Thursday, September 24, 2009


YouTube - Ohio Players - Funky Worm (Funy Video) This is my favorite song where a "granny" sings (with the possible exception of "Granny" on the Beverly Hillbillies Show). You don't see too many "grannies" get funky. In this song the "funky worm" " plays guitar without any hands...pretty good I might ad." I guess the worm must use his teeth a la Jimi Hendrix or maybe he just slithers across the guitar strings to create a smooth funky groove.

I remember the Ohio Players from around the year 1975. They had memorable songs like "Love Rollercoaster", "Skin Tight", "Sweet Sticky Thing", and "Pain" among other funky groovy tunes. Back then at the University of Connecticut there used to be dorm parties often on Thursday nights called "Shoots" and these parties would usually had kegs of beer and disco dancing with dances like the "Hustle". I can remember learning the "Hustle" dance style at the parties and then promptly forgetting this dance until the next party when I would learn the dance again.

Do you remember songs like the "Funky Worm"? If so, which song did you like better "Funky Worm" or "Disco Duck"?