Monday, September 7, 2009


I remember back in my freshman year at Simsbury High School back in 1968-69 that in English class that year we were learning about some of the Greek and Roman mythological entities. I don't know if I volunteered or was chosen by our teacher; but I remember that I was representing Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, agriculture, and theater who advocated transforming people from their everyday lives through madness,wine,and ecstasy.

I was at the front of the class that day and the classroom door was open to the hallway. I decided to "enter the madness that was Bacchus" and proceeded to act like I was struck with insanity after tasting an imaginary glass of wine. I don't remember what type of imaginary wine I was drinking that day whether a glass of Chablis, red, rose', Merlot, champagne, or what have you, but I know this glass of imaginary wine was from grapes. After one sip I commenced to yell "OH NOOOOOO, AHHHH,AHHHH,YEAWHOOOOHOOOHOOO " and started to slam my hands on the blackboard behind me and then fell to the floor and started spinning around and around while yelling and screaming the whole time.

I tell you that imaginary wine is strong stuff; especially drinking this imaginary wine as an underage freshman. I remember seeing some of the students from the class across the hall look over my way during my Bacchanal performance and thinking that they were probably wondering what the heck was going on.

And so ends the tale of Bacchus and my "high school madness". Would I ever consider and repeat re-enactment of this crazy Bacchus character? WINE NOT?