a lake below and drowned. Now, I'm not sure how someone can be asleep and do this without bumping into something along the way such as the curb, a mailbox, a car (moving or stationary), a discarded can or bottle, or a million other potential hazards as well as turning at the proper time on the road to go to the railroad bridge and then get out on this bridge probably about halfway then fall in for the ultimate "wet dream" and then die. The video shows that lady's car had a dent on the left front bumper. Maybe this lady hit something that made her so upset that she wanted to die. Maybe this lady was a very skilled sleepwalker and this was a tragic accident.

There is a television show called "1,000 Ways To Die" that I have seen a few times, perhaps you have as well where they describe unusual ways that people have died over the years. Although the subject matter is somewhat "morbid" to say the least; this show is actually quite funny and interesting as they recreate the way the people have died and describe in detail the cause of death.

What do you think happened in this case? There were no witnesses to see this lady fall into the lake with her "eyes wide shut". Similar to the old song "Ode to Billie Joe" where Billie Joe McAllister up on Choctaw Ridge threw something off of the Tallahatchee Bridge and jumped off the bridge as sung by Bobbie Gentry; yeah baby, we may never know the real story. Oh well, please pass the biscuits.

Monday, December 19, 2011

"Another Trip Around the Sun"

I'm getting ready for another trip around the Sun; and, to record my progress I thought I should buy a calendar for the year 2012. Now, some people such as the ancient Mayan culture and calendar say that the world or at least the current epoch of cosmic consciousness will end on December 21,2012 at 11:00 am. or so although they don't say whether the 11:00 hour is Eastern Standard Time, Pacific Time, Mountain Time,  Greenwich Mean Time or any other specific time zone or what happens when part of the world is already the next day with the International Date line.  We shall see what happens and I thought that I should splurge and go for the complete year 2012 calendar and not the abbreviated December  2012 calendar in case the world doesn't end.

I picked up this calendar today at "Ocean State Job Lot" for only $2.00 plus tax whereas my previous calendar which was the same size as this one for 2011 cost me approximately $7.50 plus tax at "Staples". So, already I'm on my way to hopefully a more efficient year as not only did I save money on the cost of the 2012 calendar but I saved approximately 25 miles of wear and tear on my car, approximately $3.13 in gasoline cost and approximately 57 minutes of time.... and as the old saying goes, "Time is Money." Another great feature of my new 2012 calendar is the fact that this calendar has 366 days compared with the old 2011 calendar which only had 365 days so the 2012 calendar is of greater time value. Plus, even though this 2012 calendar cost me less than the 2011 calendar it still has the same notes on it as far as significant holidays and important days such as "Boxing Day" and the beginning of "Kwanzaa" both which happen to fall on December 26th. Now, I know many people are fans of boxing, and the world lost a true champion boxing warrior with the passing of "Smokin' Joe Frasier" in 2011; but I didn't know that boxing had a special day and this "Boxing Day" seems to be only celebrated in England and Canada for some reason so I'm not quite sure why "Boxing Day" is noted on calendars sold in America.

Without my new calendar I wouldn't have known that "Administrative Professionals Day" in the US is celebrated on April 25th, and "Civic Holiday" is celebrated on August 6th in Canada. I guess those Canadians really love their Honda Civic cars if they have a Holiday each year and maybe August 6th is when the new Honda Civics hit the Canadian Auto dealer's showrooms. I don't know.

Yes, another year around the Sun. They say something  like the old expression if I have remembered it correctly, which I am not sure: "Time flies like an arrow..., and fruit flies like bananas" Let's hope in 2012 the world keeps existing and doesn't go bananas.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Oyster Spoon"

Here's a photo of the fried oyster appetizer found at the "Del Mar" restaurant in Chatham, Cape Cod. Rather a  unique presentation as each oyster is presented on kind of a modified spoon with chopped cabbage underneath the oyster. The "Del Mar" restaurant location started out as a "Friendly's", then became the upscale restaurant "Roo Bar" .

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Tune A Guitar"

Here's a photo of the seared Tuna entree available at "The Red Pheasant" restaurant in Dennis, Mass. Tuna is good to eat, and good for you as well as a source of Omega 3 among other things and fish is considered to be a "brain food". Tuna though does make for a lousy musical instrument as you just can't "tune it". As the old saying goes... "You can tune a guitar.... But, you can't tuna fish".

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


During the holiday season it is a good time to reflect on the things that make you glad, things that make you wonder, things that are pleasurable and fun, and things that you can try to do to make the world a better place.

"Jingle Bells" is a holiday song that seems to capture the festive mood of the Winter Season. Here are a few other "jingles" that may ring a bell with you.

"Oh, FAB, I'm glad they put extra lemon Borax in you!"

"You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!

"Double your please, double your fun. with doublemint,doublemint, doublemint gum!"

"I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I'd like to buy the world a COKE and keep it company. That's the real thing."

So, this holiday season I hope you too will have clean clothes after using FAB and remember to brush your teeth with Pepsodent; especially after chewing Doublemint gum or drinking a Coke.

For me, I can't buy the world a Coke, sorry just don't have the money. Buying 7 BILLION people a Coke does add up and I just can't afford it right now even if the Cokes were a nickel apiece.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Red Pheasant Duck

I had "the duck" at "The Red Pheasant" restaurant recently. Why a duck? Why not. I was game... and so was the duck. I used to order duck at "Christian's" in Chatham, but that restaurant is no longer open.

Nutty Pear with Cheese

Here's a photo of an interesting dessert I had recently at "The Red Pheasant " restaurant in Dennis. This is a cored pear filled with blue cheese, walnuts and I think a raspberry sauce. It was good.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December in Dennis Port near Dusk

I was the only one who went in the water this December 5th day in Dennis Port near Dusk. For some reason no one was swimming today today but this same beach has lots of swimmers during the Summer. I like the ocean and today I thought the water was really cool.

Friday, December 2, 2011

"Bird Siren"

"Come hither" this bird siren seems to say at least in the bird brains of a few birds who are tempted by the sheer perceived beauty of this painted wood bird which eternally rests inside my picture window. Yes, some birds can't resist this bird temptress like the Sirens of Greek Mythology, half bird, half beautifull woman, who used to lure ancient sailors to their death as they either die of hunger or their boats crashed upon the impassable reefs from the beauty and sweet Siren song.  In this case however, birds are lured into crashing into the clear glass in front of this bird as they usually snap their neck upon impact. See the post below however, of the first bird I have seen to "cheat Death" at least for a while longer.

Now, not having eyes on the side of my head like a bird; I'm not sure if these crashing birds can't see the window glass until it is too late or maybe see this painted wooden bird from afar and figure that there is no glass there as this bird is just sitting there. I don't know if the birds just want to investigate and see what the wooden bird is doing or if they figure there must be some good bugs or seeds to eat near this bird. I think in the case of the downed bird below which appears to be some kind of hawk, this hawk was probably trying to attack this poor defenseless wooden bird and rip its throat for a fresh tasty meal. Perhaps this hawk wanted to befriend this bird as both the wood bird and the hawk have brown and white features and as the saying goes; "birds of a feather flock together". Or, maybe this hawk couldn't hear this wooden bird's sweet song and wanted to get closer to hear the seductive tune and just couldn't stop in time. I don't know. Beats me.

"Window Thumping"

Yesterday this big bird crashed into my picture window shortly before dusk and fell to the ground below. Every so often this happens and usually smaller birds die when they hit this window as they snap their neck. This bird however although at first appeared to be dead when I went out side after a minute or two and gave it a gentle poke it started to move and later hid itself underneath a small bush. The next morning this bird was gone. I wonder if this bird is a fan of the alternative rock group "Chumbawamba" from Leeds, England  and their popular song "Tubthumbing". I don't know if you all recall the lyrics of "Tubthumping" but the main memorable refrain is: I get knocked down
                                 But I get up again
                                 You're never going to keep me down.

