Wednesday, September 23, 2009


YouTube - Hermans Hermits - I'm Henry The VIII, I Am My first '45 record I ever purchased was " I'm Henry VIII I Am" by the Brittish Group Herman's Hermits in 1965. Click the You Tube link to see lead singer Peter Noone and the rest of the "Hermits" play this classic song on the Ed Sullivan television show. In 1965 this song was according to Wikopedia "The fastest selling song in history" at the time. Back then Herman's Hermits for a brief time rivaled "The Beatles" in popularity and were the top selling pop act in 1965.

I liked the exaggerated accent that was prevalent in this song as well as the drum beat that I could imitate. Also, it was helpful that the second verse of this song was same as the first so you could easily remember the lyrics and sing along to this song and imitate the accent as well. I think I paid about a dollar for this record at the time.

Do you remember your first record purchase? If so, what was the song?

It is funny that the widow next door only married husbands named Henry and that she was married at least eight times. That is kind of like the famous boxer George Foreman naming all his five boys "George". George Foreman wouldn't take a "Willie or a Sam" or even a "Henry" for names for his sons. I wonder if all her previous husbands died on her or if she had a few divorces along the way. If they all died on her maybe she shouldn't have given her husbands all those cyanide milkshakes. Although I hear they are tasty and maybe taste like vanilla; I don't think they are too good for you.

Peter Noone is still touring from what I understand and is now over sixty years old with his birthday being November 5,1947.