Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have played in a lot of volleyball games here on Cape Cod over the years starting with playing on Tuesday nights back in 1984 at an elementary school in Brewster, Mass. This coed volleyball night was a fun time. Back then they used to pick four or five people to be "captain" for the night and then everyone would line up while the captains took turns selecting people to play on their teams for the night.

My first night there I was waiting in line with the rest of the group as the captains made their selections. Being new to this volleyball night and not knowing hardly anyone except my brother Scott that night didn't help my chances in being picked for a team. Soon everyone was selected except me and a young lady about 4'9" in height who probably weighed about eighty pounds. She was selected and then I was the "last pick."

I played that night and came back for years and years as well as joining some recreational volleyball nights in Harwich, Yarmouth, Dennis, and Sandwich over the years as well as joining a volleyball league in Chatham and Eastham. From my humble start as "last pick" I ended up being the last remaining person who still plays volleyball after twenty-five years. Some years during that time I was playing volleyball four times a week.

Currently I have had to take a break from volleyball as I had a run in with a wall while diving for a volleyball and ended up with a broken wrist. My cast is set to be removed on October 2nd and then hopefully after some exercises to strengthen my repaired wrist I can resume my volleyball activities.