Good words to live by whether you are a bird or even a human.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Ass Truck

 Just saw this photo from a" twitterer" and I'm not sure if I get it. This state of Maine truck looks like it is out in the woods or at a blueberry farm where it is not uncommon to see farm animals such as asses, donkeys, horses or even oxen used to help out in the field or woods to haul wood, plow the fields and other heavy labor intensive chores. This truck owner must haul around his ass in the back of the truck and I guess he wants people to comment on how roomy the truck bed is in the Ford F150. What I don't understand is why there are pictures of  President Obama on the tailgate of the truck. Everyone should know that Ford didn't accept government bailout money like GM (Government Motors); so if anything President Obama's face would be better represented breathing truck exhaust fumes on the tail gate of a Chevy S10. Everyone knows that President Obama is a human being not an ass and if anything he could be called the chief donkey as he is the head of the Democratic party who has a donkey as their symbol.

This truck is empty of both the driver and his ass as they both must be out in the field somewhere.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Patch

While walking on Thanksgiving Day down Firetown Road in Simsbury, Connecticut I came across this field of pumpkins. I wonder when the owner of this field will get around to picking these pumpkins as they seemed kind of ripe to me and I'm no pumpkin expert but I think these pumpkins may even be over ripe. But, then I thought "why would someone go to the trouble of planting pumpkins and then not pick them?" Maybe these are a special variety of pumpkins that taste better with age kind of like aged beef, Scotch, or certain wines and cheeses. Then again, maybe the owner of this field is a big follower of the "Charle Brown" comic strip and believes in sacrificing some of his crop as tribute to "The Great Pumpkin". I don't know. I'm sure that many starving people in the world would have loved some pumpkin pie from these pumpkins or even just eating the pumpkin seeds. Yes, the pumpkin seeds are quite tasty when baked in the oven with a little salt and olive oil.

I remember working in these fields when I was 14 and 15 years old in the Summer when these fields were covered with netting and shade tobacco was planted here. They used to use the tobacco leaves for cigar wrappers after the leaves were cured in the tobacco barns.

Maybe the owners grow pumpkins to refresh the soil . I know one thing these pumpkins didn't taste very good when I tried them so maybe in fact they are overripe; or maybe I just don't appreciate this new delicacy.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Murmuring Brook

The little brook wasn't babbling, no it was murmuring and I couldn't understand what it was saying so I guess it wasn't that important to me as I couldn't hear it too well.

Black Alder Berries Thanksgiving Day

Here's a photograph of some black alder berries in Simsbury, Connecticut on Thanksgiving morning. They look like floating cranberries for the birds to go along with their Thanksgiving feast  of seeds, nuts and bugs.

Catalpa Thanksgiving Wish

 This large Catalpa tree started to split apart during the late October freak snow storm in Simsbury, Connecticut. The way the tree split reminds me of the wishbone found in a turkey or chicken and is nature's way of making a big wish I guess.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cape Air Plane

Here's a photo of the airplane that I flew on recently from Hyannis to Nantucket and back. Although the sky was clear and not cloudy all day all nine passengers had a whale of a ride on this whale inspired painted plane as the wind made for an adventurous roller coaster ride. All plane rides have their ups and downs I guess.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flights of Imagination

Saw this sculpture in a park near the Nantucket airport yesterday of a boy imagining that he could fly on a paper airplane. I imagine that this boy didn't weigh too much if he can stand on top of a paper airplane and soar off into the wild blue yonder.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hugo Barack

 Nice to see our president getting along so well with socialist Hugo Chavez the "president for life" leader of Venezuela here in this believeable advertisement for Benetton. They (Benetton) also have a photograph of President Obama kissing the Communist Chinese leader Hu, as well as the Pope passionately kissing a Muslim Iman. The Vatican is apparently going to sue over "the Pope" picture.

If the aim of advertising is to have memorable imagery or to "get people talking" then probably Benetton has succeeded; whether these "controversial " advertisements result in increased sales only time will tell.

What do you think of these two "lovebirds" of a feather?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Catch A Fire"

I watched some of the Republican debate tonight. I think its time for some of the candidates that haven't caught fire as yet in the polls to start to consider calling it a day (and night) and leave the presidential field. I'm talking about John Huntsman, and Rick Santorum for starters. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee as they say AND if you can't currently poll 5% then unfortunately, the reality is you as candidates are taking up space on the debate stage.Both John Huntsman and Rick Santorum have some "good qualities" BUT, they haven't "caught fire" with the Republican voters. The Republican nominee is going to be either Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, or Newt Gingrich; in my opinion.

Of these three, Herman Cain has no direct elected government experience but does have Federal Reserve experience and experience in the "real world" as he actually worked in the private sector and had to deal with real world issues. Herman Cain does not seem to have much experience in foreign policy matters which may hamper him as time goes by. Mr. Cain does seem to have a  "regular guy" personality which is part of his current appeal.

Newt Gingrich, it seems to me, is probably the smartest candidate or perhaps tied for the smartest. Smartness is a quality that Democrats seem to hold in high value even though some of their "smart" politicians seem to have no common sense or subscribe to somewhat "anti-business, anti-capitalist,pro-big government" views which hamper economic progress and thus aren't a smart view of the world. Newt does have some personal "baggage" in the view of some which may affect his electability. Newt would be an innovative nominee and could more than "hold his own" against President Obama during the presidential debate cycle because he is "quite frankly" far "smarter" than Obama.

Mitt Romney to me has a fine debating style, a fine resume of both public and private sector experience that would be helpful in "turning this economy" and country around through creating a pro-growth atmosphere. Democrats seem to be focused on income distribution more than income expansion. Democrats are more concerned with "cutting up the economic pie" of the private sector rather than "expanding the pie" which would create more income and jobs for all. Democrats would prefer "shared misery" of a static and slow economy over making a robust business climate for an expanding economy. Romney does appear at present to probably attract the most independent voter support.

Who will "catch the final fire" an win the Republican nomination?  No one knows for sure but at present to me the nominee will be one of the three; Romney, Cain or Gingrich. None of these three is a "perfect candidate" but all would be an improvement over the current president.

What do you think?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lennon's Tooth

I see today that one of John Lennon's teeth was recently sold at an auction  to a Canadian dentist for over $31,000. Yes, Lennon's tooth sold for big bucks although I don't recall the former Beatle having buck teeth.

I wonder why one tooth can be so valuable? Maybe this dentist remembers that famous song by the Plastic Ono Band, "Give Teeth A Chance". I remember well the chorus, "All we are saaaaying is give teeth a chance".

With recent advances in cloning technology and DNA sequencing, maybe this dentist wants to try to clone a new John Lennon so that this clone could write some new songs similar to the famous Beatles song, "All You Need Is Teeth" with the classic lines, "All you need is teeth ,(to eat your food) da da dada da, All you need is teeth, da da dada da, all you need is teeth yeah,... teeth is all you need, teeth is all you need.

I don't know, but if one of John Lennon's teeth is worth $31,000, I wonder what other body parts would be worth or how much a pound of teeth would be worth when you buy cuspids? Probably only the tooth fairy knows for sure.

Monday, October 31, 2011

"In the endo"

"In the endo" we will see if the innuendos and so far not very substantiated allegations regarding former "pizza king" talk radio host Herman Cain with one or two women at the National Restaurant Association when Mr. Cain was Chief Executive Officer back in the 90's are true. Yes, innuendo and harassment are two interesting words. I remember back when Anita Hill tried to pin harassment charges against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during the Senate confirmation hearings. One portly senator whose name escapes me said to Anita Hill something like "Ms. Hill, Do you wanna ride a boooook?", with his southern accent. Anita Hill responded "No, Senator". Of course, later Anita Hill DID write a book to take advantage of her fleeting few minutes of fame. There was a joke I remember from that time regarding the word "harassment" which went something like this: Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill is accusing you of harassment. Clarence Thomas replies, "harassment?", harassment nothing, it was her breasts I liked."

Similar to the group "The Eagles" in their song "Dirty Laundry" the national press loves to try to dig up dirt on candidates that they don't agree with while if one of their "guys" gets in trouble with allegations of impropriety such as former President Bill Clinton, then the numerous women who came forth against Clinton were attacked, demonized, smeared, and discredited as tramps and liars. Anyone remember that guy with the hair?, "John Edwards"?. Not much media reporting about that phony flake except for the "National Inquirer"who broke the story.

Innuendo. I saw this on some joke page as a word meaning "Italian for intercourse". In the end though, whether these inuendos regarding Herman Cain do any "political damage" to his  candidacy only time will tell. Herman Cain needs to explain his position in a clear and consistent manner as if the explanations change over time then this could be a problem for him.

