Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I wonder where my tricycle went? Back when I was about three years old living in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania my Mom and Dad bought me a tricycle. We lived on a hilly street back then. I had fun riding my tricycle and then one day the tricycle was gone. Where did it go? I don't know.

Did someone steal my trike? Did I push the tricycle down the hill just to watch it roll away by itself without me on it to steer? Where's my tricycle?

I am told that I wasn't too happy about losing the tricycle? I shed many a tear. I have recently gotten over the loss of my beloved first tricycle. To this day though, what happened to my tricycle is an "unsolved mystery". I am still interested in finding out what happened to this tricycle. If anyone out there reading this account was in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania in 1957 and happened to notice a runaway tricycle going down a hill or happened to see someone take my tricycle away from me; please get in touch with me. I will offer you a handsome reward for any information leading to the return of my tricycle.

My Dad did buy me another tricycle to replace my mystery trike; but I still wonder "Where the heck did the first tricycle go?'

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yes, I am an outcast. Today I had my cast removed from my right wrist that I fractured on August 20th while playing volleyball and diving into a wall while chasing the ball.

The doctor cut off the cast with some sort of vibrating blade the can remove the cast without cutting into human flesh. the doctor said this machine is similar to one used by tile installers. I said. "Well if you run into a slow period when people aren't breaking their bones then you could pick up some work installing tile flooring." The doctor thought that was a good idea.

Tomorrow I start physical therapy on the wrist. It feels a little weird to have one working wrist and one wrist that is sort of "frozen".

Yes, I am an outcast, or what you could say a castaway with hopefully a wrist that will be good as new some day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


YouTube - JAMES BROWN BOBBY BYRD THE JB'S-SEX MACHINE LIVE 1970 Here is a video of "The Godfather of Soul and Funk" James Brown along with Bobby Byrd singing "Sex Machine" in 1970 on the Mike Douglas Show. James Brown and the JB'S (see the You Tube link) really were quite the "tight band" and when James said to the band "hit it" the band hit it and when James said "quit it" they stopped playing. James Brown had quite the dance moves,screams, and was known as the "hardest working man in show business." I enjoyed his performance in the classic movie "The Blues Brothers".

I was in Las Vegas one time in the 1990's and saw that James Brown was due to appear at the "Sands" hotel as my friend and I noticed his name and showtime information on the giant marquee in front of the hotel. We went to get tickets only to be informed that James Brown would not be performing that night as he was arrested for an alleged domestic dispute and couldn't honor his Las Vegas performance schedule. James Brown was replaced that night by Wayne Newton. We decided not to see Wayne Newton as for some reason we didn't think Wayne Newton would have the same type of "funky" show as James Brown. So, I almost saw "The Godfather" live in Vegas.

Friday, September 25, 2009


YouTube - Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby(1975) Check out Donna Summer in this classic 1975 tune "Love to Love You Baby" in this You Tube video. The dude in this video dancing behind Donna on the right and with Donna made me laugh with dancin',prancin, and semi-ballet type style. He was probably told to dance around like a wood nymph and was just following instructions; but funny to me none the less.

My most memorable experience with this "Love To Love You Baby" song was in a lobby bar at the Whitehall Inn in Daytona Beach,Florida during "spring break" in March of 1976. After riding on our chartered bus from the University of Connecticut (UCONN) for twenty-four hours we arrived at our oceanfront hotel for the week. There was a lobby bar with a "lounge singer" that my friends and I entered for some liquid refreshment. We got some exercise with some "twelve ounce curls" which refreshed us after spending a day on the bus. When the lounge singer took a break (I remember I requested he sing the song "Feelings") I spied a jukebox in the corner of the bar and commenced to feed the jukebox with quarters. I saw the song "Love To Love You Baby" and thought it would be fun to play this song so I selected this song. I then selected the same song again, again,and then again. I think we listened to this song about eight times in a row. I remember after each play of this song I said, "That's a good song. I wonder what song is coming up next?"

Thus, during the Spring of '76 ends the tale of the "Summer (Donna that is) of '75 as we listened to an "endless Summer" that day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


YouTube - Rick Dees & His Cast of Idiots - Disco Duck (1976) Here's Rick Dees on the "Midnight Special" back in 1976 during the classic "Disco Duck" song. Did you ever do the "Disco Duck" back in the day? Did you "try your luck, don't be a cluck"? Did you "shake your tail feather "out on the dance floor under the mirror ball ?

The don't make many songs like this anymore.


