Thursday, September 15, 2011


Interesting to see that a Republican won the special election for the District 9 New York Congressional seat yesterday. I can't remember the last time a Republican was elected in this district. Maybe, because the last time a Republican won was in 1923 if I recall the reports accurately. And, the reason I can't recall of course is that I wasn't born at that time of the "roaring 20's"; at least not in my present human shell and I have never had a past life regression so I don't know if I even was on this planet in another human or animal form at that time. The Democrats, of course, think that this election result was just an isolated local election and not a reflection of public opinion in the district of the dissatisfaction of the voters with the lousy economic policies of our dear president and his pathetic anti-jobs regulatory big government soak the rich anti-Israel policies of the current national administration. No, telling Israel to move back to their 1967 borders and disrespecting Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu had NOTHING to do with this election result.

Democrats, although they think they try to appear "liberal" in regards to a "live and let live" philosophy; in reality it seems to me love to put people into categories  such as the "Jewish vote", the "Black vote", the "Latino vote" , the "Women" vote. For some reason, Democrats feel that they own these voter classifications and get "worked up" for example if a woman Republican or a Black or Latino Republican candidate emerges because this just can't be and these people must be a "sell out" to their race or gender for daring to stray from the Democrat reservation.

In the recent movie District 9, aliens come on down to Earth and are isolated to District 9 where the aliens are exploited and discriminated against by the humans of South Africa.  In District 9 of New York State it appears with this historic election President Obama has successfully alienated this overwhelmingly Democratic district with his arrogance, disrespect for Israel, and his poor job performance as president and his poor performance in creating a business climate necessary to foster job creation.