Of course, this is just the start of the political hi jinks to come as President Obama really doesn't have a good record to stand on for his re-election efforts so the spotlight of the liberal media will be to try to develop trumped up charges against whoever the republicans nominee will be through innuendo. Many of these innuendos will be as Shakespeare would say, "Much Ado About Nothing".

"In the endo" the voters will decide what is important and what is fluff.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"What A Turkey!"

Today I inspected a house in West Yarmouth as one of my scheduled insurance surveys. The new owners were just moving into their new home and were unloading their U-Haul truck. I noticed that on the left side of the U-Haul there was a wild turkey. I have seen wild turkeys on previous inspections and usually see a bunch of wild turkeys when I see any turkeys at all.

I met the owners and started talking with them about the wild turkey. The husband had a broom in his hand and said that the turkey bit the hand of his wife and then relieved itself on the concrete floor of their one car garage. What a turkey! This turkey probably felt like these new humans were intruding on its territory. Maybe the turkey thought that the human fingers looked like wiggling worms when it decided to bite the wife.

From what I was told, this turkey was separated from the rest of his turkey friends and was probably adopted by the people living in this small cul-de-sac. Maybe though this turkey was deliberately left behind by the rest of the turkey group due to its violent turkey behavior.

Later I noticed this turkey at the house next about three feet away from the neighbor who was outside mowing his front yard with an electric lawnmower. The turkey seemed to be supervising this mowing operation and had no fear of the lawnmower or the man mowing the lawn. What a turkey.

Monday, October 17, 2011


While driving to East Hartford to meet some University of Connecticut friends for a UCONN football game this past Saturday; I went past the "Occupy Hartford" tent city located just before the center of Hartford's business district and State Capital building. As you can tell from the picture, "pandemonium" best describes this crowded scene as there must have been well over a dozen brand new looking tents set up and why, I even saw a video camera from what must have been a news crew. I can honestly say that I have never probably seen this exact number of tents at this location in my life! This "occupy " movement really seems to be gathering strength here in Hartford but I didn't notice any signs of any kind, as perhaps all this mass horde of humanity was preoccupied with trying to figure out what they stand for or maybe a lot of the occupants were inside their tents meditating.

Although this tent city was quite impressive, I did read today reports that both the American Nazi Party AND the Communist Party USA both are supporting the "occupy" movement as well as of course our beloved leader President Obama. President Obama, although receiving solid financial  support from Wall Street and the major money center banks as well as supporting the TARP program to bail out his greedy banker friends, somehow supports this intense "occupy" movement of protesters in tents. I'm sure the addition of  Nazi and Commie supporters in addition to this already out of control Hartford scene will add even more people to this overwhelming turnout. I just hope this massive demonstration doesn't overflow into the surrounding streets so that the adults can go to work and pay the taxes which helped fund the TARP program as well as the fancy designer tents for their sons and daughters as they promote whatever it is that they are promoting. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"You Light Up My Kitchen"

Today I just installed 2 LED light bulbs in the cathedral ceiling area of my kitchen. These bulbs aren't cheap and they lack the mercury content of florescent light bulbs but I figure I can live without the mercury and don't have to worry about calling a "hazmat" team if this bulb breaks. These LED lights are the "state of the art" as far as energy efficient lighting is concerned. The lighting package says that if you use this bulb 12 hours a day for a year the estimated energy cost is about one dollar.

This bulb has 36 bright white LEDs (light emitting diodes) and uses 1.9 watts of power to provide 60 lumens with a 20,000 hour rated life.  I put these bulbs up today and probably won't have to change them for 40 or 50 years, so I guess when I'm approaching 100 years of age or so I'll have to start paying attention to the bulb and keep watch to see if this bulb needs replacing. This bulb is made with parts from China and Japan so you know it must be of very high quality. Over time this bulb should pay for itself in energy saving.  "You light up my kitchen, you give me hope to see what I'm cookin'...Yes, You.. Light... Up... Myyyyy Kitchennnn."

Friday, October 7, 2011

"Can You Say Hypocrite?"

Its a lovely day day in the "occupied Wall Street" neighborhood, will you neighbor? Interesting that Alec Baldwin, noted actor and former husband to "blond fox" Kim Bassinger is down with supporting the "Occupy Wall Street" movement seeing how he is featured in "Capital One" credit card commercials. I could be mistaken (but I don't think so) but isn't Capital One part of a bank? Hmmm, A credit card spokesman against capitalism,credit,debt, and all these other evil terms. Is this hypocritical? Can you say hypocrite?.... (as Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers neighborhood would say.... I thought you could.) Unless Alec Baldwin is doing these "Capital One" commercials for free or donating all of earnings from these commercials to the 99%er so that they can be paid to protest against "THE MAN" then yes, I can say "Mr. Alec Baldwin , You sir are a hypocrite that bites the hand that feeds you (Capital One.. evil capitalist banker) and are probably a double hypocrite for not giving all your hard earned money to the ticks and leeches of the gimme crowd so they can work hard protesting the greedy Wall Street  profit seeking capitalist pigs). You may even be a triple hypocrite because maybe you have taken your earnings from the Capital One commercials and invested in the dreaded stock market or some business or real estate that may actually try to make a PROFIT!! so that when your fame and looks fade you will have something to fall back on to buy food n' stuff. How heartless would that be when there are plenty of young people who deserve this money that you earned through your hard work; and although you give "lip service" to the "struggle"  against the "super rich"I doubt that you are going to spend many nights with the protesters or "fork over" any "Capitalistic Capital One Cash". No, I doubt that you will be "their neighbor" and "get down and dirty" in the slime and muck" of outdoor New York City park living as it might mess up your hair.

Oh! NO!!, I hear that Yoko Ono is also a supporter of the drive to send civilization back to the "stone age:. although maybe "stone age" best describes the current crop of manipulated ,orchestrated, union  backed communist martyred pack of mindless morons who are imagining that there is no country as we all sing around the campfire and all of our worldly needs are magically mysteriously fulfilled. I say they are dreamers who don't see the nightmare that the men behind the curtain (George Soros, Obama, and others, fellow hypocrites all) who have started this faux protest movement to distract from the the wrong headed failing administration that proclaims to want more job creation but through taxing, overspending, and over regulating will ensure that job growth will be anemic at best.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Rage Against the Capitalist Machinery"

What do you think about the current protests of different anti-capitalist groups and their rage against the Wall Street greedy profit seeking bankers?  From what I have seen these protesters don't seem to have a very well defined set of beliefs other than that some bankers and businessmen make too much money and this money should be given to the government or to "the people" in general. If the capitalist system were replaced; what would you folks want to replace it with? Are you willing to give up your freedom of speech and assembly to an even greater central command and control economy if this centralized economic bureaucracy made sure that everyone received the same wages no matter what job they performed? (Except of course the political leaders as some people are more equal than others).

Are profits bad or evil? In a capitalist system, you are paid based on what the marketplace dictates through matching the wants and needs of the populace who can freely decide the goods and services that they wish to consume with the money that they earn from whatever field of enterprise people choose to engage in to support themselves.  Would you rather have the central government decide for you what you  can or cannot buy and what job and what wage you shall be paid?

Does the government really know better than the market economy the best way to allocate goods and services and balance the supply and demand of these goods and services?  Governments have no incentive to be efficient in their use of tax monies that they receive as the government workers do not have to answer to the marketplace or to shareholders. Plus, if a government agency were efficient then this agency wouldn't receive the same amount of money for the next budget cycle.

If the protesters don't like the "fat cat Wall Street bankers" then they are free to take their banking business elsewhere. Most things in life can be substituted with for something else. For example, if you are upset over the cost of gas, then don't buy gasoline. You can walk, ride a bike, or get a horse, burro, or camel. You can hire someone to take you on a rickshaw ride. You can convert to a grease car or buy an electric car.

If the protesters were successful in their efforts against the greedy capitalists to restrict corporate profits then what is the incentive to work hard or take business risks and capital investment to try to grow a business enterprise? Why bother to work to improve production of goods and services if the government will not let you be rewarded for your efforts. Do the protesters think people like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney and other personalities are grossly overpaid?