YouTube - Ohio Players - Funky Worm (Funy Video) This is my favorite song where a "granny" sings (with the possible exception of "Granny" on the Beverly Hillbillies Show). You don't see too many "grannies" get funky. In this song the "funky worm" " plays guitar without any hands...pretty good I might ad." I guess the worm must use his teeth a la Jimi Hendrix or maybe he just slithers across the guitar strings to create a smooth funky groove.

I remember the Ohio Players from around the year 1975. They had memorable songs like "Love Rollercoaster", "Skin Tight", "Sweet Sticky Thing", and "Pain" among other funky groovy tunes. Back then at the University of Connecticut there used to be dorm parties often on Thursday nights called "Shoots" and these parties would usually had kegs of beer and disco dancing with dances like the "Hustle". I can remember learning the "Hustle" dance style at the parties and then promptly forgetting this dance until the next party when I would learn the dance again.

Do you remember songs like the "Funky Worm"? If so, which song did you like better "Funky Worm" or "Disco Duck"?


I read today that there is going to be increased consideration in replacing the US Dollar as the standard for world trade currency with some sort of International Monetary Fund (IMF) backed currency. The international community is growing concerned by the record United States Federal deficits along with the US trade deficit and the rapid increase by the Federal Reserve in printing money.
Although a lot of the increased money has not entered the money supply yet as bank loan demand is currently weak; when bank loan demand picks up then the spectre of higher inflation looms .
To counter the rise in inflation in the near term people should consider purchasing some bullion silver and gold coins. The value of US currency is declining on the world stage and precious metals have a long history as a "store of value" and these metals tend to rise in price during inflationary times.
So, I say "Hi Ho Silver!" and have been purchasing about one silver ounce coin per week from the local coin dealer in my area. You might want to investigate and consider picking up a few "solid" coins as well as the current US paper money value continues to go "up in flames".

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


YouTube - Hermans Hermits - I'm Henry The VIII, I Am My first '45 record I ever purchased was " I'm Henry VIII I Am" by the Brittish Group Herman's Hermits in 1965. Click the You Tube link to see lead singer Peter Noone and the rest of the "Hermits" play this classic song on the Ed Sullivan television show. In 1965 this song was according to Wikopedia "The fastest selling song in history" at the time. Back then Herman's Hermits for a brief time rivaled "The Beatles" in popularity and were the top selling pop act in 1965.

I liked the exaggerated accent that was prevalent in this song as well as the drum beat that I could imitate. Also, it was helpful that the second verse of this song was same as the first so you could easily remember the lyrics and sing along to this song and imitate the accent as well. I think I paid about a dollar for this record at the time.

Do you remember your first record purchase? If so, what was the song?

It is funny that the widow next door only married husbands named Henry and that she was married at least eight times. That is kind of like the famous boxer George Foreman naming all his five boys "George". George Foreman wouldn't take a "Willie or a Sam" or even a "Henry" for names for his sons. I wonder if all her previous husbands died on her or if she had a few divorces along the way. If they all died on her maybe she shouldn't have given her husbands all those cyanide milkshakes. Although I hear they are tasty and maybe taste like vanilla; I don't think they are too good for you.

Peter Noone is still touring from what I understand and is now over sixty years old with his birthday being November 5,1947.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Summer shot of a Cape Cod dock. Linking land to river, river to sea.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Here is a photo of the "big white tent" which housed a local arts and crafts show this weekend in Dennisport on Cape Cod at a local church parking lot. I wonder how they erected this tent and also how many people it took to get this tent assembled.

I used to camp quite often in my younger days but we never had a tent this size.


Here is a photo of under the tent of a local arts and crafts show held this weekend in Dennisport on Cape Cod at a church parking lot. The flash from my camera produced an effect on the tent roof which reminds me a little of the "aurora borealis".


This weekend in Dennisport on Cape Cod there was a craft show and small carnival held at a local church parking lot. There were a few small rides along with a few places to buy soda,ice cream, and fried dough at this "fun way" area.
Here is a shot of the Mardi Gras "House of Mirrors" attraction. Similar to rats running through a maze, people have fun trying to find their way through the myriad of mirrors. As in life, sometimes there are detours and dead ends as one tries to find their one true path and have fun along the way.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have this little octet British band hanging on my wall replete with their Beefeater hats and plaid background.
I hardly ever hear them play but they are always there for me. Maybe they do most of their playing and marching when I'm not at home. Or maybe they drink a lot of Beefeater gin and are so loaded that they are stiff when I look at them.
Maybe they go crazy at night after dark when I'm asleep in my bedroom and I don't hear them.
I don't know. Anything is possible.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I have three Mayan calendars in my home. I don't know how to read them but at least I have more than one so they are readily available for me to check. From what I understand, we are nearing the end of this fifth "Age of the Jaguar" calendar as of December 21,2012.

