Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pre-Sunrise Soundings Resort Beach

I spent an "all nighter" at the Soundings Resort last evening and here is a photo of the Soundings beach just before sunrise (4:58 am). I was on the "night security" shift from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Around 4:00 am I found it memorable that the quiet night atmosphere was interupted by the sounds of many birds chirping away. I often wonder what these bird sounds mean to the birds. Maybe birds live so much in the "now" that they don't realize that after the sun sets in the evening that the sun will return again and they think the world will remain in the pitch blackness of nightfall. So, maybe these birds are all excited by the anticipation of another morning as the pre-dawn sky starts to lighten. Or, maybe their chirping and tweeting are their substitute for an alarm clock and their birds sounds translate to "Hey, birds, time to get up and start flying and hopping around looking for insects and worms to eat and maybe snag a twig or two to help re-inforce their nest. I don't know.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Chocolate Bomb

I went to PB Boulangerie & Bistro in South Wellfleet  on the first day of Summer and purchased this "Chocolate Tort and Chocolate Bomb" as a little mid-morning snack after inspecting a house in North Truro. I'm happy that now "people in the know" say that chocolate is good for you and I've never had a weight problem so decadent desserts such as these are essential to me so I don't whither away to nothing and disappear. As some people say," appearances are important."

Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Buddha. Alcohol. Drinking."

Two glasses of wine a day improves quality of life for middle-aged - Telegraph  Here is a story touting the benefits of moderate alcohol drinking and the premise that moderate drinking improves the quality of life. The "Buddha" among other things believed in a path of moderation in life and taking the "middle road or path". Yes "Buddha. Alcohol  Drinking" is not B.A.D. So, for "dexterity,emotion, cognition and mobility; a moderate amount of "12 ounce curls" or tipping back a couple glasses of vino are alleged to be better for your overall well being as compared to abstainers or chronic over drinkers. So drink a little I guess but don't forget to drink and don't drink so much alcohol  that you feel "pickled".

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Presidential Wedding Gifts

The Obama event registry — Blog — Barack Obama  For those of you who love the "great" job our president is doing there is a new way to contribute to the "forward" looking re-election campaign for four more years of probably the best presidency this nation has ever seen! Yes, now in lieu of wedding gifts or commitment ceremony gifts the Obama campaign is suggesting that you make a contribution  that we all can appreciate and " goes a lot further than a gravy boat". So, "LET'S GO PEOPLE, FORK OVER THAT WEDDING CASH NOW!"

I have heard rumors that the Obama campaign also is considering asking for a "National Yard Sale Weekend" over the Labor Day Holidays  where all supporters should consider selling all their unnecessary possessions and contribute the proceeds to Barack. The Obama campaign I am told is also thinking of organizing a "National Kool Aid" sale so that all the Obama supporters who drink the kool-aid can buy this tasty nutritious drink with the proceeds going towards the re-election efforts of Barack, Michelle, Joe, and Dr. Jill. Some officials with the Obama re-election team wouldn't comment as to whether a street corner apple and pencil sale for Barack is still planned for the Wall Street section of New York City. 

There are so many ways for us to contribute, please don't limit yourself if you have any good ideas as to how to funnel some cash to Barack. For, as we all know,Barack needs help, as does our nation.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Abe" Lincoln Vampire Hunter

'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter': A New Era of Tall Tales | I see there is a new movie coming out about Abraham Lincoln and his until now unreleased history as a vampire hunter. "Abe" was an historic man and I'll bet you a penny or five dollars that you as well as I didn't know that before he became president he used to hunt down vampires and kill them with an ax. I see according to this article that FDR used to hunt werewolves before he became president. Maybe we will learn that FDR didn't have polio but used this as an alibi to cover up the real truth that he was bitten in the legs by a pack of blood thirsty werewolves one moonlit night. I think I recall from somewhere that George Washington was the original "ghost buster" as he used to battle poltergeists in his youth and that is why he chopped down a cherry tree as this tree was haunted by demon spirits. From what I recall, Ulysses S. Grant while he was alive before he was buried in Grant's tomb had a fiddling contest against the Devil when he was down in Georgia as he bet his soul against a fiddle of gold; AND HE WON!

I am comforted that at least in the past many of our presidents were not only among the "best and the brightest" but also able to protect the American people against "the creatures of the night". Maybe these past presidents were too modest as these feats of daring heroism have not been widely publicised. Nowadays we have a president that is the best at reading from a teleprompter as he travels among the 57 states of our country.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Car wreck at the White House - 3 crashes in one weekend

Car wreck at the White House - The Washington Post I must confess that I have been in car accidents in my life and I'm not going to adopt a "holier than thou" attitude BUT I have never had 3 CAR CRASHES in one weekend or ever "hit and run". With me my accidents have been "hit and stop". Obama's Commerce Secretary Brison  had a car crash trifecta. The Washington Post article mentions that the Commerce secretary "suffered a seizure". I guess that's possible although I wonder how someone could hit the same car twice unless you are part of a demolition derby. Maybe the Commerce Secretary wanted to drum up some business for the auto repair industry or maybe these accidents were  just an unfortunate series of medical mishaps or unlucky coincidences. Who knows? Maybe these crashes are symbolic of the anemic Obama economy which the President recently stated that "the private sector  is doing just fine" when the current job participation rate is declining as more and more discouraged job seekers give up even looking for a new job and thus reduce the "unemployment rate" from the real life unemployment rate.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Elizabeth Warren for MA Senate

I have been watching the Elizabeth Warren for Senate campaign with great interest in her quest to unseat current Republican Senator Scott Brown. I must say that I'm "very impressed" with her campaign so far and feel that she represents the "perfect" candidate for the Democrats and Massachusetts to represent our Commonwealth. Elizabeth Warren from Oklahoma has the ideal background as a non-Massachusetts native to truely know our state as the consumate outsider. Ms. Warren received her tenured Harvard Law School professorship by claiming that she is 1/32 Cherokee Indian in heritage and thus part of a discriminated against protected minority class and deserving of special consideration. This blue eyed blond haired woman Ms. Warren claims that her "Paw Paw" (or great great great grandmother, something like that) was a Cherokee and that is where her "high cheek bones like all Indians have" comes from. This physical feature alone I feel makes her the best candidate for Senate to take back "Ted Kennedy's seat". It turns out that in fact although she claimed minority Indian status, it appears actually that one of her relatives was actually with the "Tennessee Militia" that rounded up Native American Indians for the "trail of tears" and later persecuted the Seminole Indians of Florida. This is perfect lying hypocritical action by the democratic candidate Ms. Warren that we desperately need down in Washington to help act as a "rubber stamp" for President Obama in his quest to expand the federal government and put the country further in debt. Ms. Warren also claims to be one of the "philosophical leaders" behind the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and their quest to try to re-distribute the money from capitalist businessmen and bankers of the "1%" so that they can forfeit their earned income to the "99%" of "average Joe's" who don't have much money and feel entitled to the money of others. I think it is great that Ms. Warren is all for redistributing income while at the same time she and her family benefited from investing in foreclosed houses which she then "flipped" for profit. This "anti-bank" attitude while at the same time enriching yourself is just the thing we need in our Senator as she will fit right in with all the other lying hypocritical democrats in Washington who rail against "Wall Street" while accepting caampaign backing from Wall Street.

Yes, Scott Brown is not corrupt enough to get my vote. He is too hardworking for me and too much like a real person to get my vote, plus he's a Republican! I definitely prefer a hand-picked by Obama Oklahoma based lying hypocrite for my Senator: AND that's why Elizabeth Warren will definitly have my support for Senate this November.