It is fun to rail against "the establishment" when you are young and think that you can "change the world". "The whole world's watching, the whole world's watching, the whole world's watching". "Hey, hey, ho,ho, capitalist pigs have got to go!" But, unless you want to go back to a lower standard of living, and live off the land, grow all your own food, as all the business owners give up their companies then "raging against the capitalist machine" can have consequences as sometimes when you tear down something all you are left with is trash, garbage, or a worse situation than the present state of affairs. It is said that the only constant is change, but, change is not always for the better.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Finger Lickin' Good"

I saw an interesting article today on the "Drudge Report" about "Obama Fried Chicken" over in China. Maybe Obama is lining up something to do after he loses the 2012 election. Recently, Obama said that  people will have to "eat their peas" and with "Obama Fried Chicken", maybe he could have said as well "Eat my chicken and a side order of pie". Just think, if Obama is involved with this chicken enterprise he would finally gain some experience in the private sector. Of course, being a big union guy, Obama would probably have to insist on Culinary Union Workers employees and have to start paying a minimum of $20.00 per hour plus four weeks vacation benefits , and retirement pensions for the workers. I'm sure people wouldn't mind paying $5.00 per drumstick and $7.50 per thigh as we're talking about " Obama Fried Chicken" here not some deep south or hillbilly red neck tea party chicken with some plantation owner looking military titled logo chicken. Michelle Obama I'm sure could help with this chicken project and maybe insist that everyone waiting in line to place their order would have to stand on a treadmill and get their required exercise to satisfy her "Let's Move" campaign.  For dessert Obama Fried Chicken could sell $16.00 muffins which government workers would think is a fair price.

"I like my Obama Chicken finger lickin' GOOD!"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Pardon me?"

I read this  morning on the "Drudge Report" an article from BBC news about the first case of   "spontaneous combustion" in Ireland. Do you believe "spontaneous human combustion" is possible?  "Pardon me while I burst into a flame" as music group Incubus would say in one of their hit songs.

Buddhist monks used to light themselves on fire during the Vietnam conflict days to protest the fighting but they used gasoline and a match so that doesn't qualify as spontaneous human combustion. Some people I have heard have been known to "break wind" and light this "broken wind" on fire to produce a flame.

Many attractive people are referred to as "hot" or "super hot". Maybe in the future these people will be known as "super spontaneous human combustion hot", yeah, that's the ticket, that has a nice ring to it. I can hear it now, you are with your attractive significant other on the beach on a moonlit night; "Oh baby, you are so super spontaneous human combustion hot you take my breath away and make me almost spontaneously burst into a flame as well." Pardon Me?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Who Do You Like?"

Who do you like and why to replace Barack Obama as the 45th president? IF Barack Obama is the nominee for the Democrats, (or maybe Hillary Clinton) and the 2012 elections do in fact occur; who should the Republicans nominate to challenge and win the Presidency and "take back the country" from the incompetent, inexperienced, clueless current administration?

I remember that I correctly predicted the Democratic ticket of John/John (Kerry/Edwards) prior to the Democratic convention that year.

Although it is very early in the presidential selection process; I am "on record" as telling people my prediction of the Republican presidential ticket of Mitt Romney for president and Marco Rubio for Vice President. I don't know if I personally think that this is the best ticket for the Republicans to choose but I think this ticket could beat the Democratic presidential slate (whomever the Democrats choose to nominate.) No candidate is perfect and in fact I am pretty much in the ABO camp; (Anybody But Obama) but I believe a Romney/Rubio ticket would be a strong ticket with the "real world" experience of Mitt Romney who believe it or not actually worked in the "dreaded private sector" and has business experience necessary to change the current anti-business attitude to a pro-growth pro- jobs environment. Romney will never be a "life of the party guy" busily practicing his golf game like some presidents but he seems well spoken and can even seem to talk in coherent sentences without a teleprompter.

Marco Rubio, senator from Florida, is a rising Republican star that could help secure Florida in the election and is a favorite of the limited government "tea party" movement that has these extremely bizarre notions that government should live within its means by trying to scale the size and scope of government (how radical can you get!!). Marco Rubio would help bring some "Latino" support to the ticket which would frustrate the identity political democrats who feel that they "own" the Latino vote.

What do you think? Rick Perry may end up as the nominee and he may choose Bobby Jindal as his VP candidate. John Kasich, Governor of Ohio or Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana I think would also be under consideration for Vice-President , maybe Tim Pawlenty as well.

Who do you like? What "mug" would you like to grace the TV screen over the next four years on an almost daily basis? Does the country need a "change"?, or does the country continue along the road to ruin  with the "establishment" political leader B. Hussein Obama?

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Interesting to see that a Republican won the special election for the District 9 New York Congressional seat yesterday. I can't remember the last time a Republican was elected in this district. Maybe, because the last time a Republican won was in 1923 if I recall the reports accurately. And, the reason I can't recall of course is that I wasn't born at that time of the "roaring 20's"; at least not in my present human shell and I have never had a past life regression so I don't know if I even was on this planet in another human or animal form at that time. The Democrats, of course, think that this election result was just an isolated local election and not a reflection of public opinion in the district of the dissatisfaction of the voters with the lousy economic policies of our dear president and his pathetic anti-jobs regulatory big government soak the rich anti-Israel policies of the current national administration. No, telling Israel to move back to their 1967 borders and disrespecting Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu had NOTHING to do with this election result.

Democrats, although they think they try to appear "liberal" in regards to a "live and let live" philosophy; in reality it seems to me love to put people into categories  such as the "Jewish vote", the "Black vote", the "Latino vote" , the "Women" vote. For some reason, Democrats feel that they own these voter classifications and get "worked up" for example if a woman Republican or a Black or Latino Republican candidate emerges because this just can't be and these people must be a "sell out" to their race or gender for daring to stray from the Democrat reservation.

In the recent movie District 9, aliens come on down to Earth and are isolated to District 9 where the aliens are exploited and discriminated against by the humans of South Africa.  In District 9 of New York State it appears with this historic election President Obama has successfully alienated this overwhelmingly Democratic district with his arrogance, disrespect for Israel, and his poor job performance as president and his poor performance in creating a business climate necessary to foster job creation.

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Hurricane Preparedness"

In preparation for a hurricane I always like to get "tanked up" ahead of time to help ride out the storm and to recover from the after effects of the hurricane. So, I went to the local "Breakaway" grill place in South Dennis to fill up a spare propane tank.I guess I wasn't the only one who thought of this as in about a 10 minute span of time there were about 10 other people looking to get tanked. I remember Hurricane Bob in 1991 only a short twenty years ago although in some ways it seems like only yesterday. After Hurricane Bob, I was without electricity for 8 days so I had to cook out every day on my gas grill. The roads were impassible with downed trees and the tree leaves were all dried out even though it was August from the force of the wind drying out the leaves.

I'm also getting my "Pat O'Brien's " hurricane mix ready as well as the best time to drink the world famous Pat O'Brien's hurricane drink is of course during during a hurricane. I'll have to go to the local liquor store and get "tanked up" on some good dark rum and wait to see which way the wind blows. As Bob Dylan said, "You don't need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows". I agree with Bob and when the storm hits I'll just look out the window to watch the hurricane while drinking a hurricane.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stay True To Your Goals

Susanne Eman's bid to be world's fattest woman: 52st mother of 2 is 'supersizing' Mail Online Here's an inspiring story mentioned today on the "Drudge Report" of a young woman (32) who has a goal of becoming the world's fattest woman. Although she is not quite half way to her goal of reaching her goal of 1,600 pounds she IS making progress and gaining weight all the time. AND, she is enjoying herself. "YOU GO GURL!! "Who says you can't be fat and happy?" Although she is too fat to work, being unemployed does give you plenty of time to stuff your face. Susanne Eman currently has an average daily calorie consumption of 21,962 and does enjoy "waddling" for exercise according to the above article. Suzanne also wants to see if it is humanly possible to reach the weight of one ton, (2,000) pounds. I wonder if Suzanne should consider trying out for professional football as an offensive lineperson. Some of the current professional players tip the scale at approximately 400 pounds; why with a little weight lifting and studying blocking techniques she should be able to handle those scrawny 400 pound pip squeaks.