Many people have prophesied that this is the date that the world may end. This day of the Winter Solstice, is just 1190 days away. Some foresee this time as a day of rebirth for planet Earth when others forecast this to be a time of destruction by flooding,polar shift, and a vast intergalactic electrical storm that will knock us back to the "stone age."

The Mayan calendar is said to be 5,106 years old and the Mayan culture had very accurate records of planetary movements.

So, which future is in store? A future of world peace and prosperity? A future of floods,earthquakes, polar shifts, and a global cataclysm?

Stay tuned. Time will tell.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here is a picture of "two bullets". One bullet is a genuine lead bullet as certified to be from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during the time of the Civil War. The other "bullet" is a "silver bullet Coors Light beer can full of Coors Light beer in a cold activated can.

Both these bullets can be lethal if you don't watch out. The lead bullet can kill you by tearing a hole in your body when fired from a gun and traveling at a high velocity. The Coors "silver bullet" is generally less of a risk to life and limb than the lead bullet. However, if given the choice some times it would be less harmful to be hit with the lead bullet than the "silver bullet." For example, if you were walking down the street would you rather be hit it the head by a bullet thrown by someone from a car or by a full can of unopened beer thrown by that same person? In this example I would choose the lead bullet as long as the bullet didn't smack me right in the eye or didn't go right down my throat if I happened to be yawning at that precise instant.

Yes, in this world mass and velocity have a great influence and a deadly lead bullet sometimes is less of a risk than a bigger and heavier object. Food for thought or in this case beer for drinking.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have played in a lot of volleyball games here on Cape Cod over the years starting with playing on Tuesday nights back in 1984 at an elementary school in Brewster, Mass. This coed volleyball night was a fun time. Back then they used to pick four or five people to be "captain" for the night and then everyone would line up while the captains took turns selecting people to play on their teams for the night.

My first night there I was waiting in line with the rest of the group as the captains made their selections. Being new to this volleyball night and not knowing hardly anyone except my brother Scott that night didn't help my chances in being picked for a team. Soon everyone was selected except me and a young lady about 4'9" in height who probably weighed about eighty pounds. She was selected and then I was the "last pick."

I played that night and came back for years and years as well as joining some recreational volleyball nights in Harwich, Yarmouth, Dennis, and Sandwich over the years as well as joining a volleyball league in Chatham and Eastham. From my humble start as "last pick" I ended up being the last remaining person who still plays volleyball after twenty-five years. Some years during that time I was playing volleyball four times a week.

Currently I have had to take a break from volleyball as I had a run in with a wall while diving for a volleyball and ended up with a broken wrist. My cast is set to be removed on October 2nd and then hopefully after some exercises to strengthen my repaired wrist I can resume my volleyball activities.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I remember during the 2001 National Football League season (NFL) there was a great debate that year among fans of the New England Patriots over who should be the quarterback. That year Drew Bledsoe, the Patriot's starting quarterback, sustained an injury while playing against the New York Jets and suffered internal bleeding. Bledsoe was replaced by the sixth round draft choice from Michigan, Tom Brady.

I went to most of the Patriots home football games that season with my friend John who had season tickets. We would drive up before the games and cook up some hamburgs, hot dogs, steak, sausage, and various other meat products along with downing a few "cold brewskies" as we practiced our "twelve ounce curls" to get ready for the game. We would also talk to the nearby "tailgaters" about the games and the "quarterback controversy".

I personally at the time thought that the Patriots should continue with Tom Brady as quarterback that year even after Drew Bledsoe was cleared to return to play from his injury. The reason for my opinion was based on my observation that Tom Brady seemed to make quicker decisions when throwing the football while Drew Bledsoe had a tendency to hold on to the football a little longer and thus was exposed to more "sacks". I don't remember the exact amount of time in seconds that a quarterback should take before passing the football; something like 2.3 seconds approximately before the defensive players from the other team start to penetrate the backfield and try to tackle the quarterback. I do know that professional football is a very "fast" game with all the players running around in their various passing, blocking, and running routes at the same time so the quarterback can't stand around all day in the backfield looking at his fingernails and daydreaming when the football is snapped during live action.

