Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Car wreck at the White House - 3 crashes in one weekend

Car wreck at the White House - The Washington Post I must confess that I have been in car accidents in my life and I'm not going to adopt a "holier than thou" attitude BUT I have never had 3 CAR CRASHES in one weekend or ever "hit and run". With me my accidents have been "hit and stop". Obama's Commerce Secretary Brison  had a car crash trifecta. The Washington Post article mentions that the Commerce secretary "suffered a seizure". I guess that's possible although I wonder how someone could hit the same car twice unless you are part of a demolition derby. Maybe the Commerce Secretary wanted to drum up some business for the auto repair industry or maybe these accidents were  just an unfortunate series of medical mishaps or unlucky coincidences. Who knows? Maybe these crashes are symbolic of the anemic Obama economy which the President recently stated that "the private sector  is doing just fine" when the current job participation rate is declining as more and more discouraged job seekers give up even looking for a new job and thus reduce the "unemployment rate" from the real life unemployment rate.