Friday, June 1, 2012

Elizabeth Warren for MA Senate

I have been watching the Elizabeth Warren for Senate campaign with great interest in her quest to unseat current Republican Senator Scott Brown. I must say that I'm "very impressed" with her campaign so far and feel that she represents the "perfect" candidate for the Democrats and Massachusetts to represent our Commonwealth. Elizabeth Warren from Oklahoma has the ideal background as a non-Massachusetts native to truely know our state as the consumate outsider. Ms. Warren received her tenured Harvard Law School professorship by claiming that she is 1/32 Cherokee Indian in heritage and thus part of a discriminated against protected minority class and deserving of special consideration. This blue eyed blond haired woman Ms. Warren claims that her "Paw Paw" (or great great great grandmother, something like that) was a Cherokee and that is where her "high cheek bones like all Indians have" comes from. This physical feature alone I feel makes her the best candidate for Senate to take back "Ted Kennedy's seat". It turns out that in fact although she claimed minority Indian status, it appears actually that one of her relatives was actually with the "Tennessee Militia" that rounded up Native American Indians for the "trail of tears" and later persecuted the Seminole Indians of Florida. This is perfect lying hypocritical action by the democratic candidate Ms. Warren that we desperately need down in Washington to help act as a "rubber stamp" for President Obama in his quest to expand the federal government and put the country further in debt. Ms. Warren also claims to be one of the "philosophical leaders" behind the "Occupy Wall Street" movement and their quest to try to re-distribute the money from capitalist businessmen and bankers of the "1%" so that they can forfeit their earned income to the "99%" of "average Joe's" who don't have much money and feel entitled to the money of others. I think it is great that Ms. Warren is all for redistributing income while at the same time she and her family benefited from investing in foreclosed houses which she then "flipped" for profit. This "anti-bank" attitude while at the same time enriching yourself is just the thing we need in our Senator as she will fit right in with all the other lying hypocritical democrats in Washington who rail against "Wall Street" while accepting caampaign backing from Wall Street.

Yes, Scott Brown is not corrupt enough to get my vote. He is too hardworking for me and too much like a real person to get my vote, plus he's a Republican! I definitely prefer a hand-picked by Obama Oklahoma based lying hypocrite for my Senator: AND that's why Elizabeth Warren will definitly have my support for Senate this November.

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