Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I wonder where my tricycle went? Back when I was about three years old living in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania my Mom and Dad bought me a tricycle. We lived on a hilly street back then. I had fun riding my tricycle and then one day the tricycle was gone. Where did it go? I don't know.

Did someone steal my trike? Did I push the tricycle down the hill just to watch it roll away by itself without me on it to steer? Where's my tricycle?

I am told that I wasn't too happy about losing the tricycle? I shed many a tear. I have recently gotten over the loss of my beloved first tricycle. To this day though, what happened to my tricycle is an "unsolved mystery". I am still interested in finding out what happened to this tricycle. If anyone out there reading this account was in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania in 1957 and happened to notice a runaway tricycle going down a hill or happened to see someone take my tricycle away from me; please get in touch with me. I will offer you a handsome reward for any information leading to the return of my tricycle.

My Dad did buy me another tricycle to replace my mystery trike; but I still wonder "Where the heck did the first tricycle go?'