That year the Patriots won the "Superbowl".

As another NFL season has started it was good to see Tom Brady back on the football field after missing last year due to a knee injury. Last night on "Monday Night Football" the New England Patriots defeated the Buffalo Bills 25-24 after trailing the "Bills" for almost the entire game. Tom Brady and the Patriots scored on two touchdown passes to Benjamin Watson in less than two minutes for an improbable comeback victory after a lackluster performance by the Patriots for most of the game.

The "Brady Bunch" came through when the game was on the line. Drew Bledsoe retired in 2007 after a fine career with the Patriots, the Buffalo Bills, and the Dallas Cowboys. Can "Tom Terrific" lead the Patriots to another "Superbowl Title"? Time will tell, but stealing a victory from the jaws of almost certain defeat is the mark of a championship calibre team. The season has just begun but so far the Patriots are undefeated along with half of the other NFL teams after the first week of games.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Back in February 1984 a friend of mine noticed a classified advertisement in the Cape Cod Times newspaper for an open casting call for extras for the made for television movie "RFK and His Times" based on the Arthur Schlesinger Jr. book which aired on January 27,1985. Brad Davis played the part of Robert F. Kennedy and Veronica Cartwright was cast as Ethel Kennedy. I saw Jack Warden one day at the local post office; he was cast as Joseph Kennedy Sr. This movie was directed by Marvin J. Chomsky.

I have always been interested in movies so I thought I would go down to the school where they had the casting auditions and see what this process was all about. When I arrived at the school the parking lot was full and there seemed to be about a thousand people there waiting to be inspected by the casting staff. The casting staff called the people up in lines of ten people at a time and began the selection process. I was selected to play the part of a newsman and was told to report to the St. Francis Xavier church located on South Street in downtown Hyannis for the next day. I was supposed to be outside the church entrance and shout out questions to Bobby Kennedy and his family as they entered the church.

The next day I reported in to the church. We were told to wear trench coats. There was a barber on site and I received a free 1960's hair cut. There was also a food canteen truck so everyone was fed some sandwiches and soda. We then commenced to wait until the director and lighting crew arrived and set up the scene. We waited and waited. Apparently the cold winter February weather was giving the lighting crew problems and filming of an interior scene was taking longer than expected.

The director decided to cut the scene of RFK entering the church as there was not enough light left in the day to shoot this scene. My dreams of being on television were dashed as I wasn't able to play my part as a newsman and shout out any questions. The director decided to proceed with an interior scene inside the church. All of the extras then were into the church to fell up the pews. We then sat, the kneeled, then stood as the cameras were filming and the main talent was featured in the front rows.

Alas, instead of a noteworthy reporter, I was just "a face in the crowd."

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Back in 1996 I received a notice from a Hyannis law firm that they were representing a client that had an addition put on their home in Attleboro, Massachusetts. This addition apparently was built very poorly and the owners received a court judgement against the builder in the amount of over thirty-one thousand dollars. The homeowner contacted the Hyannis law firm to try to find their builder and collect their judgement. This builder had the same name as me (Richard Shaw).

The hand delivered notice was signed by an attorney (lets call him Duke Williamson not the real name but I don't want to get sued by the real lawyer because that is what lawyers do.) "Duke" described in the hand delivered letter how they hired an investigator to find "Richard Shaw" and that they were convinced due to the investigative report that I was the person they were looking for and they were going to attach liens on an office and also a parcel of land that I owned at the time and conduct a sheriff's sale of these properties to satisfy the court judgement of their client.

I think this whole matter started as I played volleyball at the time with a secretary who worked for this law firm. After one volleyball night a group of us went to a bar across the street from my real estate office. I am surmising that this secretary saw some information in the office and may have said "Oh, I know him."

Prior to this matter from time to time I used to receive phone calls at my home such as "Rick, this is your landlord; you owe me for the rent". I would reply, "That's funny, I didn't know I had a landlord." Other calls were from the phone company and a local grocery store saying that my checks had bounced and I would have to explain that I was the wrong "Rick Shaw."