Although Suzanne is heavy enough to play football maybe her interests lie in more traditional activities such as ballet, gymnastics (especially the balance beam) and perhaps figure skating. Suzanne's main theme is to accept others for who they are and she seems very tolerant of other people who only weight two hundred, three hundred, or four hundred pounds or so. It is a daunting challenge to become the fattest person ever but she does seem up to the challenge of reaching 1,600 pounds or bust. Good luck to you and I'm glad for you that you are able to afford all the required food to try to reach your goal.

What is your goal? "Hold on tight to your dream".

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Havin' A Cigar

Sometimes there's nothing like havin' a cigar after a good meal or to celebrate some big occasion. Cigars take time to smoke and give you a chance to slow your fast paced life down . In some ways life is like a cigar as we all start out life fresh like a new perfectly wrapped cigar then over time the cigar goes up in smoke and turns to ashes.

From what I recall, I understand President Bill Clinton was a fan of the cigar from time to time and used to have one of his interns help him make sure that his cigars wouldn't dry out as a dried out cigar will lose its distinctive taste. Yes, it is true, I wouldn't lie to you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Pay More If You Want"

I'm getting a little sick and tired of hearing in the news from hypocritical Democratic political leaders like "male gold digger" Senator John Kerry (D-MA) who are trying to blame the "tea party" for any downturn in the stock market and the economy when the "tea party" people rose up from the fact that the federal government spending is out of control. Senator Kerry thinks that a "balanced" approach including tax increases is the way to go to try to get the federal deficit somewhat under control. Hmmm, so, in a stagnant over regulated high unemployment economy we as a nation should give the federal government even more money to waste with no guarantee that any increase in government tax revenue would go towards deficit reduction. The problem with increasing most taxes is the fact that if more taxes are assessed on the American people then they have less money to spend on outrageous luxuries such as gasoline, food, mortgage payments, electricity, and insurance not to mention frivolous spending on telephone and Internet access. More taxes of course, should top these wasteful activities.

Senator Kerry, as you may or may not have heard, recently commissioned the building of an approximately 7 million dollar yacht. Now, where do you think he had this boat built? Of course, he had this boat built in Massachusetts as being the Senior Senator from Massachusetts he wanted to help out his constituents and help boost the economy of his Commonwealth. Also, Senator Kerry wanted to make sure that he paid the required state sales tax and any required boat fees that Massachusetts assesses boat owners.  Senator Kerry would never think of having a boat built anywhere but Massachusetts or at least he would have the boat built in America. Alas, this is not the case  as his "rich man yacht" was built in New Zealand then shipped back when finished but then registered in Rhode Island so that he could avoid approximately half a million dollars in taxes versus registering his luxury yacht in Massachusetts.For a so called environmental "green" politician, I guess it is better to ship a boat from New Zealand instead of a locally crafted yacht.

What I don't understand is all the liberal democrats who  want to raise your taxes for a bigger and more intrusive government why don't THEY just pay more taxes. Each person's tax bill is just the minimum amount that you are required to pay as your share of the collected government revenue. There is no law that says that you can't pay more than your taxable amount similar to when you go to a nice restaurant and usually give the waiter more money that the amount of the restaurant bill. "Pay more if you want" than your tax bill if you love government so much and wish for more government and more regulations. Hey, its your money, give it up you government lovers. Instead, many liberal government hypocrite leaders expect everyone but themselves to pay more taxes and look for ways to try to avoid required taxes in their own lives.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Misty Morning

Misty morning on Cape Cod in Yarmouthport on Follins Pond. This shot kind of reminds me of the current uncertain economic future for America as one gazes into the fog filled distant horizon. Will the future days of America be filled with sunshine or with a stagnant haze?  Time will tell.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are You a "TERRORIST"?????

Are you a "TERRORIST"???

Maybe you are and maybe you aren't. Maybe you are a terrorist and don't know it. Maybe you are a deliberate terrorist and subscribe to the whacked out bizarre concept that maybe the Federal government should attempt to try to start to reduce the size of the budget deficit. Remember, only in government is the concept of reducing the rate of increase in federal spending called a budget cut even if the total amount of funding for a particular government expenditure rises higher than the previous year but not as much of an increase as previously budgeted. How "extreme" these "Tea Party" activists are to suggest reducing the rate of increase in a federal budget when the total federal debt is only over 14 trillion dollars and total federal spending only requires borrowing 40 cents over each dollar collected in revenue. Don't these "tea party" terrorists realize that 40 cents is hardly anything?  I mean, "What is 40 cents?"

House Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA) is reported to have labeled the "Tea Party" members "terrorists" during a two hour closed door session this past Monday prior to the compromise debt extension agreement and was quoted to have said that the "tea party terrorists" have made it "impossible to spend any money".Representative Emmanuel Cleaver  (D-MO) is reported to have called the debt extension agreement a "Satan Sandwich". Well, me I've never had a "Satan Sandwich" so I don't know if they are tasty or not. I wonder if the "Satan Sandwich" would taste better if you had some devil's food cake for dessert.

It is ironic that "tea party" members are demonized and called terrorists when real Jihadist terrorists can't be called terrorists as this of course would be politically incorrect and border on "hate speech". 

It should be an interesting political season prior to the 2012 election. The Democrats have no record to run on so they will have to resort to name calling, attacking the republican nominee and painting this nominee as "extreme" for trying to bring the size of government and the cost of government under control.

Should the Republicans stoop to the low level of the Democrats and start flinging insults and names back at the Democrats? Should the Republicans start calling the Democrats "Big Bloated Socialist Pigs with DooDoo for brains and rapacious blood suckers who want to suck all the private enterprise out of this country so that every one must worship at the alter of the all powerful federal government state?

So, are you a terrorist? Do you agree with the extreme "tea party" OR  the spendaholic Democrats? If you don't like the "tea party" is it because you drink coffee?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I listened to part of President Obama's national address this past evening and for some reason his speech reminded me of that television commercial for the super absorbent cloth product "SHAMWOW".  From what I understand about the beginning of this speech regarding the debt ceiling increase our esteemed president still blames President Bush for much of the current whopping over 14 trillion dollar federal budget deficit. From what I have read, President Obama is trying to portray himself as a pragmatic centrist results oriented political man as he used the phrase "balanced approach" seven times and "compromise"  six times. To this I say "SHAM, WOW!!" In President Obama's case instead of absorbing great amounts of water like the shamwow cloth; this president is full of baloney and hot air. This president (Obama) still thinks he has that magic of old when he could play the class warfare card  and charm the audience with his perceived whit, passion, style, and intelligence and hypnotise his listeners with how great an orator he is so the listening audience will blindly follow his platitudes and nonsense. President Obama thinks that he is as great a communicator if not greater  than President Ronald Reagan. Well, President Obama, I've heard President Reagan speak many times over the eight years of his two term presidency; and you are no President Reagan.

Now, why do I think of "SHAM, WOW" after hearing  President Obama speak last evening? Well, the definition of "sham" is something false or empty that is purported to be genuine,a spurious imitation; the quality of deceitfulness, empty pretense. And, the "WOW" comes from my astonishment at the audacity of this president to truly believe that the American people will once again fall under his spell as he tries to paint himself as the voice of reason, moderation, and compromise; this same president who has skyrocketed the national debt more than all the preceding presidents combined!

A lot of politics is trying to define the opposition in an unfavorable light. The nerve of the "extremist tea party" members to want to reign in federal spending and try to get the federal budget on a path to a balanced budget. How "radical" can you get to try to balance income and outgo on the federal budgetary level. Far better to spend approximately 43 cents per dollar over what is generated in tax revenue by relying our friends the Chinese to pay for our spendthrift ways. This of course, according to our president is the prudent and moderate path to take. We can't dare try to reduce the size of the federal government as this would be a cruel ,heartless, and extreme position even though almost half of Americans pay no federal income tax. No, let us focus on the people with corporate jets and limousines as if these few uber rich people even if they were taxed at a 100% RATE would make much of a dent in the federal revenue shortfall.

"SHAM,WOW!!" President Obama, you sure are a con man, (oops!, I mean a confident man).

