Saturday, September 26, 2009


YouTube - JAMES BROWN BOBBY BYRD THE JB'S-SEX MACHINE LIVE 1970 Here is a video of "The Godfather of Soul and Funk" James Brown along with Bobby Byrd singing "Sex Machine" in 1970 on the Mike Douglas Show. James Brown and the JB'S (see the You Tube link) really were quite the "tight band" and when James said to the band "hit it" the band hit it and when James said "quit it" they stopped playing. James Brown had quite the dance moves,screams, and was known as the "hardest working man in show business." I enjoyed his performance in the classic movie "The Blues Brothers".

I was in Las Vegas one time in the 1990's and saw that James Brown was due to appear at the "Sands" hotel as my friend and I noticed his name and showtime information on the giant marquee in front of the hotel. We went to get tickets only to be informed that James Brown would not be performing that night as he was arrested for an alleged domestic dispute and couldn't honor his Las Vegas performance schedule. James Brown was replaced that night by Wayne Newton. We decided not to see Wayne Newton as for some reason we didn't think Wayne Newton would have the same type of "funky" show as James Brown. So, I almost saw "The Godfather" live in Vegas.