I called back the law office and spoke with "Duke" as well wrote a written reply denying that I was the person that they were looking for to assist their client. First of all, I am not a builder. I took a "shop" class in high school and almost failed the course as I messed up trying to build a birdhouse. On my own, I found out that the builder "Richard Shaw" had a different middle initial than I do. The builder "Richard Shaw" drove a red truck and had a dog; of which I had neither. I have never been to Attleboro, Massachusetts in my life. I found out that there was a bounced check for five thousand dollars taped in front of the register at a local building supply company from the builder"Richard Shaw". I also asked in my written reply why at my home was a building contractor hired to add a sun room if I were myself a building contractor. I think I did a better job on my own in finding out and investigating the builder "Rick Shaw" that the inept investigator hired by the law firm.

I then dared the attorney to proceed with the sheriff's sale of my properties so that I could sue their firm for lack of due diligence,defamation of character, illegal confiscation of property, and mental anguish.

In the end, I ended up agreeing to meet their client from Attleboro at their law office. The client confirmed that I didn't build their shoddy addition to their home. I said to them, "Hi, nice to meet you."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

YouTube - Steamship boat

YouTube - Steamship boat On August 27,2009 I went to Nantucket from Hyannis harbor aboard a Hy-Line vessel. The Steamship Authority boat in this video left slightly before our boat. We caught up to and passed the Steamship Authority boat to arrive in Nantucket before them. The Hy-Line boat is smaller in size and doesn't carry cars like the Steamship Authority.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Here's a photo of a blue "Jeepster" found vacationing at the Soundings motel parking lot in Dennisport on Cape Cod.
I vaguely remember a song by the group T. Rex that had the phrase " Oh girl,I'm just a Jeepster for your love." I never knew what a "Jeepster" was back then; but now I do.


Here's a photo of a red "Hemi" Jeepster from the parking lot of the Soundings motel in Dennisport, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


This week a group of "Jeepsters" invaded Cape Cod as they set up their beachhead at the Soundings Motel in Dennisport. Traveling from as far away as Georgia, as well as Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York State, and Massachusetts the "Jeepsters Club" brought with them quite a few "Jeepsters" which are convertible style Jeeps made by the American Motors Company back in 1948 through 1950.

Weather permitting the club will be traveling around Cape Cod to display these cars of yesteryear. Honk honk, beep beep, here come the Jeep Jeep (Jeepster that is).

Thursday, September 10, 2009


YouTube - THIRSTY BIRD This thirsty bird appeared on my kitchen counter this afternoon dressed in his stylish blue top hat. I provided him with some water and birdseed so he wouldn't be hungry for his "night on the town."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today the price of gold in US Dollars crossed the $1,000 mark per ounce with silver also extending recent price gains. I believe that everyone should consider having some of their assets in precious metals as there is a potential inflationary storm on the near horizon fueled by excessive governmental spending and regulations along with the Federal Reserve expanding the money supply at too rapid a rate. The rapid inflation has not started as yet as the demand for business and personal loans has been weak with the banks skittish to lend due to their recent problems with the housing market loan defaults.

I saw today as well that the United Nations wants to establish a global currency to replace the US Dollar. If enacted this will be another "sign" according to the "end times" believers who have prophesied a day of a one world leader with people having a "mark" (microchip perhaps?) implanted in them in order to have permission to buy food and goods.

Gold has stood the test of time as a store of value and a medium of exchange. To ensure yourself a "precious future" you should investigate this asset as a hedge against the potential for further erosion in the purchasing power of fiat(paper) currencies. Although no asset class moves up in a "straight line"; if gold successfully stays above the $1,000 level then this level may turn out to be a new base of support for a higher price move.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I remember back in my freshman year at Simsbury High School back in 1968-69 that in English class that year we were learning about some of the Greek and Roman mythological entities. I don't know if I volunteered or was chosen by our teacher; but I remember that I was representing Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, agriculture, and theater who advocated transforming people from their everyday lives through madness,wine,and ecstasy.

I was at the front of the class that day and the classroom door was open to the hallway. I decided to "enter the madness that was Bacchus" and proceeded to act like I was struck with insanity after tasting an imaginary glass of wine. I don't remember what type of imaginary wine I was drinking that day whether a glass of Chablis, red, rose', Merlot, champagne, or what have you, but I know this glass of imaginary wine was from grapes. After one sip I commenced to yell "OH NOOOOOO, AHHHH,AHHHH,YEAWHOOOOHOOOHOOO " and started to slam my hands on the blackboard behind me and then fell to the floor and started spinning around and around while yelling and screaming the whole time.

I tell you that imaginary wine is strong stuff; especially drinking this imaginary wine as an underage freshman. I remember seeing some of the students from the class across the hall look over my way during my Bacchanal performance and thinking that they were probably wondering what the heck was going on.