Sunday, July 24, 2011

High Over Cape Cod

This evening I noticed this unusual object up in the sky; high over Cape Cod. I had just finished cooking a couple of cheeseburgers on my gas grill when this UFO to me at least appeared in the sky. I rushed to find my camera to take this picture. After "blowing up" this image on my computer I was then able to identify this flying sphere as a "Hanger 1 Vodka blimp". I had never personally heard of "Hanger 1" Vodka prior to this blimp  arriving on this "Summer's Eve" so I felt kind of stupid and kind of like a douche bag.

I remember one misty morning on the Cape over twenty years ago I was driving around in my car and a large Fuji blimp appeared in front of me hovering right ahead just above the treetops right as the fog started to clear. "Whoa!", I said; "That was INTENSE!!"  Also, kind of EXCELLENT!! Ya Know? It was the start that day of a great adventure.

I searched "Hanger 1" on the Internet and found out that this blimp tour is lasting about six months and going from coast to coast with bartender contests along the way at each stop to see who can make the best drink using "Hanger 1" vodka.

I always enjoy a good blimp siting and today was no exception. I used to see quite a few blimps at the New England Patriots football games. Also,Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite rock and roll bands. I have never seen the "Goodrich blimp"  though for some reason.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Praying Hands Hosta

Here is a photo of the 2011 Hosta variety of the year; the "Praying Hands Hosta". With all the weather and economic turmoil currently affect the world the "praying hands hosta" is a fitting variety.

A Lotta Hostas

While inspecting a home located in West Dennis on Cape Cod today; the owner showed me his Hosta garden. He had many varieties of hostas and I said "Wow!, That's a lotta Hostas".

Friday, July 15, 2011

Como Estai?

I have a fax line that rings a distinctive tone on the same land line phone that I have at my house. Tonight I decided to practice a new invented language on the caller who dialed my fax number. So the conversation went like this:

Me: "Como Estai?"

Caller: "Hello?"

Me: "Zenga son bob bob bobuda?"

The caller then had no answer to my last question so I had to hang up.

I do hope that my new language got the caller thinking about the role of words and different languages and perhaps my reply to his "Hello" will get the caller to research what possible language I was speaking. Then again, maybe at least I provided this caller with a good "story" that he can tell his fellow telemarketers.

This somewhat reminds me of a "Seinfield" episode where "Jerry" received a call from a telemarketer and asked for the telemarketers home phone number so that he could randomly call the telemarketer back, preferably at dinner time. The telemarketer wouldn't provide his personal phone number to Jerry and Jerry didn't think that was fair as the telemarketer did of course call Jerry.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Bluffmeister in Chief"

Interesting to see in the recent Obama debt extension crisis where our learned president was meeting with congressional leadership that President Obama said to House Majority leader Eric Kantor (R-VA), "Eric,Don't call my bluff" as he left in a huff from the meeting. This president thinks quite highly of himself and his ability to manipulate the "masses" to his point of view; perhaps because he sometimes enunciates properly words and sometimes can appear to be "inspiring" when he reads certain messages and speeches from his teleprompter. President Obama is not however quite so "polished" in his speech during interviews or press conferences where he has to "think on his feet" and often assumes the role of a wind bag pedantic professor.

For those of you who don't know what a "bluff" is: A bluff in poker terms is a representation of a "strong hand" when you actually have a substandard hand. When you "bluff" you try to get the other poker players to fold their hand by betting an amount that the other players will not match so you win the pot by default. By saying "Don't call my bluff", President Obama is acknowledging that he has a "weak position or a weak hand" and is trying to get the Republican congressional leadership to agree to tax increases during a high unemployment weak economy. This "Bluffmeister-In Chief" thinks he can "win the crowd" as actor Russell Crowe did in the movie "Gladiator" where the gladiator won the crowd away from the corrupt Roman emperor.

A Gallup poll released today said that "Republican" would beat President Obama if the election were held today. Now, it is a long time in political terms between now and November 2012; and who knows for sure who the Republican nominee will be at this time but this poll does show that the "crowd" is not currently with President Obama.

What President Obama probably should have said to House Majority leader Eric Cantor before he "took his ball and went home" like a little pre-adolescent child is; "Eric, I'm not bluffing on this. I am going to take my case directly to the American people and we're going to tax the rich folks and close all their tax loop holes so my administration can keep spending (oops I mean "investing") in the future for social justice and a more fair society and to "spread the wealth around".

It is tough I understand to think on your feet without  your teleprompter, Mr. President, but as "Bluffmeister -In -Chief; You have to know when to "hold'em and when to fold'em" and the current polls suggest you are truly holding a weak hand.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hmmm. President Obama recently stated that the American workers should "Step up their game" to help this country start to crawl out of the current malaise of high unemployment. Yes, Americans need to work harder so we can pay for the privilege of being governed by the entitlement class of federal workers who earn more and have better benefit packages than the average American who helps pay their salaries. Yes, Americans need to step up and "put their noses to the grindstone" so that the estimated 70 million people on food stamps can sustain their benefits and illegal aliens can get their free medical care at the hospital emergency rooms. Yes, Americans need to "step up their game" so President Obama can fly around the country attending fundraising events for his 2012 re-election bid and try to meet his personal goal of raising 1 billion dollars to try to fool the American electorate for a 2nd time.

Maybe American workers would "step up their game" if they had a president who was a little more concerned about trying to bring the bloated federal bureaucracy under control and trying to get the federal debt and federal budget under control instead of trying to improve his golf game and hosting celebrity "shindigs" at the White House. Maybe American workers would be more motivated to "step up their game" if they didn't have the example of Michelle Obama and her entourage gallivanting across the globe on the tax payer dime as she tours Europe and Africa and anywhere else that suits her fancy. Yes, maybe American workers would "step up their game" Mr. President if you attempted to step "UP YOURS!!"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Scream

On Saturday June 18th, we celebrated my parent's 60th wedding anniversary by having a family party at "Sweet Peas" in Riverton, Connecticut.  Prior to the meal I thought it would be fun to lick this ice cream cone flag even though it is not good practice to have your dessert before your dinner as it might spoil your appetite for the main meal.

I stepped up to this ice cream cone flag and I guess I wasn't looking at the ground because I felt a squishy sensation underneath my right foot as I was posing for this picture. You can guess my surprise. What was this substance under my foot? I can't tell you because SHHHHHHH........IT is a secret.  Boy, Did I scream!!

Monster Top

I can't say I'm "addicted"  to this "Monster Energy Light Import" drink but I can say that I have been buying this product lately and spending some of my hard earned but ever depreciating dollars on this product. I usually buy this energy drink at "Shaw's" and even though this is my last name I don't get any special discount or special treatment. I'm not a nutrition expert so I can't wax on about the benefits of Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3. Vitamin B6. Vitamin B12, Taurine, Panax Ginseng,L-Carnitine, Guarana, Inosotol,Glucoronalactone,Maltodexerine, and some obscure thing called "Caffeine", BUT if you are looking for any of these ingredients, this product has them as they are printed right on the can.

What I think is "cool" about this product is the unique re-sealable top on the can as somehow you just slide the plastic lever on the top of the can to the right and then sip away at this tasty pee green product. When you have had your fill and feel full then just slide the plastic level to the left and the can closes up until you are ready to quaff some more of this energy boosting concoction. To me, this is a far superior method of controlling the liquid flow from the can as compared with the typical "flip top" as with a "flip top" device once the flip top is flipped you pretty much have to drink the whole beverage or you end up having to cover the opening with plastic wrap or just throwing away a non-finished beverage if you don't feel like finishing the whole container in one drinking session.  For example, the above pictured can of Monster Import Light suggests a servings per container of 2.3 servings. Unless you are with 1.3 other friends you will be wasting precious energy drink if this can had a typical "flip-top" can opening. And, furthermore,  how many of us have a third of a friend? I mean, what is a third of a friend or a third of a serving? Does a third of a serving mean you should give this product to someone who is a third the size of a typical person? I don't know. Even if you just share this product or any other product , what is a third of a serving?

Anyway, there you have it, an unsolicited observation about "Monster Energy Light Imported" and their unique  top. I can say that I didn't receive any money or free products for this analysis, but wouldn't mind some cash or free products. So , Monster company, if you want to give me some money or free energy drinks, I won't mind.

