Friday, September 25, 2009


YouTube - Donna Summer - Love To Love You Baby(1975) Check out Donna Summer in this classic 1975 tune "Love to Love You Baby" in this You Tube video. The dude in this video dancing behind Donna on the right and with Donna made me laugh with dancin',prancin, and semi-ballet type style. He was probably told to dance around like a wood nymph and was just following instructions; but funny to me none the less.

My most memorable experience with this "Love To Love You Baby" song was in a lobby bar at the Whitehall Inn in Daytona Beach,Florida during "spring break" in March of 1976. After riding on our chartered bus from the University of Connecticut (UCONN) for twenty-four hours we arrived at our oceanfront hotel for the week. There was a lobby bar with a "lounge singer" that my friends and I entered for some liquid refreshment. We got some exercise with some "twelve ounce curls" which refreshed us after spending a day on the bus. When the lounge singer took a break (I remember I requested he sing the song "Feelings") I spied a jukebox in the corner of the bar and commenced to feed the jukebox with quarters. I saw the song "Love To Love You Baby" and thought it would be fun to play this song so I selected this song. I then selected the same song again, again,and then again. I think we listened to this song about eight times in a row. I remember after each play of this song I said, "That's a good song. I wonder what song is coming up next?"

Thus, during the Spring of '76 ends the tale of the "Summer (Donna that is) of '75 as we listened to an "endless Summer" that day.