And so ends the tale of Bacchus and my "high school madness". Would I ever consider and repeat re-enactment of this crazy Bacchus character? WINE NOT?

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yes, I was there. Sometimes in life you need a reference point to start as you ponder the many possible directions and locations your life may take you in the future.

On Nantucket island during my recent visit on August 27,2009 I came across this "building compass" if you will that tells you how far away certain locations are from this particular spot. It is hard to know where you are going if you don't know where you are.

Although this information was helpful, I still had to ask directions to "The Brotherhood of Thieves" restaurant from a local church lady as my parents and I wandered through the cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks of downtown Nantucket. For some reason directions to this famous restaurant were not painted on this building or if they were someone either painted over the directions or stole them.

Oh well, at least I knew how far away we were that day from Mackinac Island (1050 miles) as I was wondering about that that Summer day.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


YouTube - The Flying Lizards - Money (Live) The world renowned "The Flying Lizards" band sing the song "Money" here on this YouTube live video. There
was another group some of you may have heard of called "The Beatles" who I believe also recorded a version of this song. Click the link to hear this very serious and expressive version. They want lots and lots of money, that's what they want.

"What Say You?

YouTube - Dead Can Dance - The Host Of Seraphim What say you? I dare you to watch this song and video "The Host of Seraphim" by Dead Can Dance (Click on the YouTube link) and after watching this video not having a thought about the human condition. Everything has a purpose. Everything has a reason. Everything has a meaning. What do you value in life? Do you get upset if you don't have the latest in fashionable clothing? Are you jealous of people who have a nicer car, house, or more money than you?

What is your purpose? What do you value? Why are we here in this world?

What say you? What do you think? What do you believe? What does it all mean?

Thursday, September 3, 2009


YouTube - Hum * Stars On August 2, 2009 I went up to Manchester, New Hampshire with my brother Scott and his wife Leslie to see the Las Angeles group "Tool" perform at the Verizon Center. We stopped in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to walk around and have some lunch down by the Piscataqua river. One of the songs we heard on the car radio was this song "Stars" by the band "Hum" (click the YouTube link to hear this song.) In this song there is a memorable line "She thinks she missed the train to Mars, she's out back counting stars."

Well, she missed the Mars train. I read today that the wife of the new Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, "Miyuki" claimed that she was abducted by aliens twenty years ago while asleep as her soul travelled to Venus aboard a triangle shaped ship. "Miyuki" said that the planet Venus is quite green and very beautiful. I wonder what kind of plants can withstand the temperatures on Venus which are reportedly around 800 degrees. Maybe Venus has green molten rocks.

At least "Miyuki" didn't miss her spaceship like the girl in the "Stars" song who missed her train to Mars. It pays to be on time if you're going to travel to other planets.


I had a cousin "Marianna" who passed away a couple of summers ago in the Philadelphia area. She was an accomplished artist particularly with water color paintings. In her obituary it mentioned that she was a descendant of Peregrine White.

Peregrine White was the first baby born to the Pilgrims in Provincetown harbor on November 20,1620. "Peregrine" means "one who journeys to foreign lands" or "pilgrim". Marianna's father John and my Dad were brothers so if this obituary reference to Peregrine White is true then I too am related to the first English baby born in the New World.

From time to time some of my relatives gather together and climb "White Mountain" in Vermont to the site of some of my ancestors. I do remember that in my past genealogical lineage that someone told me that there was a "Grandpa White" and also a "Grandpa Brown".

"Peregrine" is also a type of falcon bird. I do reside on Cape Cod and have done so since 1976. I wonder if "Peregrine White" is in fact one of my "falcon relatives."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


While visiting Nantucket Island on August 27,2009 I noticed this mega yacht "Argyll" moored in the harbor. I did some research and found out that this a privately owned vessel that is available for charter. This 153 foot luxury yacht can be chartered for around $137,000 a week and sports a crew of nine people with five staterooms,a formal dining room, state of the art entertainment center, and many other custom wheel chair accessible features.

Not a bad little boat which provides more living space than many American homes.

YouTube - entering nantucket harbor

YouTube - entering nantucket harbor On August 27,2009 I took a boat trip to Nantucket Island. (Click on the You Tube link to see the Hy-Line vessel "Great Point" enter Nantucket Harbor around 11:00 am. that day.) Watch as we round the Brant Point Lighthouse and see all the boats from around the world as well as listen to someone describe their impressions in a foreign language. Hear the boat "toot its horn".