As an aside, I have no confirmation that if "Monster" decides to produce a line of Tennessee Whisky that they would call it "Monster Mash"

Thursday, June 16, 2011

YouTube - Incredible Casuals - Go Bruins (Live at the Wellfleet Beachcomber)

YouTube - Incredible Casuals - Go Bruins (Live at the Wellfleet Beachcomber) Go Bruins, ...........Go Bruins>>>>> Go BRUINS...../////// GO bruins

WAY TO GO BRUINS !!!! Lord Stanley's Cup is back in "Chowah Country" in "Bean Town" for the first time since the days of #4 Bobby Orr.

Drink Driving

Women escape sinking car after crashing into Mercer Slough 911 Bellevue News Here's a story of some women who relied a little too much on their GPS and kept driving down a boat ramp even though the water kept getting deeper and deeper. Sometimes I guess in life you have to consider input from your senses such as your eyes for example when you approach an apparent "puddle" in the road that keeps getting deeper and deeper.. and deeper... and deeper.. until the water is flowing over the hood of your car and then maybe your should recognize that this might not be a good thing as your car might submerge. Unless your have one of those James Bond cars that turns into a submarine or if your car only goes forward and has no reverse it is probably a good idea to stop going forward in your car if you find yourself running out of air to breathe while driving your car.

I remember watching an episode of "The Office" where Michael and Dwight were in a car and the GPS said to turn right on a boat ramp so Michael drove his car into a river.

The GPS is a great invention, but, I know from personal experience that the GPS directions are not 100% reliable. Often for my inspection job, the GPS in my car will say to keep going forward even though the road I am being directed to ends in a cul-de-sac with either someones house or woods in front of me. For some bizarre reason, I can't explain why, I have never attempted to drive through trees, houses, or swampland even though the GPS tells me to keep going. I guess sometimes I "overrule" my GPS as strange as that may seem.

The women in this story, (no confirmation as to whether they were three blond women) were not cited for any alcohol abuse or "drunk driving". No word as to whether they were cited for "drink driving" which we all know means driving through a deep body of water. Yes, just like the old "Deputy Dog" cartoons, these women got stuck in the creek mud.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Changes at The Soundings Resort

The Soundings Resort, a Bluegreen Corporation managed oceanfront resort, located in Dennis Port on Cape Cod  over the Memorial Day weekend opened a recently completed brand new  front desk and lobby along with a section of reconstructed luxury rooms. If you are in the area stop by and see for yourself the new changes at The Soundings. The above picture shows a section of the new lobby which has a gas fireplace, a library area, new restrooms, and a comfortable living room type conversation area with a flat screen television. One wall in the lobby has a custom map of Plymouth to Provincetown. The ceiling in the picture above has a custom star map. The Soundings appears well on its way to reaching their goal of becoming one of Cape Cod's premier oceanfront destinations.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Hey!, Watch It Pal!"

For brother Scott's 50th birthday party a group of us went to "F1" in Braintree, Massachusetts where they feature two indoor race courses with souped up Go-carts that travel up to 40 miles an hour. The course we were on had a hair pin turn, a tunnel , and a couple straight sections so that you can get the feel of a racing experience similar to the formula one "Indy" car type racing. Everyone had to sign an injury waiver in case you hurt yourself while racing and also a next of kin notification in case you flipped out of the race course and killed yourself so they would know who to call to pick up your corpse.

Prior to the race we all had to watch a movie which detailed all the different flags that the track officials would wave from various sections of the course during the race such as the white flag,checkered flag, red flag, black flag, and some other flag that signified that the driver was driving with a foot on the gas and brake petals at the same time. Each driver had to wear an official racing helmet, a full fire retardant racing suit, and some sort of black thing that you put over your head before you put on your helmet. The pre-race movie also stressed not to run into the other cars while racing as these cars are racing vehicles not "bumper cars.

During the 15 lap race, each driver's lap time, race position, and overall time was electronically calculated. The race started with a warm up lap. I started in fourth position but ended up getting caught on the hair pin turn on the warm-up lap as I didn't allow enough room for the metal barrier the surrounds each car and ended up falling into last place on the starting lap.

In addition to our group there were a few young "hotshots" in the race. I recall going through the tunnel "S" turn and getting slammed by these "daredevils" on both sides of my racing car at  the same time as one car passed me on my left side and one car passed on the right. I yelled out "Hey!, Watch it Pal!", but I doubt if they heard me as it gets pretty loud out there on the course during the race.

It was a fun experience, and no one died or was injured so we all can come back another day for future "F1" races.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gene Simmons Tells Obama to "Kiss Off"

RealClearPolitics - Video - KISS' Gene Simmons: Obama "Has No F***ing Idea What The World Is Like" Former KISS (Knights In Service to Satan) rock star tells President Obama to kind of "Kiss off" as he describes President Obama as "Probably a nice guy" but basically clueless when it comes to living in the "real world". It looks like President Obama may lose this celebrity vote in the 2012 election. Imagine the nerve of someone questioning the actions of our wise president.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Prophet of Doom

Judgment Day 'Rapture Parties' planned as evangelist Harold Camping predicts huge earthquake Mail Online Evangelist Harold Camping predicts that tomorrow 5/21/2011 is the day of "Rapture" where the "Hand of GOD" will come down and save God's chosen people while the rest of the world's populace get to experience earthquakes and fire. Now, I don't know if I'm "One of the "chosen" as I don't know for sure what criteria GOD is using to determine the "saved" from the "damned". I guess we will find out tomorrow what happens as they say around 6:00 pm the "fun" will begin to start. I have read some of the "Left Behind" series of books which deal with the "rapture", those "left behind" and the "rise of the "anti-Christ" among other fun and interesting topics. Would you like to be one of the people "saved" and spirited off to heaven or would you like to "stick it out" and see how the world ends and/ or experience the period of "tribulation" prior to the return of Jesus where the "Armageddon" battle in the Middle East will pit the forces of "the Christ and the anti-Christ" are supposed to engage in a cataclysmic final battle. In one of the "Left Behind" books they describe that during the "rapture" the chosen people just vanish and all that is left are their clothes, rings, watches, wallets, etc. They describe people vanishing from airplane seats and even pilots vanishing mid-flight.

Time will tell. If this "rapture" occurs and this is in fact the last day on earth for some of us at least I can say that I just finished a good "Last Supper" as I just finished a meal of sirloin steak tips cooked in olive oil and hot sauce, with fried potatoes and squash, two Keystone Light beers, and a "Klondike" ice cream bar.

"With "Friends" Like Obama"

Interesting to see that President Obama wants Israel to cede back land to the Palestinians to the pre-1967 level. What would Israel get in return for this? Probably nothing from the Hamas organization and others but a continuation of their belief that ALL the land in Israel should be given to them as they don't recognize Israel's right to exist. When some land was recently given to the Palestinians in the Gaza strip the Palestinians promptly used this new land to mount attacks on Israel and destroy the buildings left behind by Israel. If I were a leader in Israel I wouldn't trade land for hollow words of your sworn enemy who wishes to destroy you. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel would be indefensible if the countries borders were reinstated back to pre-1967 levels. With "Friends" like Obama" who needs enemies.

What I will be interested to see in American politics is how Jewish voters and elected officials respond to President Obama in the next election. In 2008  it is estimated that support for candidate Obama was approximately 80% among Jewish American voters. In 2012 if there is a Presidential election will the Jewish American voter still support Obama after his actions which appear to "throw Israel under the bus"? Will the Jewish voters be influenced to perhaps consider the republican candidates for president who have all condemned Obama's position on Israel or stick with "their liberal guy" even if this causes the demise of Israel?

Time will tell. If I were a Jewish political leader I wouldn't trust President Barak Hussein Obama with my future and existence as he continues to pander to the Palestinians, "stab Israel in the back", and disregard current Israeli borders and treaties.  What do you think?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jesus & Mary Magdalene Have Returned?

Alan John Miller, Mary Suzanne Luck Claim To Be Jesus And Mary Magdalene (VIDEO) Here is a video of Alan John Miller who claims that he is the re-incarnation of Jesus "The Christ" who along with Mary Suzanne Luck (who claims to be the re-incarnated Mary Magdalene) reside in Australia. What do you think? DO you believe A.J. and Ms Luck or are you a "doubting Thomas"?

