Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Who Do You Like?"

Who do you like and why to replace Barack Obama as the 45th president? IF Barack Obama is the nominee for the Democrats, (or maybe Hillary Clinton) and the 2012 elections do in fact occur; who should the Republicans nominate to challenge and win the Presidency and "take back the country" from the incompetent, inexperienced, clueless current administration?

I remember that I correctly predicted the Democratic ticket of John/John (Kerry/Edwards) prior to the Democratic convention that year.

Although it is very early in the presidential selection process; I am "on record" as telling people my prediction of the Republican presidential ticket of Mitt Romney for president and Marco Rubio for Vice President. I don't know if I personally think that this is the best ticket for the Republicans to choose but I think this ticket could beat the Democratic presidential slate (whomever the Democrats choose to nominate.) No candidate is perfect and in fact I am pretty much in the ABO camp; (Anybody But Obama) but I believe a Romney/Rubio ticket would be a strong ticket with the "real world" experience of Mitt Romney who believe it or not actually worked in the "dreaded private sector" and has business experience necessary to change the current anti-business attitude to a pro-growth pro- jobs environment. Romney will never be a "life of the party guy" busily practicing his golf game like some presidents but he seems well spoken and can even seem to talk in coherent sentences without a teleprompter.

Marco Rubio, senator from Florida, is a rising Republican star that could help secure Florida in the election and is a favorite of the limited government "tea party" movement that has these extremely bizarre notions that government should live within its means by trying to scale the size and scope of government (how radical can you get!!). Marco Rubio would help bring some "Latino" support to the ticket which would frustrate the identity political democrats who feel that they "own" the Latino vote.

What do you think? Rick Perry may end up as the nominee and he may choose Bobby Jindal as his VP candidate. John Kasich, Governor of Ohio or Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana I think would also be under consideration for Vice-President , maybe Tim Pawlenty as well.

Who do you like? What "mug" would you like to grace the TV screen over the next four years on an almost daily basis? Does the country need a "change"?, or does the country continue along the road to ruin  with the "establishment" political leader B. Hussein Obama?