I haven't formed a full opinion on this matter as yet as I just ran across this story and felt compelled to "spread the news". One think for certain, we are fortunate that this "re-incarnated Jesus" speaks English instead of "Aramaic" as if this re-incarnated Jesus returned and spoke Aramaic most people would be saying, "What is this man saying?, What is he talking about?, or Sounds Greek to me." English is a widely followed language so this Jesus made a wise choice.

I wonder why this "Jesus" chose Australia as his returning destination? Maybe he likes kangaroos, koala bears, and "shrimp on the "barbay". Maybe this Jesus likes beer instead of wine and for a miracle will turn water into Fosters beer. Maybe the deserts of Australia remind this Jesus of his former life in the Middle East. God knows what the reason is.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


YouTube - RESPEK I agree with "Ali G" there is not much "RESPEK" in the current world scene. I remember Aretha Franklin used to sing in her classic song "RESPEK". "R..E..S..P..E...K Tell me what it means today, R..E..S..P..E..K RESPEK is what we need today." I think that's how that song went, but I'm not 100% sure. It is true though that "RESPEK" is not even in the dictionary anymore. Check for yourself if you don't believe me.

Pakistan, Should we keep giving financial aid?

What do you think of Pakistan probably letting China see the tail section of the stealth helicopter and the custom coated fabric from the helicopter that the local children are playing with? Should we still keep giving financial aid to Pakistan?

Do you think that no one in the Pakistani government or military knew that Osama Bin Laden was within a stone's throw away? Is Pakistan playing "both sides of the fence" by taking billions in aid from America and at the same time "tipping off" America's terrorist enemies?

I say no more aid to Pakistan unless and until they show that they are willing to aid in the war on terrorism and give back the helicopter parts from the downed stealth Blackhawk helicopter. What do you think?

Pakistan is saying that any future missions into their country from the USA without their knowledge will be met with military force. Is this the attitude of an ally and fellow partner in the war against terrorism?

Should we keep giving financial aid to Pakistan when we have to sell treasury bonds to finance the federal deficit which are in a large part purchased by China?

Monday, May 2, 2011


Congratulations to the Navy Seals for a well planned daring mission to kill Usama Bin Ladin and to President Obama for approving this mission. Ironically, some of the intelligence received as to the identity of the couriers apparently was obtained from "enhanced interrogation" approved during the Bush administration and opposed by Senator Obama. Interesting to see that what you oppose as a senator ends up playing a part in President Obama's most important foreign policy success. Gitmo helped  "get mo" results and intelligence that helped locate "public terrorist Number 1".

Bin Laden was one of 50 children growing up and I hear inherited 80 million dollars when he was quite young. This was no oppressed, starving, underprivileged fellow. How Usama grew to be a radicalized extremist terrorist is not totally known, at least not known by me.

It is interesting that Usama Bin Ladin was "hiding out" somewhat in "plain sight" as the town he was living in is also home to the equivalent of "West Point". I wonder if this academy was also known as the "Inspector Clouseau Academy" as how do you explain the fact that Ubama was within a half mile of this military academy  for years. Abbotabad may have been named after the "Abbot and Costello" comedy team because the Pakistan government not knowing who lived in a 18foot walled compound is a joke.Yes, no damp, musty caves for Usama surviving on bats, spiders, and fried rats. No, Bin Laden had a compound reportedly worth about one million US dollars.

It is a great day for America as stated by President Obama. What comes next only time will tell. Usama now "sleeps with the fishes" in his watery grave. Yes, "water boarding" led to a "watery grave" as Khalid Sheik Mohammad gave up key information as to the identity of the couriers who resided in Usama's compound. Thank-You President Bush for starting the process that ended with the demise of Bin Laden.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"The Donald" "Trumps" Obama

Interesting to see today that President Obama apparently released a copy of his "Certificate of Live Birth" showing that he was born in Hawaii. President Obama called the speculation about his birth certificate over the last 2 to 2 1/2 years a "side show with carnival barkers" when there is important stuff to do such as the amount of people looking for work, high gas prices, and getting the budget and deficits under control with these issues not going to be solved if we are distracted and vilifying each other. All well and good; HOWEVER, IF President Obama has just released his certificate of live birth certificate 2 1/2 years ago when Hillary Clinton and others first brought up this question then this would not have been an issue at all. It took Donald Trump, a new book by Jerome Corsi, and a recent poll which stated that 38% of the American People don't believe or have doubts as to whether President Obama was born in the United States. President Obama said he had "no time for silliness" and "better stuff to do". So, the president is essentially blaming others again for a controversy that he created and that he could have solved. Probably George W. Bush had something to do with this situation.

Donald Trump was instrumental in getting President Obama to comply with this basic request to release his birth certificate and in this case "The Donald" Trumps" Obama. Now, Mr Trump raises some additional questions such as why are President Obama's college transcripts sealed and how did Obama go from Occidental  College to Columbia to Harvard. If our great wise president did so well in school you would think he would want the whole world to know about how well he did and how smart he is.

Yes, the president has many important things to do such as get ready for an interview with Oprah Winfrey and later attend some New York fundraisers for his campaign and tie up some rush hour traffic today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air and on the ground. Here is a little photograph of part of the front yard of a house in Brewster, Mass I inspected today which had thousands of daffodil flowers as well as numerous forsythia bushes which line the front of this property. The owner of this home told me to drive down a certain road until I saw a lot of yellow. Sure enough, I drove down the road to the yellow and then said "Hello" to the owner.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Tony Morrone, A Loyal Employee"

Just got back from celebrating my brother Scott's 50th Birthday today as we had dinner in the "North End" of Boston at "La Familia Giorgio's". Everyone had plenty to eat and later we decided to drop in at an "Espresso" restaurant to top off our hearty meals with an authentic espresso. For those of you who have never tried espresso coffee let me tell you that although espresso is served in a small cup, espresso coffee can sure wake you up. We also wanted to see if "Tony Morrone" was still working there as he is quite a fixture at this espresso place and we always enjoy seeing him. "Tony" is originally from Bologna, Italy and came over to America with his Mom and Dad when he was only 6 years old. His parents found work at this espresso restaurant and "Tony" first started working there when he was thirteen washing dishes and sweeping the restaurant floors. Over the years "Tony" graduated from dishwasher to busboy and then as a waiter. Now over sixty years later "Tony" still works as a waiter both for lunch and dinner and every working day he is still identified by his red flower carnation and black bow tie. "Tony" would often tell us stories about his years in the restaurant and coffee business and all the famous boxers, politicians, and sports celebrities he has met over his long career . So here's to you "Tony Morrone"; it was good to see you again, keep up the good work and may you enjoy many more happy and healthy years. "Keep Smiling".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Underwhelming Cut"

It was interesting to see that the potential federal government shut down was averted at the "11th hour" with a compromise deficit reduction of 39 billion agreed to by the president, Senate majority leader, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. While 39 billion is nothing to sneeze at, when compared to an over 1.5 trillion dollar budget deficit shortfall for this year and a potential 1.7 trillion dollar deficit for 2012 and a current 14.3 trillion total current deficit; 39 billion in cuts is somewhat  of an underwhelming cut and maybe amounts to about "a half of one drop in the deficit bucket".

Only in Washington can a reduction from a proposed budget amount be called a budget cut even if the budget item ends up being a higher amount than was present the year before. For example say the year before a budget item was 50; then the next year this same budget item is budgeted for 70. Budget reduction forces come into play and after intense deliberations a compromise is reached for 60 for this item with a 10 unit savings even though this 60 amount is higher than the previous year's amount of 50.

I saw a clip on television where Senator Obama in 2006 voted against extending the debt ceiling when the total federal governmental debt was "only" 8 trillion dollars at that time. Senator Obama said that increasing the debt ceiling was a sign of a failure of leadership and America deserves better. It will be interesting to see President Obama's upcoming speech to see if he proposes any specific cuts and or whether he proposes any tax increases after just recently agreeing to extend the "Bush era" tax rates that were due to expire. If President Obama does propose some cuts will Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) label the president "extreme" like he is trying to label the Republicans and "tea party" member?